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During his absence, deputy commissioners Andrew Crisp and Shane Patton have managed major incidents including the Flinders Street attack and African youth crime furore. Mr Ashton has been Victoria's chief commissioner for two-and-a-half-years since replacing Ken Lay. Australian readers seeking ...
... investigate the matter because the player was on a personal holiday when the alleged incident happened. The AFL's updated respect and responsibility policy was formulated by a committee including sex discrimination commissioner Kate Jenkins and former Victoria police chief commissioner Ken Lay.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) - A teenage boy was taken to the hospital on Christmas Day after a device he was carrying that contained lighter fluid caught fire. Dispatchers received the emergency call for a burn victim at 3:48 p.m. in the 100 block of Pleasant Court. Deputy Fire Chief Kenneth Lay says ...
If Democrats are to claim the House majority next year, their path back to power will go through places like the Huntingdon, a 34-floor high-rise in the River Oaks section of Houston that was once home to Enron's Kenneth L. Lay, has no fewer than five valets on a busy night and sits in the district of ...
The changes have been recommended following a review by former top police officer Ken Lay, who was brought in to overhaul Victoria's terrorism laws. It is the second report released into the state's terrorism laws and will lead to an overhaul of legislation. Former Victoria police Chief Commissioner Ken ...
He was sworn into the position today and will stand in if the current Governor Linda Dessau if she is unable to fulfil her duties. Mr Lay was the Chief Commissioner of Victoria police from 2011 to 2015 and has been on the Council of Australian governments Advisory Panel on Reducing Violence Against ...

Drug use is an issue you "can't arrest your way out of", says former Victoria police commissioner Ken Lay. Photo: Eddie Jim. "We probably weren't brave enough to go into the safe injection rooms but, speaking as an individual, there is a real attraction to harm reduction to me," he said. "Forget about trying to ...
It could also result in police being given powers to put people on watch lists, internet restrictions, curfews and forcing suspected extremists into deradicalisation programs. Ken Lay has been appointed to a new terror review panel. Picture: Jason Sammon. Former police commissioner Ken Lay said nothing ...
Gaylord held court at the Woody Creek Tavern, inviting the Bush and Thatcher entourages there during their visit to the Aspen Institute, and putting out tip jars for the alleged swindler Ken Lay and the alleged actor Don Johnson at different times, to sarcastically help them through financial difficulties. He was ...
Both fires were ruled accidental, Newport News Fire Chief Kenneth Lay said. Two apartments in the 500 block of Catina Way were condemned Saturday morning due to the fire there. Previously: Newport News fire crews battled two separate fires Saturday morning. The first was at an apartment in the 800 ...
Of the last six "chiefs", four - Neil Comrie, Christine Nixon, Simon Overland and Ken Lay - resigned or retired mid-term, while current Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton is on sick leave with exhaustion. There is also the infighting, with one assistant commissioner resigning after phone taps showed deep ...
Remember when Enron's CEO Ken Lay told everyone that Enron was financially sound and urged them to put all their retirement funds into Enron stock? At the same time, he was selling his Enron stock and needed their purchases to conceal his selling. If anyone thinks that Garcetti, or any of developers at ...
"We've been on a campaign of improving the culture for decades in Victoria police, right from the time of [former chief commissioner] Christine Nixon through to Ken Lay and with Graham Ashton now," he said. "If you shine a focus on it, it ensures that you're actually making change, so I congratulate IBAC for ...
Former Victoria police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay. Picture: Steve Tanner. IT GOT worse. She was willing to move to a tough northern suburbs station to get away from the bullying boss but was blocked because his superiors contrived a bogus internal affairs investigation into her quite proper handling of a ...
By Ken Lay. The City of Knoxville is changing its streetlights. It became official recently when Mayor Madeline Rogero hosted a ceremony ...
So if you're one of those people who lost money or lost your job when Ken Lay's house of cards collapsed, the GOP tax reform plan ought to set ...
Mr Ashton was appointed in 2013 to replace Ken Lay, who retired for family reasons. He announced in June this year that he would only serve ...

Mr Ashton was appointed Chief Commissioner in July 2015, taking over from Ken Lay. He had always maintained he would not seek another term once his five years in the top job was up. Mr Ashton has overseen the start of significant cultural shifts in the force, particularly around mental health. He ordered ...
... lawyer who defended Enron CEO Kenneth Lay on fraud charges and New York real estate scion Robert Durst in a high-profile murder case.
The Victorian government released the second report into the state's counter-terrorism laws, compiled by former Chief Commissioner of police Ken Lay, which made 26 recommendations for countering "violent extremism." The recommendations included extending the Preventative Detention Order Scheme ...
Australia's Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins and former Victoria police Commissioner Ken Lay, who chairs the Council of ...
... former police commissioner and chair of the advisory council on family violence Ken Lay, professor of Indigenous research, Larissa Behrendt ...
When Lee Henson looks at his 2017-2017 roster, he sees several new names. That, however, doesn't mean that expectations have changed ...
Chief Enron thief Kenneth Lay must be rolling in his grave laughing after a federal judge Oct. 17 vacated his criminal convictions for fraud and ...
He was sworn into the position today and will stand in if the current Governor Linda Dessau if she is unable to fulfil her duties. Mr Lay was the ...
IN MY HEART, I believe that those who decide to run for public office are caring, thoughtful individuals who believe their positions and values ...
Kenneth Lay, the ousted Enron CEO and multimillionaire, who received three times more subsidies than the median farmer. There's no way that ...
Consider that in 1986, conventional wisdom held that Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling's giant gas conglomerate Enron, guaranteed by the ...
... with prosecutors Wednesday, becoming a key potential witness in the upcoming fraud trial of former CEOs Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling.
Former Enron Chairman Kenneth Lay and Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Skilling have been charged with conspiracy and fraud.
For the first two years of this administration, what Ken Lay wanted, Ken Lay got. In his famous memo to Cheney to deter FERC from imposing ...
... Sheldon Adelson, Steven A. Cohen the hedge fund tycoon, Dick Fuld of Lehman Brothers, Ace Greenberg of AIG, Kenneth Lay of Enron, ...
Photo by Ken Lay. Farragut high school celebrates the 2017 District 4-AAA Tournament Championship. The Lady Admirals downed Maryville ...
... former Macquarie Group and Origin Energy chairman Kevin McCann, former Victoria police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay, and QBE director ...
... out of respect, after they were involved in a fatal car accident in 2012 that resulted in the death of 78-year-old grandfather, Kenneth Lay.
The Victorian government is also reforming terror laws, following a review by former police chief commissioner Ken Lay and former Supreme ...
If not for his great good fortune in Ken Lay sidelining him as Enron CEO in favour of Richard Skillings, it would have been Kinder who went to ...
... to be addressed and actions need to be taken to help overcome them," said Kenneth Lay, the fire department's deputy chief, in the release.
When then chief commissioner Ken Lay commissioned the review, he did so knowing the organisation's underbelly would be put under the ...
Ken Lay, now Ambulance Victoria chairman, told Joy FM's Saturday ... your way out of", says former Victoria police commissioner Ken Lay.
FORMER top cop Ken Lay will head an unprecedented review into state counter-terror measures and has promised fix Victoria's system as ...
Former IBRD vice president and treasurer Kenneth Lay will speak at the University of Wyoming Friday, April 14, at 2 p.m. in the College of ...
By Ken Lay. Fulton high school boys basketball coach Jody Wright didn't know what to expect when his team took the floor for the first time on Monday, Nov. 20. And he wasn't particularly happy with his team's inaugural performance of the 2017-18 season. "We've had about a week of practice and we ...
She led the march from Federation Square as it weaved through the CBD, alongside Victorian police Commissioner Ken Lay. "It sends a powerful message to the community that family violence is not to be tolerated under any circumstances," reflected Unchain my Heart chair, Susie Ivany. Jewish Care ...
The tougher laws will form part of a number of measures to counter violent extremism, recommended by former Victoria police chief Ken Lay ...
The changes were recommended by former police chief Ken Lay and former Supreme Court justice David Harper, who reviewed Victoria's ...
The changes have been recommended following a review by former top police officer Ken Lay, who was brought in to overhaul Victoria's ...
The Halls Middle-Gresham Middle boys basketball rivalry is always respectful. But it's also intense as it's a game that both the Demons and ...
Emails from the defunct Enron Corp., once headed by CEO Kenneth Lay, have become a commonly used data set for training A.I. systems.
He said the government was tackling demand for ice, with its national ice strategy led by former Victorian police commissioner Ken Lay, as well ...


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