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updated Wed. June 19, 2024

The group maintains a map of fridges around the city, and as fridge manager Anne Mulcahy told What's On Dubai, it's as much about keeping each one stocked as it is about adding new spots. “It's hard… to keep a continuous supply for a month. Better having only one fridge that is full in a community than ...
Anne Mulcahy, president and chief operating officer, also warned of outsourcing of manufacturing, asset sales and lay-offs that would reduce the workforce. But Wall Street's immediate reaction was disappointment that there were no concrete announcements of disposals or spin-offs, as a result of which ...

Frederick Hutson, one of the most successful young, African American entrepreneurs used the lessons he had learned during a stint in prison to focus on what he could and couldn't control when his social enterprise and tech start-up faced a major security breach. And, Anne Mulcahy, who turned around ...
George Conboy is Chairman of Brighton Securities. He says that, "Xerox has been stunted in their growth for at least a decade now, as one set of managers after another first nearly wrecked the company, then the company was brought back to life by Anne Mulcahy, and then it's drifted for the last 10 years.".
So Anne Mulcahy, first of all, she was one of these leaders who, she didn't, near as I can tell, want to be chief executive. It's like we were talking about George Washington earlier. He didn't want to be president, but was the person the country needed. And Anne Mulcahy didn't want to be CEO, but she was ...

The deal, announced Monday, has Anne Mulcahy, who served as Xerox's CEO in the 2000s, investing an undisclosed amount of money “and human capital” into Renegade as part of a long-term investment by Mulcahy's Silver Fox Partners. Terms were not disclosed. Brian O'Connell, who founded ...
Anne Mulcahy repeatedly tried to move into Xerox management years before she became the first woman to lead the giant copier and printer company. On her seventh attempt, she raised her hand to be sales manager for Maine, long one of its worst-performing regions. "Do you even know where Maine is?

She had a relatively short – and harrowing – career as a CEO, but ultimately was hugely admired. As a veteran Xerox sales rep and HR executive elevated to the CEO spot in 2001, Anne Mulcahy led the company through one of the greatest turnarounds ever, culminating ...
Nine local researchers were singled out as recipients of the Anne Mulcahy Inventor Award, the company's highest recognition for innovation. The award is named for the company's former CEO and recognizes significant contributions to the creation of intellectual property. This is the fifth year the award has ...
Former Xerox CEO Anne M. Mulcahy took the company's helm at a time when it was is in such financial turmoil that some wondered whether it would exist. In her first few years on the job, she slashed the staff in half. On Tuesday morning, Mulcahy talked about leadership at the Forum of Executive Women's ...
Recalls the woman who worked with both: "Carly Fiorina was an extrovert—competent, but all about me and always watching her career. Anne Mulcahy never did that. She always worried about 'What's happening to us?' She always put the company first." Being a novice at Washington inside back-biting, ...
Xerox's Anne Mulcahy is stepping down as chairman and board director on May 20, the company said Tuesday. Current CEO Ursula Burns will take on the additional job of chairman immediately following Mulcahy's departure. The news marks Mulcahy's final curtain call on her 34 years with Xerox after ...
NEW YORK ( -- Xerox Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Anne Mulcahy will pass the torch to the current president, Ursula Burns, effective July 1, according to a statement from the company. Mulcahy will remain as the chairman of the board. Mulcahy has become the stuff of business ...
Shortly after Anne Mulcahy took over the helm at Xerox in 2000, with the company facing possible bankruptcy, she had a blunt message for shareholders. "Xerox's business model is unsustainable," she said. Expenses were too high, and the profit margins were simply too low to return to profitability.


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