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updated Sun. January 28, 2024

"Throughout the year, chloramines are added to the water as the primary disinfectant, but during flushing period, free chlorine will be added," the post reads. ... But with the addition of free chlorine, your water may taste and smell like it as well, due to it being a higher-level disinfectant, according to officials.
Chlorine Market report is carefully designed to help new entrants and the old players in the Chlorine market to achieve their business and product goals. It will also be helpful to key executive (CEO and COO), potential investors, manufactures, strategy growth managers, and research institutes in the ...

The US State Department said it has information that two chemical weapons were used, not just chlorine as previously thought. Syrian state TV reported earlier today UN chemical inspectors were finally allowed into the city after days of being blocked by forces from the Syrian regime and Russia.
From April 16 – 30, water distributed to these neighborhoods will be converted from chloramine to chlorine disinfection. This temporary conversion is a standard water system maintenance measure to optimize water quality without the loss of millions of gallons of drinking water via system flushing.
Given the recent airstrike on Syria's chemical weapons factories, the reader might be asking: Just what are these “chemical weapons?” There are four categories of chemical warfare agents: choking, blister, lachrymatory and nerve. The two major choking agents, chlorine and phosgene, literally choke the ...

On April 7, images and video footage of dozens of dead Syrian children and adults foaming at the mouths, or injured and struggling to breathe, once again began circulating around the world. The latest chemical-weapon attack, targeting the rebel-held suburb of Douma east of Damascus, reportedly caused ...
The US has claimed that both sarin and chlorine were used by Syria in an attack that killed dozens of civilians in Douma, an attack America, France and Britain said led them to carry out retaliatory air strikes, but which which the Syrian government denies having a role in. On Friday night, barely an hour after ...

Residents who are sensitive to changes in the water may notice a strong taste or smell of chlorine, although no additional chlorine has been added. The only change has been the discontinuation of ammonia while maintaining all other treatment processes, making the odor of chlorine more noticeable, the ...
WATER bosses have met with a concerned customer who complained about a change in the taste of tap water in Tendring. Affinity Water confirmed chlorine levels had been increased after residents noticed a change in the taste of their water. Thorpe Parish Council chairman Dan Land was among those ...
LETHBRIDGE – Drinking water in the city may smell and taste a little different for the next few days. Staff at the water treatment plant have increased the level of chlorine being used to treat the water. The spring melt has led to more debris in the river, which is then going into the plant. Chlorine is used to ...
Garberville Sanitary District has been working hard to replace the chlorine contact chamber at our water treatment plant that failed the day after Thanksgiving in 2017 and are optimistic that we will have a contact chamber installed before July of this year so that we can meet the water demands of our ...
PLANO—The North Texas Municipal Water District has released test results involving water samples taken during chlorine maintenance that has been met with controversy. The NTMWD services 1.7 million customers and 10 counties—including Collin, Dallas, Denton, Rockwall, and Kaufman Counties.
During Tuesday's Frisco City Council meeting, resident Brandon Burden addressed the council on behalf of Safer Water, North Texas, a Facebook group formed to question the district's annual chlorine maintenance. Burden asked the council to consider addressing this issue at a council meeting by next ...
At least one child has died and 18 more people have been treated in hospital in a Syrian rebel-held suburb of Damascus after suffering symptoms medics said were consistent with exposure to chlorine gas. A statement from besieged Eastern Ghouta's interim health ministry said victims in the town of ...
Another US official familiar with how the US intelligence is unfolding regarding the chemical attack tells CNN that the initial intelligence assessment -- that a chemical agent was used -- is based on viewing the videos and comparing the shown physical effects with what is known about both chlorine and ...


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