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research analysts and fund managers these days have access to various tools and software to analyze a company or to run a query. Within seconds the output throws up companies that meet their conditions. However, in the good old days when there were no computers, investors had to go through the ...

Amundi, Europe's biggest standalone fund manager, says it will pull in "at least" €150bn of new business in the next two years, as its chief executive sets out ambitions plans for 2020. The plans, which include revamping social investment policies and rolling out a new share payout for staff, were revealed ...

A retailer popular with investors, becoming the fifth most popular share for fund managers to invest in. A Steinhoff share was considered, as one fund manager put it, a quality stock. Then the Steinhoff facade was exposed and the company incurred the market's wrath. Steinhoff was repeatedly battered, and ...
EOS, one of the largest initial coin offerings, or ICOs, was down as much as 67% since Jan. 13, when it hit a record high of $18.37. TRON, which started trading in September, was down 92% since Jan. 22. OmiseGo was down 71% since Jan. 9. ICON was down 75% since Jan. 30. Even an "old" ICO like ...
His appointment comes at an important time in Europe's equity markets, with fund managers still assessing how best to get their trades done under the European Union's revised Markets in financial instruments Directive. Mifid II favours stock trading on regulated exchanges, rather than in opaque ...
markets are at the start of a volatility cycle and will stay unsettled, Jerry Haworth, CEO of London-based hedge fund 36 South, said. 36 South, which gained more than 200% during the 2008 crash, is preparing for a market "avalanche." Losses suffered by fund managers betting on low volatility earlier this ...
This week's stock market wobble is being read by some as a return to normality after years of large and steady gains. fund manager Sue Noffke has more experience than most, having managed money on behalf of savers for over two decades. As manager of the Schroder Income Growth investment trust ...
Steven Andrew, multi-asset fund manager at M&G, said he was also looking to buy more shares on weakness, arguing the market falls ignored a strong fundamental backdrop. 'Increasing wages should ultimately be a good thing for the US economy and corporate profits,' he said. 'These considerations...
River and Mercantile Asset Management, the £31bn UK fund house, has sacked one of its leading portfolio managers following an investigation into a "professional conduct issue". Philip Rodrigs, who was lead manager on the asset manager's UK Equity Smaller companies and the UK Dynamic Equity ...
But Gilbert, whose fund oversees more than $300 billion in assets under management, wrote off those fears. The fund manager maintains this is nothing more than a much-needed market correction after an excessive run-up. "Overdue & welcome correction," Gilbert wrote on twitter Tuesday morning.
The managers of the AMG Managers Pictet International Fund favor Safran as an investment because its order backlog means decades of continuing contracts for maintenance of aircraft engines. By. Philipvan Doorn. Investing columnist. The AMG Managers Pictet International Fund typically doesn't follow ...
Unicorn Asset Management has promoted Alex Game and Max Ormiston to assistant fund managers to support two of its key UK equity funds. ... fund, while Ormiston will assist Chris Hutchison, the group's director and senior fund manager, with the £45.5m Unicorn Outstanding British companies fund.
The amount of thought and research that goes into picking which stocks to buy should be applied equally to which fund managers handle your investments. Differentiating good managers from the bad is not an easy task and is becoming increasingly onerous when done rigorously and more collective ...

Tech Stock Exposure Falls to 11-Month Low for Large-Cap fund managers. fund managers' overweight position for tech fell for the fourth time in five months in January. ByKinsey Grant. Jan 29, 2018 1:47 PM EST. Could the tech sector soon see a warning flag that it's getting overvalued? According to a Jan. 29 note from ...
Shares of Wynn Resorts have slumped in the wake of sexual-misconduct allegations against CEO Steve Wynn, but the value of its real estate and gambling concessions underline a very strong company, according to Trip Miller, the managing partner of Gullane Partners. By ...
Judge tosses suit against capital Group that accused fund manager of shortchanging retirement plan. James Rufus Koren. By James Rufus Koren. Jan 27, 2018 | 3:00 AM. Judge tosses suit against Capital Group that accused fund manager of shortchanging retirement plan. Capital Group, a mutual fund firm that manages ...
The hedge fund manager plans to spend more time investing and will stop marketing and Public Relations efforts, according to the report. It has been a difficult three years for Pershing Square's investors. The hedge fund's returns fell 4 percent in 2017, dropped 13.5 percent in 2016 and declined 20.5 percent ...
Carillion fallout: government downplays Interserve fears · Carillion partners and suppliers count cost of collapse · The fund managers hit by Carillion's collapse · Carillion fallout knocks Balfour, Galliford and Speedy · Carillion falls into liquidation as lenders pull out · FTSE rises but Carillion plummets on ...
Fidelity Investments' Fidelity Growth Company Fund portfolio manager Steve Wymer was given accolades by Morningstar, which named him 2017 U.S. domestic-stock fund manager of the year. The award, which Morningstar dolls out annually, recognizes portfolio managers that post impressive returns for ...
fund manager alleges TCW fired her after she accused an executive of coercing her into sex ... A former fund manager at TCW is suing the large Los Angeles Asset Management firm for $30 million, saying she was fired after lodging a sexual harassment complaint against one of the company's executives.
The one thing we all know about investing is that past performance isn't a good guide to future returns. So it seems strange that EU regulators are forcing fund managers to use it against their will. There have been rumblings of discontent about the EU's latest rulebook covering fund sales for some time now ...
show chapters. 2017's top domestic fund manager talks top private equity holdings 10 Hours Ago | 03:58. Morningstar announced its top fund managers on Wednesday. The winners were chosen for their funds' outperformance in 2017, and those managers are now looking to replicate that success in 2018.
Morningstar announced its 2017 fund manager of the Year nominees on Jan. 11 and followed with a series of articles detailing those in each award category. Today, we highlight the nominations for Morningstar Allocation/Alternatives fund manager of the Year. The winners for all asset classes will be ...
Now is the best time to invest in bitcoin, says digital currency hedge-fund manager. Price drops do not mean "the end of bitcoin," says Brian Kelly. The digital currency hedge-fund manager has three tips for investing in the volatile asset. Kellie Ell | @KellieAutumnEll. Published 8:14 PM ET Tue, 23 Jan 2018 ...
fund managers and investors have in India invested in many value stocks, but there have been very few value compounders. In a country like India with a population of 120 crores we have produced only 200 odd value compounders. There is enough scope to produce more either through innovation or ...
We are calling licenced bunkering company straits Inter logistics Bhd our top pick for 2018 following five quarters of consecutive profits and potential new business expansions. More importantly, the company is entrepreneurally driven and the company is not just depending on organic growth.
The UK's Financial Services sector cannot expect to negotiate a special access deal after Brexit, according to French President Emmanuel Macron. At a joint appearance with UK Prime Minister Theresa May at Sandhurst military training college, Macron said that while he did not want to either punish or ...
hedge-fund managers may be feeling quietly smug about their performance in 2017. They returned 6.5% on average, according to hedge fund Research, a data provider, their best year since 2013. But those returns do not really suggest that they are masters of the investing universe. The S&P 500 ...
Even as midcaps have given consistent returns over the last one year, they have also become expensive, which can be a deterrent to the investor. However, it hasn't stopped fund managers from picking up midcap companies, often with diversified themes. In doing so, they have followed a bottoms-up ...
China's renminbi bonds, which make up only 1.8 percent of global debt capital markets today, could become a far more significant asset class in the years ahead as the nation continues to widen access to foreign investors, says a leading London-based bond fund manager who made his name starting ...
Carillion's (CLLN) well-publicised problems had sparked fund managers to dump the stock in droves, but not all managed to escape today's collapse into liquidation. Fund ownership data from Reuters shows few active managers were prepared to hold a sizeable stake in the troubled construction group's ...
Why are fund managers talking up Europe so much? The positive sentiment is because European economies are recovering. The Eurozone grew by about 2.4pc in 2017 and should grow by the same amount in 2018. It is no longer a global laggard, it's matching growth achieved in the US. unemployment ...
Haitong International Asset Management has emerged as the champion fund manager for Mandatory Provident Fund returns in 2017. The Haitong Hong Kong SAR Fund reported a return of 50 per cent for the year, compared with the 40 per cent average achieved by just equity funds and the 21 per cent ...
The Morningstar fund manager of the Year awards have always strived to recognize both recent and long-term achievements. To qualify, managers' funds must have Morningstar analyst Ratings of Gold or Silver. They must also have impressive absolute, relative, and risk-adjusted returns not only in the ...
This photo provided by BlackRock shows Peter Hayes, head of the municipal group at BlackRock. Hayes recently talked to The Associated Press about what investors can expect in 2018. (Courtesy of BlackRock via AP)more +. 0 Shares. email. Municipal bonds took investors on a roller coaster at the end of ...
Portfolio managers from T. Rowe Price, Fidelity and Pimco managers are among the nominees for Morningstar's fund managers of the year awards. The honors, presented annually, recognizes managers whose funds demonstrate strong performance and outstanding long-term risk-adjusted returns.
Activist hedge fund manager with $5 billion says his fund is 'more invested today than we've ever been'. Jana's Barry ... The activist hedge fund manager was asked what he thought about recent comments from Appaloosa Management's David Tepper saying the market is "cheap." "I agree with David ...
People are pouring money into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because they are more willing to take risks in a benign economic environment, according to a fund manager. "To me, the big issue in markets is actually we have been in denial as investors globally about how good things are," Eric Lonergan ...
The HFR cryptocurrency Index rose 88 percent in December and 3,175 percent for all of 2017. A similar blockchain index posted respective returns of 88 percent and 2,690 percent. That performance was part of a larger trend that saw hedge funds up every month of the year for a total return of 8.5 percent, ...
The FT had Morningstar put together a list of worst-selling mutual fund managers. In no surprise given the passive investing craze, those houses known for stock- and bond-picking dominated, led by Goldman Sachs (nyse:GS), whose fund arm had $22.7B in exits last year, and Franklin Templeton ...
In addition to some precise English-language usage, the sentiment is very sound: If you make a lot of money, you should help others. This charitable attend is nothing new, it's sort of a modern-day noblesse oblige, and it's a principle that investors can tap into by sending their money to companies they feel ...
fund managers thought the proposals had a chance at winning approval given the launch last month of futures contracts based on bitcoin on both the CME and the CBOE exchanges. Regulators have been scrambling to figure out how to deal with this relatively new asset, and no single one has control.
To be nominated for fund manager of the Year, the manager's mutual fund must have earned a Morningstar Analyst Rating of Gold or Silver, signaling our analysts' conviction in the fund's future prospects, and generated strong recent and long-term risk-adjusted returns. Moreover, our analysts look for ...
Here are this year's nominees for Fixed-Income fund manager of the Year. Their 2017 results are only part of what makes these managers special, however. The Morningstar fund manager of the Year awards have always strived to recognize both recent and long-term achievements. To qualify, managers' ...
International-stock fund managers encountered favorable conditions in 2017. Most developed markets outside the United States, including the Japanese exchange and several of the larger European ones, posted good gains last year amid increased optimism about their economic and corporate prospects.


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