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The growing political crisis in the Maldives has raised alarm bells across India with opinion makers pointing that the Maldives knowingly ignored India and chose to cuddle with Pakistan and China, as President Abdulla Yameen announced a 15-day emergency in the country -and that it is yet another proof ...
Spend an hour any evening watching local television and you'll soon learn that there is no shortage of money lenders in Hong Kong. From giant cats to tumbling skyscrapers, the commercials are slick and surreal, but the gloss masks the fact that the offerings are closer to payday loans than structured ...

Partners in a now-closed Greenwich private-equity firm have been exonerated of charges that they committed federal securities fraud. The case was brought by members of the Milstein family, which founded Burlington, a retailer formerly known as Burlington Coat Factory that has southwestern Connecticut ...
Traditional small-business lending has relied heavily on outdated underwriting models, such as collateral-based models, that too-often exclude diverse business owners and communities. CIM provides working capital to innovative financiers like StreetShares, which connects military veteran investors to ...
(Tribune staff photo) Ian Cumming, who made millions leading Leucadia National Corp. and was an influential figure in Utah's ski industry as a board member of Park City-based Powdr and, more recently, owner of Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort, died Friday at his home in Jackson Hole, Wyo. he is seen ...
According to the family members of Pothamsetti Venkateswerlu, who hailed from Gudivada village in Peddapuram mandal, the financier had spoken to his family members over phone from Gokavaram, informing them that he was there in connection with the collection of money, financed by him to Shaik Vali ...
'My attention has been drawn to a tweet in which I was mentioned as the major financier to a political movement or organization, presumably not even in existence, called the "Third Force". While I have received calls and messages advising me to ignore the tweet and regard its publication as the handiwork ...
WASHINGTON: The US urged Pakistan Thursday to do more to crack down on the Taliban and Haqqani groups, as it added six officials from the groups to its sanctions blacklist. The Treasury said five of the six were in charge of raising and transferring funds as well as equipment and materials to support ...
Leading the charge on the bullish sentiment is the United States, with President Donald Trump boasting regularly about near-daily highs on Wall Street. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin walks through the snow during the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
The Nigerian National petroleum corporation is inching closer to choosing financiers for the Port Harcourt Refining Company Limited, Warri Refining and Petrochemical Company Limited and Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company Limited. The corporation's Group Managing Director, Maikanti Baru ...
INDIANAPOLIS -- Financier and philanthropist David M. Rubenstein will speak in downtown Indianapolis at the Leadership Engagement and Discovery Conference, hosted Feb. 8-9 by the Randall L. Tobias Center for Leadership Excellence. The 2018 LEAD Conference, titled "Investing to Change the ...
Michelle Williams is engaged to "New York financier Andrew Youmans," according to a new report from Us Weekly. Who is New York financier Andrew Youmans? People has a detailed rundown: He is a "high-profile consultant" with degrees from Dartmouth and Harvard who previously did a lot of work for ...
A local commercial bank was quick to scoop the cream among the most-recent students who graduated from Namibian universities, or who returned after completing their studies abroad. Earlier this month Standard Bank announced it has headhunted six new graduates with a view to put them through a two ...
According to him, it is evident that the persons arrested at illegal mining sites are not the financiers of the scourge; hence, their arrest does little to ... in an interview with Class News, appealed to the security agencies and journalists to expose the galamsey financiers as a way of rooting out the canker.
GENEVA, Jan. 8 (Xinhua) -- The trial of 13 financiers accused of funneling more than 15 million Swiss francs (15.3 million U.S. dollars) to the Sri Lankan rebel group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) started at the Swiss Federal Criminal Court on Monday. The accused are from Switzerland, Germany ...

Former Vice President Atiku Abubarkar has debunked claims by Chief Paul Unongo that he is the financier of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria. A statement, yesterday, by Media Adviser to Atiku Abubakar, Mazi Paul Ibe dissociates the former VP from the association, saying "Let it be ...
The trial of 13 financiers accused of funnelling more than CH15 million ($15.3 million) to the Sri Lankan Tamil separatist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) has started at the Swiss Federal Criminal Court. The accused are from Switzerland, Germany and Sri Lanka. Some are former members of ...
After years of haggling, Uganda has finally agreed to all the demands of the financiers of the 250MW Bujagali hydropower dam, which include extending the loan repayment period and a tax waiver as a measure to bring down the cost of electricity. The lead financiers - the World Bank's International ...
Higher education has been financialized, transformed from a public service into a lucrative cash cow for private investors. by. Ellen Brown. Tweet. Share. Share. Share. Pin. Mail. Share. 17 Comments. "slavery by debt has continued to this day, and it is particularly evident in the plight of students." (Photo: ...
In those cases, funds reach the financiers via wire transfers or social media platforms, according to Ryder. At other times, however, donors may not realize that their funds are going to terror organizations: Extremists also conduct fundraising under fake charities that indicate donations will be used for ...
After a year in office, Trump has zeroed in on a group of personal Advisors on intelligence matters, and Stephen Feinberg, a billionaire financier who has angled for a position in the White House for nearly a year, is top on the list to lead it. Feinberg will lead the President's Intelligence Advisory Board, ...
The trial of 13 financiers accused of funnelling more than CH15 million ($15.3 million) to the Sri Lankan Tamil separatist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) has started at the Swiss Federal Criminal Court. The accused are from Switzerland, Germany and Sri Lanka. Some are former members of ...
SECURITY officials have started discussions on a possible crackdown on supporters and financiers of the Communist Party of The Philippines and the New People's army which were declared by President Duterte this week as terrorist organizations. A security official, speaking on condition of anonymity, ...
Ten days before its premiere, Travolta halted the release of "Gotti" to secure a new financier who will give the film the wider theatrical release he believes it and his performance as the iconic Gambino crime family head deserve, Deadline reports. Now the film likely won't debut until sometime in 2018.
Private banks have welcomed a move by Myanmar's central bank to allow them more time to clear most of their loan books. Photo:Thiri Lu. financiers cheer central bank's compromise on loan deadline. Private banks have welcomed a move by Myanmar's central bank to allow them more time to clear most ...
The Ammon estate in East Hampton recently sold for between $8 million and $9 million, says the real estate agent who listed the property. The six-bedroom, 6 1⁄2-bathroom home, which sits on 2.2 acres, is infamous for being the site of the 2001 murder of financier Ted Ammon. The house first listed in June ...
A New York financier has been killed in a shark attack while scuba diving off the coast of Costa Rica, the country's Environment Ministry announced. Rohina Bhandari, 49, a senior director at WL Ross & Co. LL, was identified by friends as the American tourist who was fatally attacked last Thursday. She was ...
Suspended PNM member and financier Harry Ragoonanan has denied that he is an agent of Seajets Ferries which placed five tenders to provide a ferry for the seabridge and failed to win the bid. "I have been identified as the agent or perceived to be the agent of Seajet. I am not. I am in the boat business," ...
A significant proportion of the global population increase beyond the seven and half billion mark can be attributed to Sub Saharan Africa. That part of the continent has over 16.6% share of the global increase and has the highest rate of growth of 2.55%. These increases result in the demand for more food, ...
A circle in hell has been set aside for financiers who fleece ordinary folks. This hot place has long rung with demands of death to the agency that protects working Americans from their pillage. President Trump is on the case as he tries to kill the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by putting its enemies ...
Chennai: A Tamil film producer today filed a complaint with the city police against financier and producer Anbuchezhiyan, in connection with a ...
"Only in order to avoid and evade from payment of the legitimate dues, I am sought to be made as an accused for the death of B Ashok Kumar," ...
The golden projects of the yesteryears are in a mess today and are paining us. We have to make sure that we do not repeat the past. There are ...
An earlier career as a Village Voice journalist, a period scouting for the Rotterdam film festival and a stint with Fox Searchlight in Los Angeles, ...
The police said that as Anbuchezhian was still absconding after the suicide of producer B. Ashok Kumar, his associates Murugan Kumar and ...
As Congress works toward passing tax reform, many developers and financiers in the affordable housing industry are sounding the alarm bells ...
film producer-director B. Ashok Kumar committed suicide in his residence in Alwarthirunagar near Valasaravakkam on Tuesday. In his suicide ...
... Ocean View Drive Inc. Ocean View is registered to Chaoying Deng, vice president of administration for electric car startup Faraday Future, according to previously unreported state filings. In 2016, the company reported its CEO was Jia Yueting, the Chinese tech entrepreneur and Faraday's main financier.
A multimillionaire financier left without anyone to drive his car to and from his garage appeared in court today to complain about a series of alleged failings by the concierge service at his home. Iouri Chliaifchtein, 60, says that staff cuts in Grosvenor Crescent, central London, where flats have sold for up to ...
A multi-millionaire financier is spearheading a revolt of the super-rich over the concierge services in one of Britain's most expensive streets.
In recent weeks, a former Charlotte hedge fund manager has been a star witness for Federal Prosecutors at a Manhattan trial, but his ...
Moscow (AP) -- Russian investigators are pressing new charges against financier William Browder, a British citizen who has spearheaded a ...
Even before he became a trail-blazing talent rep at what was then William Morris, MACRO founder and Mudbound producer Charles D King ...
Western financiers have been burned by such promises before. But the $10tn (€8.5tn) in uninvested savings languishing in local banks, plus a ...
Politician Jaya Jaitly, in her autobiography, claims that Congress chief Sonia Gandhi wrote to then finance Minister P Chidambaram and asked ...
Hong Kong's slip to fifth [in a World Bank survey] was mainly because of a lower score in "resolving insolvency" ... for the corporate sector, a government spokesman said. He said the government would review the insolvency policy from time to time for more effective processing of winding-up cases and ...
New Canaan Library is pleased to welcome international financier and author Bill Browder, presenting his riveting true account, Red Notice.


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