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updated Thu. February 22, 2018

The founder of a silicon Valley fiber optics equipment maker has pleaded guilty to insider trading. Federal Prosecutors say Peter C. Chang acknowledged Wednesday that he used brokerage accounts in the names of his brother and wife to buy and sell stock in Alliance Fiber Optic Products of Sunnyvale.
In our recent trip to GlobalFoundries Fab 8, its leading edge facility, we managed to spend some time with the C-level executive that controls the future of this part of our industry: Dr. Gary Patton. Gary is the Chief technology Officer, overseeing all of GlobalFoundries research, development, and fabrication ...

To Give A.I. the Gift of Gab, silicon Valley Needs to Offend You. By CADE METZ and KEITH COLLINS ... For years, silicon Valley companies trumpeted "chatbots" that could help you, say, book your next plane flight or solve a problem your new computer tablet. But these have never lived up to the billing, ...
The other three - Tesla, Uber and Waymo (owned by the same company as Google) - are newcomers from the digital technology world of silicon Valley and have to build a mass manufacturing capability. While it's impossible to know all the developments at any given time, we have tracked investments, ...
Pied Piper may have lost Erlich Bachman when T.J. Miller announced his departure from silicon Valley, but they're about to recruit a lot of new employees -- and dogs! -- and the team isn't very excited about either of those things. The managerial struggles of start-up chief Richard Hendricks (Thomas ...
Many of those most excited about crypto don't work in tech, and their financial futures are uncertain. bitcoin is the closest they have to equity. By Anna Wiener. 2:03 P.M.. At Berkeley, a New Generation of Ethical hackers Learns the Do's and Don'ts of Cybersecurity. How long would it take a junior computer-science major to ...

After a lengthy hiatus, HBO's hit show silicon Valley is poised to make its illustrious return to television on March 25. Since its debut a few years ago, silicon Valley has won innumerable awards for its comical look at start-up culture. Bolstered by an all-star cast, it's fair to say that silicon Valley has some of ...
Some silicon Valley residents with incomes up to $400,000 consider themselves "middle class" ... The Palo Alto Weekly in silicon Valley asked more than 250 residents of that city "How do you define your social class?" From the survey results (PDF):. Seventy-five identified themselves as "upper middle ...
His decision to move away from silicon Valley comes as he has grown unhappy with what he believes is intolerant, left-leaning politics in the area. He has also become cynical about the future for tech businesses due to increased risk of regulation. "silicon Valley is a one-party state," Thiel said last month at a debate about ...
My family moved to Menlo Park in 2008, just in time to see silicon Valley transform from a chain of nondescript California suburbs into the tech hub it is today. As I drove to school each morning I passed landmarks of the corporate world, from the cluster of venture-capital firms on Sand Hill Road to the facebook headquarters ...
The newest class of startups to join silicon Valley Bank's fintech accelerator are focused on student loan repayment assistance as an employee perk and easing businesses' and consumers' payment pain points. The five startups that make up the seventh class of commerce.Innovated are FutureFuel ...
silicon has been an integral part of computing for decades. While it's not always the best solution by every metric, it's captured a key set of capabilities that make it well suited for general (or classical) computing. When it comes to quantum computing, however, silicon-based solutions haven't really been ...
THE technology industry is the crowning glory of America's economy. It supports 7m well-paid jobs at home, and allows America to set standards globally. silicon Valley generates almost $200bn of profits from abroad each year, several times the benefit that America gets from having the world's reserve ...
Peter Thiel, a well-known tech investor and Trump supporter, at a conference in San Francisco. Photograph: Bloomberg via Getty Images. If the billionaire tech investor and noted Libertarian Peter Thiel really does leave silicon Valley for Los Angeles to escape what he views as an increasing intolerance for ...
silicon Valley hosts so many interns, research groups, and accelerators that many hotels are fully booked through the summer months. Only one accelerator in the Bay Area last summer, however, was comprised of a dozen Planetary Scientists and a dozen machine learning experts, strategizing ways to ...
At Basis Independent silicon Valley, a Bay Area private school that enrolls many children of tech workers, students graduate with a mastery of all things science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). But they don't get much screen time in the classroom. The school said it shuns technology as a tool for ...

For decades, silicon chips have been at the heart of all kinds of computing devices. But in the race to create quantum computers, an incredibly powerful new type of technology, silicon has taken a back seat to other materials. New advances could make it more attractive. In theory, silicon should be a great ...
A telecoms firm that bought up a silicon Valley tech business is now creating highly skilled manufacturing jobs after a major investment. Comtek Network Systems was set up in a garden shed by Askar Sheibani back in 1989 but has grown into a pan-European provider of repairs, spares and support to the ...
Varsity Tutors CEO Chuck Cohn, based in St. Louis, just showed silicon Valley entrepreneurs how to raise money fast. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and technology Crossover Ventures are among top-tier VCs putting $50 million into education start-up. Cohn got the idea for the company when he got a ...
Worldwide silicon wafer shipments in 2017, measured by area, apparently set a record for the fourth consecutive year. We believe that demand for the latest 300mm versions will increase at an annual rate of 5-6% through 2020. According to customer forecasts, monthly demand for 300mm wafers in 2020 ...
For nearly a year, Uber and Google's parent company, Alphabet, clashed over settling a lawsuit Alphabet filed against the ride-sharing company, according to two people familiar with the discussions. Uber chose to gamble for a victory in court rather than compromise, a choice that led to a high-stakes ...
San Francisco (CBS SF) -- While the #MeToo movement has cast light on toxic male behavior in politics and the Entertainment world, a new book focusing on the so-called "Bro culture" of the silicon Valley has sparked a debate over challenges women face in the tech world. Written by San ...
In the 1990s, the Seattle software giant became enemy number one for the US anti-trust regulators. Flexing its market muscle, the software giant elbowed out potential software and hardware competitors. Briefly, Microsoft became one of the most valuable companies of all time, but ultimately regulators ...
And sure, the only proven way to do that is to follow the silicon Valley recipe of accumulating engineering talent, venture investors, incubators, and mentors. And sure, for the last decade, many cities around the country have tried to import the valley's spirit, work ethic, and culture. Plenty have copied the ...
Eager to keep up with the pace of change, some silicon Valley researchers are embracing a grade-school technique to enhance their cognition and memory. Michael Nielsen, a research fellow at Y Combinator Research, a division of silicon Valley's top startup accelerator, took to twitter last week to ...
Colon visited the silicon Valley Community Foundation in Mountain View, Friday afternoon, as part of an island delegation in town to make a pitch to potential donors. Together, the two groups hope to raise $3 mil. to help with the production and installation of solar-powered generators in 100 hospitals, ...
The Waldorf school of the Peninsula is small, exclusive and packed with the children of silicon Valley executives who love the role that technology plays in the pupils' education there. That is, it plays no role whatsoever. Instead children at the $25,000-a-year elementary school in Los Altos, California, are ...
Last year, after former Uber engineer Susan Fowler published her blog post alleging the company was rife with sexual harassment and discrimination issues, the allegations against Uber and other silicon Valley companies began to pour out. These were issues that had plagued women and people of color ...
February 9, 2018 San Francisco--Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday pitched Canadian globalism and the country's new fast-track visa as reasons why silicon Valley companies should consider Canada as a place to do business and spend money. Mr. Trudeau brought his charm ...
Google has big plans for silicon Valley communities close to its headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. Must read: No telecommuting allowed: Why is Google investing billions of dollars in office buildings? As other companies move out of buildings, Google moves in with its gourmet free lunches and ...
Google, facebook and Amazon are the "big gorillas who have all the data and all of the insight and all of the volume and scale to go make things happen," says Sun Microsystems co-founder and former CEO Scott McNealy. Tech stocks are going to continue to do well as a whole, he says. technology ...
Over the past 60 years, the world has watched the original silicon Valley morph from a small network of specialised technology manufacturers into the global nucleus of multi-billion-dollar technology. Home to Apple, Google, facebook, Netflix and many of their cousins, together, these companies are now ...
In her book Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys' Club of silicon Valley, Bloomberg TV reporter Emily Chang uses history, scientific studies, and dozens of interviews to piece together a broad view of the male domination in silicon Valley. Her subjects range from the genesis of toxic "bro" culture at emerging ...
Some chipmakers, under pressure to add security to rapidly growing numbers of IoT devices, have rediscovered a "fingerprinting" technique used primarily as an anti-counterfeiting measure. Physically unclonable functions (PUFs) are used to assign a unique identification number based on inconsistencies ...
These negative outcomes have led a handful of tech companies and self-proclaimed "biohackers" in silicon Valley to work on a tool that could reveal the problems with our diets by showing us where the sugar is hiding. The devices would also show us how to balance out a high-carb portion of a meal, such ...
For a young person starting out in tech, an internship at Google or facebook should be like winning the lottery. But from the moment software engineer Tracy Chou set foot in the offices of silicon Valley's tech giants, she felt deeply uncomfortable being a woman in a sea of white men. One male coworker ...
It turns out bullshitting your way to fame and fortune is illegal in California's playground of tech startups, rather than a viable business model. Who knew? The former CEO and founder of defunct silicon Valley upstart WrkRiot has pleaded guilty to defrauding and lying to his firm's former employees.
False-color, plan-view SEM image of a lateral gallium oxide field effect transistor with an optically defined gate. From near (bottom) to far (top): the source, gate, and drain electrodes. Metal is shown in yellow and orange, dark blue …more. silicon has long been the go-to material in the world of ...
"silicon Valley, the Bay Area, has this long tradition of sexual positivity and sexual exploitation, and that's wonderful," she added. "Unfortunately, women can't participate in this scene without being victims of a double standard. There's this whole whisper network around 'Who was there?' [For] men, it's sort of ...
With a headline that promised to bring us inside silicon Valley's "secretive, orgiastic dark side," Ms. Chang laid out how drug-fueled sex parties were happening behind the scenes at the homes of wealthy tech executives and investors. One party she described was later tied to the home of Steve Jurvetson, ...
The courtroom fight will most likely prompt a philosophical discussion over the entrepreneurial -- some would say outlaw -- spirit that has long made silicon Valley tick. Should an engineer be free to leave a company and build on the knowledge and skills he gained at the old job? Are the tech industry's ...
The ad touches on a fraught issue for tech giants such as Google, facebook and Apple, which face a growing body of research suggesting the mental-health effects of an internet-connected life could prove more damaging than originally thought. Google debuted an ad during Sunday's Grammy Awards that ...
Expanding broadband internet access to low-income communities has been a priority for San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo for some time now. So it came as a surprise in late January when he quit a Federal Communications Commission committee charged with improving access nationally. "It's apparent that ...
The article calls "silicon Valley's unconstrained, go-getter ethos" a perfect fit for Eagleman and adds that "descending the academic prestige ladder was easily outweighed by the chance to become a start-up entrepreneur." After 13 years as a full-time neuroscience professor at Baylor and the University of ...
Andrew Ng may not be a household name like other tech entrepreneurs, but he's very in-demand among techies both in silicon Valley and in China. Ng is one of the top experts in machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies in the world -- he's taught at Stanford, worked at Google, and most recently was the ...
Since its 2016 founding, the San Francisco-based startup raised $3.5 million in funding and now works with dozens of employers, ranging from small finance and legal firms in the Midwest to silicon Valley giants like Foursquare. "There's a huge part of the the economy in the middle market where these ...
Would it make sense to create a path to citizenship for "Dreamers" and then in return build a border wall and crack down on immigration, as the White House has proposed? Yes. No. I have no opinion. Next. Insights powered by CivicScience | Privacy Policy. How would you rate the following grocery items?
Electron beam lithography was used to create masks, which were used to protect the silicon surface from subsequent plasma etching. The team was able to generate vivid colors controlled completely by the geometry of the antennae, also demonstrating white light generation, which is important for full-color ...
For instance, Goldman is the only major Wall Street bank to have an online personal loan product, called Marcus, which competes with Lending Club (nyse:LC) and other private silicon Valley start-ups like Prosper. Goldman's strategic investments group, which makes venture-capital-like investments, now ...


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