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updated Mon. May 27, 2024

In 1985, D.A. Davidson Advisors, a full-service investment firm with roots in Montana, launched a Student Investment Program with Montana State University. The program gives a school close to one of the company's locations $50,000 to invest in the stock market. Students in senior-level investment ...
Merrill Lynch announced that Financial Adviser Michael Koppenhaver was recognized on the Barron's 2018 “Top 1,200 Financial Advisors” list published March 12. Koppenhaver resides in Rehoboth Beach and has been a part of Merrill Lynch's Dover office for 18 years. “We are incredibly proud of Michael ...

U.S. adults are taking a big financial risk by not protecting financial assets, especially by ignoring the need for property and casualty (P&C) insurance, a new report concluded. An “overlooked gap in financial planning that could end up costing consumers thousands or even millions,” wrote authors of the ...
(NASDAQ:AMTD) and Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS). But hey, there is always room for improvement, right? Certainly. After all, your smartphone can be an effective tool in improving your business. It can actually take it to the next level. So then, what are some apps for financial advisors to consider? Let's take ...
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 made a number of changes that are important to individuals, small businesses, and the advisors that assist them. Below, we briefly explore what these changes may mean for financial planners, investment planners, life insurance producers, employee benefit specialists, ...
Bank of America's Merrill Edge investing platform, which includes discount brokerage services, managed investment portfolios and access to financial advisors, laid out significant expansion plans on Thursday. Merrill Edge, which has garnered more than 2.4 million accounts and $184.5 billion in assets ...

Eric Basmajian: Even if this is not the market top, it is at least an economic growth top. Mark Armbruster, CFA makes the case for further stock market gains. I have no desire to visit Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, in Dubai, or the world's second tallest building, Shanghai Tower. Nor was I pleased by ...
Earlier this year, Angel Oak Capital Advisors, an investment management firm that specializes in mortgage credit, raised $291 million to invest in mortgages that don't fit inside the Qualified Mortgage box. Now, the company is tasking Namit Sinha with managing its non-QM investments. Angel Oak ...
Douglas Tengdin, CFA: Disciplined portfolio management means trimming positions when they grow to dominate your holdings. Jeff Miller: How to exploit an inefficient market. Back in the '90s dot-com boom, owning Books-a-Million seemed smart when its share price soared 1,000% in a week. But the ride ...
Miami-based Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services announced today that it has launched a behavioral finance training program for its advisors, signaling the growing embrace of the subject by the investment community. Ladenburg Thalmann, which serves a network of more than 4,000 independent ...
Advisers using the Betterment for Advisors platform now have the ability to control asset class weights within their clients' core Betterment portfolio, allowing them to decide how money is distributed. Using this new portfolio strategy, advisers now have the option to personalize a client's portfolio around their ...
WASHINGTON — As the SEC tunes up its examination program, advisors should do their homework long before a letter from the regulator arrives, compliance experts caution. That means taking a hard look at conflicts of interest and disclosures, ensuring the compliance manual is up to date and gaming ...
Andrew Polson will become CEO of Melbourne-based Frontier Advisors, a leading Australian investment consulting firm, in May. Mr. Polson will replace Damian Moloney in that role. Mr. Moloney, Frontier Advisors' CEO since 2011, is set to leave the firm at the end of March to take on a new, London-based ...
According to the survey, 39% of protocol-member firms are very highly or highly concerned the firm might leave the legal pact, which facilitates the smooth movement of advisors and their clients from one member firm to another. And 38% believe the recent departures from the protocol will generally keep ...
Older advisors typically have older clients. When those clients die off, firms without a new-client pipeline can implode. And for the NextGen to be compensated more over time, they need to improve the profitability of the firm. Improving the office dynamic and the overall health of the firm was a multi-faceted ...
How many of those 40-, 50- and 60-year-old advisors are going to be around to counsel the clients who are putting their new wealth toward expanding businesses, educating children, pursuing philanthropic goals, planning for retirement and developing strategies for transferring their assets to future ...
How many of those 40-, 50- and 60-year-old advisors are going to be around to counsel the clients who are putting their new wealth toward expanding businesses, educating children, pursuing philanthropic goals, planning for retirement and developing strategies for transferring their assets to future ...

Investopedia contacted several contributors to Advisor Insights, our network of financial advisors. While many groups representing the financial services industry have expressed objections to the fiduciary rule, all the advisors who responded remain uniformly in favor of the fiduciary rule, opposing the ...
President Trump did not follow specific warnings from his national security advisors when he congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin Tuesday on his reelection, including a section in his briefing materials in all-capital letters stating "DO NOT CONGRATULATE," according to officials familiar with the ...
Companies like Wealthfront are moving away from their early ideals of low-fee passive investing—and customers should be skeptical. Author: Felix SalmonBY Felix Salmon. Innovation is good; financial innovation is bad. It gave us the global financial crisis, after all, along with multibillion-dollar bailouts for ...
Far too many financial advisors naively think that their largest asset (their business) has a lot of value and will someday provide them, and their family, a big payday. But year after year, they underinvest in people, process, technology, marketing and branding. In a sense, they are relentlessly milking their ...
Louisville, KY – In the wake of the recent passage of the most dramatic tax reform package in nearly three decades, 8 in 10 Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and fee-based advisors (79%), say the majority of their clients will benefit from tax reform—but just over half (56%) of investors say they will ...
Fundamantal Advisors LP, an alternative asset manager focused on public purpose assets, has acquired a mezzanine loan secured by interests in Tandem Health Care, a skilled nursing and long-term portfolio, for $112 million. The seller was HCP Inc. Sidley Austin LLP provided legal counsel to ...
Sometimes when I look back at my 17-year career in financial services, it's with utter horror because I realize now that I had no idea what it would entail -- and no plan for how to move forward. Here's my story -- and three key lessons that I learned along the way. Now, I'd always been fascinated with equity ...
Wells Fargo Advisors has been facing scrutiny since the start of the month. That's when, in a filing with the SEC, Wells Fargo revealed that the Department of Justice had instructed the bank to conduct an independent investigation of its Wealth and Investment Management business, which includes Wells ...
Going independent works out for most financial advisors financially, and their clients support the idea, as the majority transition with them to their new RIAs, according to a recent report from Charles Schwab. Seven out of 10 advisors have raised their revenue after going independent, according to Schwab.
Ian Bezek offers an insider's view of the risks and potential of the Mexican market. John Cochrane analyzes what did Bear Stearns in. Boston University economist Laurence Kotlikoff is warning that America's fiscal fuse is nearing its end unless the U.S. undertakes serious structural reforms. As part of this ...
Southern California Edison has named a panel of experts to advise the company on how to move nuclear waste off the storage site near the beach at San Onofre. The panel is part of a settlement reached last August after plaintiffs, including attorney Mike Aguirre, challenged the California Coastal ...
The voluminous reaction to the Laurence Kotlikoff interview is an encouraging sign Americans can still sense the smell of debt that's around them. Eric Basmajian is not seeing evidence of the widely forecast "Trump bump" in Capex spending. WisdomTree: Kudlow may foster return to dollar strength.
Financial advisors can increase their value to clients by addressing property and casualty insurance needs during the financial planning process, according to a new research paper by Chubb and Oliver Wyman. “As noted in our research, the wealth management industry is in the midst of a disruption,” said ...
The Senate passed the Senior Safe Act as part of its larger financial services reform package on Wednesday, moving the legislation that much closer to reality. The bill would protect advisors and firms that report the financial exploitation of senior citizens from liability and violations of privacy laws. The bill ...
The board's proposed standards don't go far enough to address conflicts of interest and must also tackle advisors' compensation arrangements, says Knut Rostad, president of the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard. Rostad said he would like to see the CFP Board's fiduciary standard follow in the spirit of the ...
A former Baird executive joined a fast-growing independent firm in a bid to help it grow even more. Jarrett Kovics will serve as head of Business Development for U.S. Capital Advisors, which has added about 50 advisors overseeing approximately $6 billion in assets since its founding in 2010. Kovics, who ...
DIY isn't only for investors – financial advisors are increasingly going the independent route too, transforming an industry long dominated by large brokerage firms and wirehouses. And it turns out, advisors are happy they made the change. More than 90% of respondents to a survey by Charles Schwab's ...
Thanks to the UT International Office's newest program, the entire world just became a classroom. In an effort to expand UT's global network and enhance global education opportunities, the UT International Board of Advisors launched its first–ever program: the President's Award for Global Learning.
Axios reported that, according to their review, the subpoena is requesting communications from a laundry list of Trump's closest advisors, including Hope Hicks, Steve Bannon, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Corey Lewandowski, Carter Page, Keith Schiller, Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, and Trump himself.
Trump's insistence on doing what he wants while treating advisors and critics with disregard is a familiar one. His travel ban from seven majority-Muslim countries was rolled out without counsel from the Department of Homeland Security. Those who challenged it, including the acting Attorney General and ...
Jeff Miller discusses the risk of a new trade war, and the problem with hiking tariff rates. Yuval Taylor discusses the factors predictive of EPS growth. Please excuse today's random commentary, but I saw a passing reference to "salting away" one's wealth, and it got me thinking a bit about this curious phrase.
The tax filing deadline is just around the corner, which means that scores of investors will be pouring over their tax returns to make sure they meet the Federal government's timeline. But for those that need help, a new survey by TD Ameritrade found that investors value advice more from financial advisors ...


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