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updated Sun. July 14, 2024

"Facebook right now is the epicenter of the data (scandal). I don't think that they are the only company that has done this," Patrick Armstrong, CIO at Plurimi Investment Managers, said. Cyrus Mewawalla, head of thematic research at GlobalData, said different regulations in the U.S. and Europe could cause ...
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The hedge fund manager has since seen assets run by his firm shrink from $38 billion seven years ago to just under $9 billion today, with most of it being his own assets. According to the Journal, a 2008 tax change mandated by Congress allowed Paulson and other big-name hedge fund managers like ...
John Paulson will have to pay $1 billion in taxes this year because of a tax loophole that is now closed. The hedge-fund manager made billions betting against subprime mortgages and was able to store the earnings in an offshore account for a decade. Paulson is a friend of Donald Trump, but his ...
With more than $300m in the fund, the global fund manager tells investors it is “managed in a tax-aware manner in order to benefit from franking credits”. However, a key component of the fund's clientele, self-funded pensioners who can claim cash rebates for their franking credits, is now in jeopardy.
John Paulson owes about $1 billion in federal and state taxes this year, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday, citing people familiar with the matter. Assets under management at his firm Paulson and Co. have plunged from a peak of $38 billion to less than $9 billion, mostly belonging to Paulson ...

Timothy Enneking, managing director of Crypto Asset Managment, LP, said Monday that the winter in cryptocurrency markets is "largely over." Crypto Asset Management, which was founded last year and has roughly $20 million in assets under management, saw its CAMCrypto30 cryptocurrency index fall ...
Michael Hartnett, chief investment strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said: 'Cracks in the bull case are starting to emerge, with fund managers citing concerns over trade, stagflation, and leverage. 'Investors have yet to act on these fears however, as rates and earnings are keeping the bulls bullish.'.
With stock market valuations so high and volatility spiking — a strange, new world for many investors — stock pickers may finally get their day in the sun again. It'll be tough for mere index “huggers” to perform well. If that's the case, it makes sense to study the thinking of active managers who beat the market ...
Service bugbears: six DFMs on fund manager failings. By Eleanor Mahmoud 21 Mar, 2018 at 13:44 .... No matter how great performance is, if a fund manager does not deliver a top-class service it will struggle to win business from selectors. While fund groups often boast about the quality of the service they ...
A fund manager of a FANG-focused ETF thinks Facebook Inc. is destined to turn into MySpace. “Any social media platform, in time, is going to become MySpace,” said Sabretooth Advisors chief investment officer Scott Freeze, who manages the New Tech and Media ETF FNG, -0.62% “Nobody young uses ...
Last August, we told you about Laura Deming, a New Zealand native who was home schooled before moving halfway around the world as a 12-year-old to work alongside Cynthia Kenyon, a renowned molecular biologist who specializes in the genetics of aging. She didn't stay long. At age 14, Deming ...
Eicher Motors, which makes Royal Enfield motorcycles, is among the emerging-market consumer-oriented stocks favored by the managers of the Trilogy Emerging Wealth Equity Fund. By. Philipvan Doorn. Investing columnist. Tom Masi and Nuno Fernandes, managers of the Trilogy Emerging Wealth ...
Although such fund-of-fund (FoF) pension products are popular in mature markets like the US, they will have a hard time getting off the ground in China without supportive policies that are now lacking, such as preferable tax treatment, fund managers say. "The guideline is a very important piece of China's ...
In the last three months, as many as five mutual fund houses have appointed co-fund managers for managing their large or flagship funds. Slew of funds are star performers in their respective category. Recently, DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund appointed Resham Jain as co-fund manager of DSP BlackRock ...
THREE years after China's stock market trauma, the speculative spirit is far from snuffed out. The latest playground is mutual funds, where adoration is raining down on star managers with unprecedented force. A fund run by Aegon-Industrial Fund Management raised the equivalent of US$5 billion in one ...
Professional investors see global growth prospects at their lowest level since Brexit as fears of a trade war surge, according to the latest Bank of America Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey. On a broad level, the monthly gauge shows waning confidence in the bull market even as money continues to flow ...

Lakshmi Iyer, CIO (Debt) and head of products at Kotak Mahindra Asset Management, Bekxy Kuriakose, head, fixed income at Principal PNB Asset Management, Sunaina Da Cunha, fund manager at Birla Sun Life Asset Management and Anju Chhajer, senior fund manager at Reliance Nippon Life Asset ...
Even the government's record Rs2.11-trillion plan provided little incentive for fund managers to buy into these stocks as structural issues such as asset quality problems, inability to attract and motivate right talent, continue to ail the sector. “In the PSU (public sector undertaking) banking sector—there are two ...
Fund managers are slashing their stakes in Mothercare (MTC) as they abandon hopes of a turnaround for the embattled baby products retailer. The shares are the worst performers in the FTSE All-Share since the turn of the year, down 71%, hit by January's profit warning, then escalating fears over the ...
Ltd and Anju Chhajer– Senior Fund Manager at Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management. While most of the fund houses have recognised the importance of diversity and have been hiring women fund managers, however, there is a need to set the tone at the top level so that we can get to parity with men in ...
Mumbai: There was a small rise in the number of women fund managers in the Indian mutual fund industry—from 18 in the previous year to 24 in 2017—but they still constitute a mere 8% of the total fund managers in the country, a study by independent investment research provider Morningstar Inc.'s India ...
Investors set to receive £34m in compensation from misleading "closet tracker" fund managers. Share. Lucy White. I cover private equity, asset management and financial regulation for City A.M. You can contact me on with stories and commentary. Sterling Rates To Fluctuate During ...
"During the 10-year bet, the 200-plus hedge-fund managers that were involved almost certainly made tens of thousands of buy and sell decisions," often responding to short-term market gyrations or inconsequential news, Buffett observed. What investors need instead is "an ability to both disregard mob ...
Wealthy former hedge fund manager David Stemerman has been running a stealth campaign for months, pouring in close to $2 million of his own money and hiring consultants as he builds a political organization dedicated to helping him win the Republican gubernatorial nomination. On Monday ...
"Bitcoin is just the biggest of literally thousands of cryptocurrencies," says Brian Kelly, who runs the BKCM Digital Asset Fund. "It's not just the size of the coin, but how you use it," he says. Kelly offers advice to investors on how to build a cryptocurrency portfolio modeled after a diverse model of stocks and ...
That is why Mutual Funds decided to find out which fund managers made the maximum returns over a period of five years. We have considered only open-ended equity schemes for the exercise. If the fund manager managed more than one scheme, we simply took an average of the five-year ...


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