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updated Fri. October 8, 2021

It's called the Disneyland of NASCAR – the Neon Garage is only for the ultimate fans. The Neon Garage is named to pay homage to the bright lights of Sin City. It was built more than a decade ago. “It's an experience -- one in a lifetime -- to see everything that's going on,” fan John Henderson said.
This giant neon uterus has got us wondering why we didn't get something like this sooner. If you're going to be stuck in LA's famous traffic, you might as well marvel at a 43 feet tall uterus. What else is there to do? The design, named Champ, is Zoe Buckman's first public art installation, on view for one year ...

If you travel through the ongoing roadwork for Project Neon, prepare for some changes this week. The Nevada Department of Transportation's third and final major phase of work for Project Neon a nearly $1 billion 4-mile-long widening of Interstate 15 from the U.S. 95 interchange to Sahara Avenue is nicknamed "The Main ...
Closures for Project Neon start Saturday night around the Spaghetti Bowl. All of this will cause some serious traffic problems for residents, and the thousands of visitors in town over the busy sports weekend. Nascar will be held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway more bumping and grinding on the track, but ...
The world of augmented reality has made incredible strides in recent years, and now USC students will be among the first to demo one of the most exciting apps in the field to date. Utilizing the burgeoning technology of AR, the new app Neon AR will make it easier to meet up with friends and navigate to ...
Cruising down Glenwood on a hot, summer night, the lure of the Fat Daddy's sign promised thick burgers, cold brews, and pool tables. I racked another set and frowned as some pop-jangle 2000s song came on the jukebox. Slipping in two quarters, I switched the music to Boston's "More Than a Feeling.".

Montreal Has A Secret Neon Alley, Here's Where To Find It. The perfect spot for your next instagram story. Montreal Has A Secret Neon Alley, Here's Where To Find It featured image. 0000 shares. @flyjinmtl ...
The world of augmented reality has made incredible strides in recent years, and now USC students will be among the first to demo one of the most exciting apps in the field to date. Utilizing the burgeoning technology of AR, the new app Neon will make it easier to meet up with friends and navigate to points ...
The work kicks off the third and final phase of Project Neon — a nearly $1 billion, 4-mile-long widening of Interstate 15 from the U.S. 95 interchange to Sahara Avenue that broke ground in 2016. It is timed to not interfere with NASCAR weekend as it will occur overnight this weekend, according to the Nevada ...
Neon signage is a three-for-one: art for your walls, light for the room, and a definitely increased cool factor for you. People will photograph it when they come over! And new guests will always ask you about it (this is where you say, "Yes, we totally stole it from a bar one crazy night in college!"). Lies aside ...
Between hotel advertisements, billboards splashed with scantily-clad models, and flashing neon marquees, it can be difficult to focus on the road. But passersby only need a split second to consider the latest addition to the Sunset Strip: a 9-foot uterus capped with boxing glove ovaries, rotating atop a ...
I contacted Neon Mfg, who helped me turn my idea into a custom desktop neon light inspired by the Apple Music design. The company mentioned that one of their employees had hooked their own light to an automated HomeKit controller. While I've read Zac and Ben's HomeKit coverage with interest, I had ...
Image: SoCal Uncensored. Report submitted by reader Brian Reznick. Additional thanks to Dave Doyle and Ruby Flores. - Adam Brooks defeated Brody King. Brooks won in 11:39 with a swanton. It was a good, short match. Brooks looked better than his previous PWG matches, and King was very over with ...
The 30-minute immersive experience presented after sunset allows visitors to walk freely around the outdoor gallery and get close to the signs. Joe Cavaretta. Las Vegas Neon Museum. Buy Now. Above, as the Binion's horseshoe flickers in shades of gold and red, Dean Martin croons “I Love Vegas.
Chuck Taylor and Trent? went into PWG Neon Knights on Friday as best friends. They might have left American Legion Post #308 in Reseda, Calif., as something else. After bloodying and battering him for more than 26 minutes, Taylor retained the PWG title by beating Trent? with a small package after a ...
Landscape ecologist Sharon Collinge says she's happiest in the field. But next week she'll move indoors to lead the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) as it evolves from a beleaguered construction project into a unique user facility. Collinge says she couldn't be more excited by the prospect ...
Halifax-based band Neon Dreams says it is dropping out of its tour with Canadian rockers Hedley after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against that band. The announcement came Friday morning, hours after Hedley's management team also said it was dropping the band from its roster. Earlier ...

Neon Reverb's 10th-anniversary edition will feature a lineup topped by two well-known indie-rock names: Wavves and No Age. San Diego garage-pop quartet Wavves, which last played Las Vegas in 2013 (headlining the Cosmopolitan's Boulevard Pool), released its sixth album You're Welcome last May.
Muse are back with new music and a stylish new video for their single "Thought Contagion." The Lance Drake-directed clip can be viewed above. Drake, who also helmed the band's "Dig Down" video, throws a nice little nod to that video right at the start of the new clip, which centers on a pair of young ...
Maryam Nassir Zadeh's muses—be it States of Undress reporter Hailey Benton-Gates or Mozambican artist Cassi Gibson—may prefer to pair the designer's statement ensembles with untouched faces over any lacquered lip or extravagant eye, but if Nassir Zadeh's ability to influence what the women of the ...
One of the most exciting new events on the Strip doesn't feature any of the typical billboards with resident DJs or touring acts. Instead, its focus is on the immense and prolific talent that resides right here in Las Vegas. Born from a well-received Facebook post, Neon Valley Showcase is a monthly local ...
You know the Cinderella story: With the flick of a wand, a beautiful woman in a shabby dress gets transformed into a glimmering vision. This metaphor describes the sheer magic behind the new attraction at the Neon Museum. Brilliant! is a “360-degree audiovisual immersion experience” that applies the ...
A jail has rebranded itself as an 'inn' complete with a neon sign advertising vacancies in an unusual bid to deter crime. ... It even has a red neon 'Vacancy' sign flashing below, with Sheriff Rick Staly coming up with the eye-catching idea in a bid to try keep people on the right side of the law. And he has even ...
It may be hard to imagine today, but San Francisco was once full of neon signs. The city was right up there with places like New York, Los Angeles and even Las Vegas when it came to neon. Market Street alone had hundreds of signs lighting up the night. “Every commercial corridor was just studded with ...
After the second world war, Akihabara was known as Electric Town, the place to go for household appliances, as well as goods on the thriving black market. These days, it's known for otaku culture – anime and manga – and video gaming. As well as the big stores, there are lots of street kiosks, where every ...
This Saturday, Neon Liger, Gainesville's legendary weekly party, celebrates a decade of partying as a science with a reunion in Gainesville. Everyone thinks they threw down in college, but we were the definition. The University of Florida was the number one party school in the nation. Tim Tebow was a ...
The neon tubing may be broken and the light bulbs shattered, but a new tech-driven show at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas is bringing some vintage ... The museum has ramped up its visitor experience with "Brilliant!," a sound and light show based on some of the city's most famous neon signs that takes ...
In this week's episode of “Deja View,” staff writers Jake Leary and Liam Conway discuss Neon, a film distributer started last year. Neon is responsible for “Colossal,” “Ingrid Goes West” and “I, Tonya,” among other notable films from 2017. You can read Jake's review of “Ingrid Goes West” here and his review ...
There are four key points to a sustainable community: growth, opportunity, and a strong support system and a leader with a vision. Since joining NEON in 2014, Marcus Owens, president of the Northside Economic Opportunity Network (NEON) has focused on establishing a strategic financial leadership, ...
The favorite piece among visitors is a neon incarnation of the Warsaw coat of arms, which was used in the middle of the 14th century. While visually enticing, the exhibits also offer a fascinating snapshot of Polish history. Illuminated advertising came into fashion after the 1953 death of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. Poland's ...
After seven consecutive years, Neon Liger's exclusive dance parties reached icon status within the Gainesville community. They not only created a safe space for marginalized citizens but also a home for many up-and-coming DJs and electronic music fans. The infamous bar The Motor Room hosted Neon ...
these concept images — as much as they drip with attitude — are testaments to the collection's musical muses. solid collaborations. everything here seems to have an intention deeper than what you would expect from dimly lit alleys and neon lights. this was just a light perusing. if you really want to get a ...
Whether you want to relive that perfect 90's arcade feeling or immerse yourself into the world of Tron, NEON is a game that gets you close to doing both. Launching tomorrow on Steam, NEON puts the player smack-dab in the middle of a unique virtual world that explodes into pixels when provoked the right ...
Editor's Notes: In celebration of Air Max Day 2018 next month, Nike will be reviving the OG Nike Air Max 95 “Neon” once more, as it's noted to be one of the most popular colorways ever on the iconic runner. Essentially staying true to its signature theme, the punctuating neon hues are primarily located on ...
Founded in 1996, the Neon Museum collects and preserves local history in the form of the fabulous marquees and glittering signs that have long symbolized Sin City. In the museum's outdoor Boneyard, more than 200 works of metal and glass have been laid to rest, their stories recounted by guides who ...
'The neon light trend has been shining bright for a good few seasons now and is certainly set to continue for Spring 2018, ' says Claire Woodward, Senior Buyer of Lighting at Debenhams. Claire goes on to explain the popularity of neon lights in our homes by saying, 'From statement custom signs to small ...
Las Vegas, Nevada is a city famous for its exciting nightlife. One of the main streets is called The Las Vegas Strip. It has many large hotels and casinos, places where people can watch shows when they are not playing games of chance. Nearly all the buildings have bright, neon signs. Now, a new museum ...
Pro Wrestling Guerillas's next big card is Neon Knights, which will take place on February 16 in Reseda, California, as per the usual. The card, announced tonight by PWG on Twitter, features: - Chuck Taylor defending the PWG title for the first time since regaining it at Mystery Vortex IV on January 12 ...
Laser shows, neon balloons and psychedelic colours are set to transform 02 Academy as The Festival of Light comes to Newcastle . ... That's when over-18s are being invited to party like there's no tomorrow amid giant lanterns, UV displays, lasers and light shows as neon balloons drop from the ceiling.
Neon has landed North American rights to Tim Wardle's “Three Identical Strangers” following its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. The newly launched indie studio bought the film from CNN Films, which will retain U.S. broadcast rights. Neon has been quite active at this year's Sundance. It partnered ...
NEON has come on to take North American theatrical rights to Revenge, the thriller written and directed by Coralie Fargeat that's playing in the Midnight section at the Sundance Film Festival. AMC Networks' genre streaming service Shudder made a deal for the pic at the Toronto Film Festival, and the ...
EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: NEON indeed landed Assassination Nation, but they have a partner in what is the first eight-figure deal of the Sundance Film Festival. NEON acquired the picture with AGBO for north of $10 million for worldwide rights, and a wide release commitment. AGBO is the new progressive ...
He loved it so much that the founder and CEO of indie distributor Neon tried to work out a deal with the owner of the Bong Joon Ho movie — streaming behemoth Netflix — to partner on it and let his company put it in theaters. They could even keep all the credit, explained Quinn on Sunday night while ...
Nike is slated to swap even more iconic Air Max uppers and cushion units in 2018 as the brand is slated to drop an Air Vapormax 95 OG in the classic “Neon” colorway. What you see here is quite simple; the iconic design by Sergio Lozano's flagship Air Max sneaker of 1995 has its original sole swapped ...
Every once in a while, an album comes along that hints at a brighter future in some subgenre of music. American Neon has the potential to be such an album. A collaboration between hip-hop artist Adam Protextor and Grammy-winning multi-instrumentalist Matt Puckett of revered orchestral outfit Mother ...
Technically, the neon green and pink colors were available as standalone purchases in Japan and Europe before now, but this marks the first time US Switch owners have been able to pick them up without importing them internationally. The standalone versions also have their colors reversed from the pair ...
Neon in Daylight, Hermione Hoby's debut novel, starts ticking, of all places, at a bodega. Kate is thumbing through her pretzel options when a mysterious woman shouts what strikes her as nonsense — “Happyfourth!” — and exits the store, bare feet covered in dirt. It sticks with her. The chapter ends with a ...
In Noriyaro's video named Bozozuko Nights, we can see these cars where they are most at home and that is doing donuts at deserted intersections at 2 a.m. I'm not gonna lie, I kind of want to drive a slammed and neon adorned Toyota Soarer down a stretch of Japanese highway late at night like I'm in a ...
Silver Lake's got yet another new coffee shop to contend with, this one called Neon Coffee. And yes, as the name makes clear, there's a lot of bright colors and glowing signs to be had. In fact, the shop's entire menu is plastered on the wall with neon lighting, not to mention the required pink cursive sign ...
Lynch has been lighting up the neon industry for 25 years. He learned "tube bending" — a term used for the precise form of glass blowing neon artists do — at the Ed Waldrum School of Neon in Irving after meeting and being inspired by Cathy Cunningham, a premiere neon fabricator in San Antonio.


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