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Going to college pays off, on average. But to maximize the chance that a college education offers a satisfactory return, students need to think like investors. They need to carefully consider which degrees pay off and why, and they need to make informed decisions about the type of degree and major they ...
Losses were so rare that an investor at the start of 2017 had tougher odds of randomly picking a fund that would go on to lose money than of getting a cloudy day in the Arizona desert. Ninety seven percent of all the funds tracked by Morningstar had positive returns last year. (The probability of getting sun in ...
Manny Fernandez, an angel investor in silicon Valley, says, "Nvidia had several factors in its favor, and CES boosted what was then a momentum play. It had the right product message, and the right market, at the same time." Indeed, CES can set help expectations. Sony (SNE) gained 10% in stock value in ...
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- More than four in five non-retired U.S. investors -- 85% -- strongly agree that it's important to have a guaranteed income stream in retirement to supplement Social ... These findings are from the latest Wells Fargo/Gallup investor and Retirement Optimism Index poll, conducted Nov.
That volatility is a risk that investors should understand, Ommen said, calling cryptocurrencies "high-risk products with an unproven track record. ... The investor gets "tokens" intended to entitle the investor to get a discount or early rights to purchase a product or service to be offered by the project, such as a ...
The fact that this was the second such atypically warm winter for the region only made the likelihood of normalization even closer to reality. Whenever investors see such extremes and emotional decision-making, whether it's for weather or the latest investment craze, they need to use common sense and ...
Inflation is set to re-emerge this year, and will reinforce the global turning of the monetary policy tides and underpin a bearish-bonds bias. Across a spectrum of risk pricing metrics, all appears calm (complacent?) at this stage, while the economic indicators for now reinforce this second great moderation.
The interests of common and preferred shareholder are often not as aligned as many investors believe. This is especially noticeable during times of company stress when additional common and/or preferred shares are issued to replenish the company coffers. The savvy preferred investor, on occasion, ...
investors, advisors and the financial blogosphere should be receptive to every reasonable idea. Instead, most seem to have a stubborn adherence to a particular "world view." This influences ideas about causation, potential risks, and what might help investors. Most fundamentally, some believe that there is ...
Sometimes it feels like silver has become the forgotten metal, as gold comes off its best year since 2010 and silver gained merely half as much in 2017. But there's good reason to be bullish on silver at the start of the year. Silver's recent setup gives us reason to believe there is a seasonal trade afoot.
Didi Chuxing and Uber may be getting more financially entangled, but their rivalry continues to deepen. Today (Jan. 4), the Chinese ride-hailing giant announced it would acquire 99, one of Latin America's major ride-hailing companies. The deal increases Didi's international reach outside of its borders, ...
The deal would add to a list of properties that have traded for particularly high prices over the past couple of years amid soaring property values, low interest rates and investors' healthy access to capital. The Exan venture bought 20 S. Clark at a time when the building's bottom line was trending downward.
Bolstering its fast-growing collection of student housing real estate nationwide, Chicago-based Scion Group and a pair of foreign investor partners last month paid about $1 billion for a portfolio of 22 properties on 20 different campuses. The seller: another major student housing investor, Chicago-based ...
An investor, Sir Richard Branson, who doubles as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Virgin Group, said this in a statement made available to New Telegraph. He said that one bigger entrepreneurial energy solution that has so far under delivered on the promise of bringing energy to all has been mini-grid ...

"I'm not one to try to predict the future but I hope to see a lot more angel and early stage funds being created across the continent in 2018, and unlike accelerators or incubators, this will give rise to more collaboration amongst investors, as they will co-investing alongside each other similar to the early days ...
While the country is expected to sustain marginal growth in her economy this year, investors who also suffered major confusion in investments last year in the energy sector, have a long list of high prospects areas for good return ... Any investor ready to study and proffer solutions to this will smile to the bank.
While the average American is resolving to spend more time with family, lose weight or cut spending, experienced investors are making more complicated resolutions. In fact, according to E*Trade Financial Company's most recent StreetWise survey, investors are planning to boost retirement savings, adjust ...
Beijing -- China is responding to Washington's tax overhaul by offering foreign companies a break on Chinese taxes in a bid to retain investment. The measure announced late Thursday is Beijing's first major reaction to the U.S. decision to cut corporate tax rates. It follows a flurry of promises by ...
David Stockman, President Ronald Reagan's former director of the Office of Management and a relentless Wall Street bear, is warning investors that the cryptocurrency boom will end disastrously. "It's basically a class of really stupid speculators who have convinced themselves that trees grow to the sky," he ...
2017 was a fantastic year for mutual fund investors. Those who put money in equity mutual funds reaped the benefits with the S&P BSE Sensex gaining 29.84 per cent, S&P BSE Midcap gaining 51 per cent and the S&P BSE SmallCap gaining 62 per cent. Several new investors entered mutual funds as ...
European markets were lower on Tuesday morning, as investors reacted to surprisingly upbeat economic data in China and continued to monitor geopolitical unrest in Iran. The pan-European Stoxx 600 was 0.3 percent lower during early morning deals, with most sectors and major bourses in negative ...
espite soaring stock prices and a few breakthrough new therapies, biotech can't seem to keep investors enthralled. The flow of money into the sector has turned negative for 2017, marking the second straight year that Wall Street has pulled more cash out of biotech than it has put in. According to the ...
China is responding to Washington's tax overhaul by offering foreign companies a break on Chinese taxes in a bid to retain investment. The measure announced late Thursday is Beijing's first major reaction to the U.S. decision to cut corporate tax rates. It follows a flurry of promises by communist leaders to ...
McNamee thinks bitcoin is still too new for investors to know just what role it could play in the future of the financial markets. But the volatility of 2018 just might make that more apparent. "You'll have these big swings, up and presumably down, as well. And, you know, wherever that settles out I think will tell ...
"Bright's" debut comes not long after Nielsen began measuring the viewership of streaming content across a number of providers. While the numbers are not complete and Netflix disputes their validity, they do bring investors and analysts some real value as Netflix's "ratings" has long been an area of ...
U.S. Treasury yields traded mostly lower Friday, the last trading day of the year, as investors awaited a batch of data due next week. The bond market will close early at 2 p.m., ET, and will be closed on Monday for the New Year's Day holiday. The closely watched employment report for December is set for ...
Ever since the recent bitcoin craze took hold, closely followed investor Dennis Gartman has made no secret of his disdain for the cryptocurrency. ... Letter, a four-decade veteran of the financial markets, told CNBC's "Worldwide Exchange" on Friday that investors should "stay the heck anyway from bitcoin.".
This year was a record-breaking year on all fronts for the ETF business: inflows of $476 billion, and assets under management swelling to $3.4 billion. For 2018, investors will continue to pour money into low-cost index ETFs. Where did all this money come from? Dave Nadig, CEO of, says the ...
By Seema Shah, Global Investment Strategist, Principal Global investors. 2017 has been a fantastic year for risk assets, despite all the concerns identified at the start of the year. investor worries about politics, geopolitics, trade, and central bank policy were summarily dismissed as markets focused on the ...
For investors looking to invest in one of the giant global oil majors, Wolfe research analyst Paul Sankey says Chevron is a better bet than Exxon. ... Oil investors got more good news this week when the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported another 4.6 billion barrel drop in U.S. crude oil ...
The broad-based major European markets closed mixed in Thursday's trading session, as investors favored mining stocks over aerospace and telecommunications companies. In economic news, trade association UK finance reported that mortgage lending in November in Britain was GBP23.1 billion ...
EIX is a big holding company, the parent of the public utility Southern California Edison. This is for the conservative preferred investor seeking a safe investment. However, because of its low-risk its preferreds usually offer a low yield until recently when the CA wildfires have negatively impacted the ...
But "Mr. Wonderful" recently went to Harvard Business school to hear pitches from MBA candidates and to offer his best advice on how to get financial backing from investors. CNBC followed O'Leary into the classroom where he talked about the "three attributes that are found 100 percent of the time in every ...
In general, on a trailing 12-month basis, an investor can probably expect to see plus or minus 50 basis points of cap rate differentials from a corporate-owned to a franchisee-owned restaurant, depending on the strength of a franchisee or corporate entity. By the end of the first half of 2017, retail net lease ...
To prove itself, bitcoin investors will need to become more diverse, with experienced investors joining the retail investors in long positions and institutional investors joining the market at all. The correction will also need to yield what El-Erian refers to as "market-deepening products," without further ...
The recent record price for a da Vinci "is one more proof that blue chip fine art is big business and a great, unique way of investing where the value of your investment is only likely to appreciate," said Johnny Hon, chairman of venture capital firm The Global Group and an art investor himself. Although the ...
Despite a profitable 2017 for market indexes, >50% of domestic stocks had no gains this year. The largest "lemon" (market cap) over the past 52 weeks was GE (-45%). Many investors with small accounts can't sell options or don't have margin accounts to short stocks, which limits their ability to buy and sell ...
After being denounced for years for its dictatorship and destructive economic policies, Zimbabwe entered a new chapter in November 2017, following the military's removal of president Robert Mugabe, who ruled the country for 37 years. Mugabe's ouster and replacement with his one-time deputy, ...
Publicly traded partnerships are another class of investments that frequently pay high distributions to attract investors. Partnership income isn't taxed at the corporate level, but the entire income of the partnership is taxable income to the partners (shareholders). That holds true when the partners receive a ...
Currently, the investor group is conducting a feasibility study of the property, an option period during which he said inspections will be conducted and research pursued with the city. Oberg said he was unaware if the investors would ultimately need to seek variances to complete their final plans for the ...
money managers piled into relatively new Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bonds known as "credit risk transfer" securities in 2017 in part because they are floating rate, a boon when the Federal Reserve is projecting three rate hikes in the coming year. investors who bought subprime mortgage bonds after the ...
Shares of Apple and its suppliers tumbled this week after multiple industry analysts predicted weak demand for the new flagship iPhone. Apple's (AAPL) stock slid by as much as 4% in premarket trading Tuesday. The radically redesigned iPhone X was supposed to give Apple a boost following a couple ...
Many foreign investors appear to be using the last days of 2017 to pull money out of Russia amid concern that new U.S. sanctions next year may target Russian oligarchs and state corporations that are close to the Kremlin, media reported on December 26. The year-end market move away from Russia ...
We interviewed five of our Marketplace authors who focus on macro trends to get their take on what happened in 2017, and what's on deck for 2018. Fear, speculation and bias do not make for smart investment decisions. Where are the "safe havens" to park your money in 2018? Read on to find out.
For example, if an LLP owns an office building that provides $200,000 in annual income to its investor partners, those individual investors could avoid paying taxes on $40,000 of that income if they are eligible for the full 20 percent deduction. The intent behind that deduction was to encourage corporations ...
Most investors are below average. That is why the small percentage of good investors do so well, they are taking money from a big group of bad investors. So, it's not that Buffett believes indexing is a great way to invest, he just knows most investors are crummy and they shouldn't even try, better to just ...
Steven A. Cohen, the billionaire investor whose career was nearly derailed by a government crackdown on insider trading, is days away from once again being able to manage other people's money. Whether investors will hand over their money is another question. A two-year ban that barred Mr. Cohen ...


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