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updated Sun. January 28, 2024

TORONTO — Hydrogen-powered electric vehicles appear poised to overtake battery-powered EVs as consumers' green car of choice, Hyundai Canada CEO Don Romano said. Romano, speaking to Automotive News Canada, said that hydrogen EVs could ultimately prove to be more convenient to ...
THE drive to produce hydrogen on a commercial basis has led to ground-breaking technologies being developed to create a gas that generates zero carbon emissions, and the demo plant to be constructed at the Sungai Liang Industrial Park (SPARK) represents one such example of this drive to mass ...

In the wake of MEPC 72's historic decision to aim for a reduction in shipping GHG's of at least 50% by 2050 compared to 2008 levels, liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunker advocacy group SEALNG says the alternative marine fuel can "play a significant role" in helping the industry meet the ambitious target.
Within the next two years, three different hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles will be offered to California buyers in small numbers. The 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle went on sale in California at the end of 2016, and 2018 models just went on sale. The Toyota Mirai has also been available in California since ...
Air Liquide (Paris, France; and Covestro AG (Leverkusen, Germany; have recently signed a new longterm contract for the supply of hydrogen at Covestro's production site in the port area of Antwerp. Air Liquide will invest 80 million euros in the construction of a “new ...
A team of engineers based out of Liverpool have developed a new hydrogen-fuelled, zero-emission truck that could hit roads soon. The truck is the joint product of a partnership between hydrogen specialists at ULEMCo and Innovate UK. The technology modifies Volvo's popular FH16 truck in order to ...

DOE says the research should address key early-stage technical challenges for fuel cells and for hydrogen fuel production, delivery, and storage related to hydrogen infrastructure. In a release, the department says hydrogen and fuel cells "can enable affordable and reliable energy that enhances economic ...
A truck with a combustion engine powered entirely from hydrogen fuel will take to the roads later this year as part of a trial. Developed by hydrogen fuel specialist ULEMCo, the converted VOLVO FH16 vehicle is designed to provide a demonstration of how hydrogen fuel can be deployed to decarbonise ...
As the polymers shift, the pores in the composite can be blocked or unblocked, enabling hydrogen to move through them. Existing porous materials can only store gas at very high pressures or very low temperatures in order to carry the amount of hydrogen needed for transportation, and so cannot be used ...
The efficiency of separating hydrogen and oxygen from water could be boosted using cost-effective electrocatalysts that combine high performance and robustness. Researchers from KAUST have developed a coating that protects water-splitting catalysts dedicated to so-called oxygen evolution without ...
An e-bike fueled with hydrogen instead of electricity? No, this is not a utopia, but reality: industrial gas specialist Linde has developed a hydrogen pedelec equipped with a compact fuel cell instead of the usual battery. Florian Freund was inspired by the invention for his Matura thesis: He developed a ...
Japan's enthusiasm for hydrogen perplexes North Americans, whose rallying call is not “build the hydrogen economy” but “electrify everything." Even with luminary Michael Liebreich newly boarding the hydrogen train, the country's pro-proton stance strikes many as inefficient and counter-productive.
This Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Market revise in-depth Research of the Market condition and the competitive analysis globally. It Analyses the main factors of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells market based on Current Market situations, Manufacturers Performance and Market Share, Forecast etc. This report also ...
If a green ride-sharing service were to flourish anywhere, it would be in Munich, where you can rent no-emission cars on just about any city-center street. And yet Linde AG is about to shut its two-year experiment with hydrogen. It's another setback for fuel cell-powered cars against those that run on batteries.
Hydrogen usage at leading-edge logic and foundry fabs has steadily increased over the past 20 years. What was supplied in individual cylinders is now frequently delivered by specialized bulk trucks carrying over one ton of hydrogen per vehicle; some fabs require multiple deliveries per day. With EUV ...
What seem to be the first hydrogen dual fuel road sweepers will soon be appearing on the streets of Aberdeen. The vehicles will use hydrogen fuel for around a third of the energy used to drive and operate the vehicles, making valuable reductions in CO2 emissions. The vehicle initiative is a collaboration ...
The Hydrogen Hub launched in Swindon and Wiltshire in January 2016 and has since driven over £1.5m of external investment in H2 and fuel cell projects in the region with more than 50 different organisations participating in working groups and projects. The Hydrogen Hub has attracted attention from the ...

Hydrogen fuel cells have long been floated as a potential platform for zero-emission vehicles, but problems with efficiency and storage have put up some roadblocks. Rather than using hydrogen in its normal gaseous state, a liquid hydrogen carrier called formic acid has been proposed, and now a team from EPFL has built ...
“Hydrogen Power is the only harmless resource that humanity has to produce electricity without harming the environment. Other non-conventional devices can do the same. However, HP can turn turbine anywhere and at any time where there is water. The proposal is based on the Faraday's principles of ...
The report says a broken cylinder fractured, releasing hydrogen that caught fire. The cited violations range from improper training to failing to follow good engineering practices. A week before the explosion, five employees had been hospitalized for chemical exposure, resulting in a separate $20,000 fine.
TOP JAPANESE CARMAKERS said this week they were teaming up to nearly double the amount of hydrogen stations in Japan, as the car-mad country seeks to head off competition from China and Germany. Toyota, Nissan and Honda formed a joint venture with major gas and energy companies, ...
Lisa Rossi, the team's Chemical Engineering Coordinator, said, “It is the first time the University of Aberdeen has participated in the Eco-marathon, and we will build the only hydrogen-fuelled car that will be competing from a Scottish University.” “Our design has been approved, so we're now in the process ...
Last week, gas network Cadent partnered with Northern Gas Networks and a consortium of technical experts to deploy a project that explores the potential on injecting zero-carbon hydrogen into a natural gas network. Keele University will act as the testing grounds for the project and will have hydrogen ...
CHARLESTON — Tennessee regulators have fined a chemical plant $25,000 for an explosion that shut down an interstate and put several schools on lockdown. WRCB-TV reported Friday that the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited Wacker Chemie for seven violations ...
However, this happened at more or less the time that interest in Red's Hydrogen smartphone began to peak ahead of the first quarter of 2018, when the company had anticipated releasing the phone. That release date is not set in stone, with the company stating that “specs and delivery dates can change ...
The U.K.'s rail sector is working to fast-track hydrogen-powered trains after policymakers lent their support to the idea in recent weeks. Reports last month said the U.K. Rail Safety and Standards Board, working with train maker Alstom, is hoping to start a hydrogen-powered train pilot by 2019 or early 2020.
Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical substance used in large industries and schools. It's an antiseptic associated with many health benefits and generally used by man to prevent some woes in the body like it cures minor incisions on the skin. Here are unexpected uses of hydrogen peroxide to man as highlighted on popsugar.
As they raised the pressure, the gases formed hydrogen peroxide, but only when the H2-to-O2 ratio was between 0.5 and 2.0. X-ray analysis showed that at those ratios, hydrogen converted metallic palladium to α-palladium hydride, a catalytically active form in which hydrogen burrows into the palladium ...
And now comes Toyota, who announced a Megawatt-scale hydrogen station. In the case of the Japanese manufacturer, the Tri-Gen station at the Port of Long Beach is to be the founding element for the Project Portal Heavy-Duty Truck Concept. The Tri-Gen will generate approximately 2.35 megawatts of ...
It is now developing the world's first hydrogen-powered double decker for London, and has already put into service a fleet of eight hydrogen single-deck buses in the British capital. The move comes amid a pledge by London mayor Sadiq Khan to stop buying pure diesel double deckers from this year, ...
This phenomenon can then be exploited to boost the efficiency of the production of hydrogen from solar energy. Given that the efficiency of these metal-free catalysts is relatively low, the catalytic efficiency of these polymeric carbon nitrides can be increased by up to a factor 11 through re-configuring the ...
The plant will produce the hydrogen from renewable electricity from wind farms and solar cells. The hydrogen will then be injected into the city's gas distribution network. The addition of hydrogen is claimed to reduce carbon emissions from the gas when used in residences and commercial applications.
The HyDeploy project, which is being run by gas distribution company Cadent and officially launched last night at a Parliamentary reception, will see hydrogen gas pumped into Keele University's private gas network. Up to a share of 20 per cent hydrogen will be blended into supplies to test how much can ...
Hydrogen production by splitting water with the help of sunlight could offer a solution. Hydrogen is a good energy storage medium and can be used in many ways. However, water does not simply split by itself. Catalysts are needed, for instance Platinum, which is rare and expensive. Research teams the ...
A potentially huge breakthrough in the study of dark matter has come from an unlikely source: radio emissions detected from hydrogen gas that existed just 180 million years after the Big Bang. Dark matter makes up 26.8% of the total mass and energy in the universe, yet it continues to remain elusive.
A consortium led by gas networks aims to work out whether using more hydrogen within existing infrastructure could cut UK carbon emissions. Cadent and Northern Gas Networks believe it could also lay the ground for renewed efforts to crack carbon capture and storage. The HyDeploy project, funded by ...
Hydrogen – whose atomic number is 1 – is the simplest element, the lightest element and the most abundant element in the universe. Shortly after the Big Bang, our universe is thought to have been made of mostly hydrogen, with a little helium and not much else. Not surprisingly, most stars are made mostly ...
That means new developments and announcements from alternative sources of power, especially hydrogen fuel cells, are especially critical. The main benefit of these fuel cells is better defined as the ratio of the energy stored in the solution per unit of weight (Wh/kg). Compared to the commonly-used ...
But Northern Gas Networks (NGN), a company based in the UK, believes it has a way to survive, without contributing to the destruction climate change is likely to cause. NGN wants to shift its customers from natural gas to hydrogen, which burns to produce water but no carbon dioxide. The problem is that NGN will need to ...
Both systems were set up to support all DoD hydrogen vehicle testing, to include both hydrogen internal combustion and fuel cell vehicles. Some of the hydrogen vehicles currently supported by this station include a 25 passenger crew bus, a MJ-1E fighter weapons loader and a U-30 heavy aircraft tug.
Construction has started on what is claimed will be the largest hydrogen pilot facility in the world. The EU-funded flagship project will have a total capacity of 6MW and is expected to produce 1,200 cubic meters of hydrogen an hour. It will be used to test potential applications for green hydrogen in various ...
Now there's news of a large co-op in Japan to bring hydrogen stations to the Far East. It's called Japan H2 Mobility, or JHyM, and it's the love child of eleven large corporation. Partnering up on the deal are Toyota, Nissan, Honda, JXTG Nippon Oil and Energy, Idemitsu Kosan, Iwantani, Tokyo Gas, Toho Gas ...
Precious metals are the standard catalyst material used for extracting hydrogen from water. The problem is these materials -- such as platinum, ruthenium and iridium -- are too costly. A team from KTH Royal Institute of Technology recently announced a breakthrough that could change the economics of a ...
Australia's top gas distribution network operator, Australian Gas Infrastructure Group, plans to mix hydrogen into its supplies to take advantage of excess renewable generation. In February, the company announced plans for an AUD $11.4 million (USD $8.9 million) hydrogen power-to-gas demonstration ...
A first-of-its-kind energy trial launched in the UK yesterday will explore the potential for reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by as much as 6m tonnes a year by using more hydrogen to heat homes. The HyDeploy project, which aims to blend up to 20 per cent hydrogen into the normal gas supply, ...


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