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updated Sun. September 4, 2022

How've you been? It's been quite some time since we last spoke. I believe it may have been in 1970, when over here in the East Bay we confirmed the discovery of Dubnium. But that's in the past. We want to talk about the now. Here at UC Berkelium, we heard you were feeling a bit down. It's okay, though.

94, Pu, Plutonium, 1,38. 95, Am, Americium, 1,36. 20, Ca, Calcium, 1,36. 41, Nb, Niobium, 1,33. 12, Mg, Magnesium, 1,31. 105, Db, Dubnium, 1,3. 104, Rf, Rutherfordium, 1,3. 103, Lr, Lawrencium, 1,3. 102, No, Nobelium, 1,3. 101, Md, Mendelevium, 1,3. 100, Fm, Fermium, 1,3. 99, Es, Einsteinium, 1,3.
There can be no doubt that any science student who is interested in chemistry must learn the periodic table. But just learning the periodic table is not really enough. It is a merely first step before going deeper into it. The next step would be to add the ionic charges, the full names, and mass of each of the ...
Such experiments have shown, for example, that elements 104 and 105 – rutherfordium and dubnium – deviate somewhat from the behaviour expected from their position on the periodic table, whereas element 106 (seaborgium) does not.2 These irregularities stem from changes to the electron energies ...
jacinta-constancia-3 WILLEMSTAD – Several witnesses were heard in the so-called Dubnium case last week. This is the investigation into the large-scale fraud in the order of medical facemasks. One of the witnesses was heard under oath held by the magistrate, on Thursday for perjury, but was later ...
Both elements take Russian names: moscovium is for Moscow, while oganesson is named for living physicist Yuri Oganessian, leader of the Russian team and contributor to lots of elements' discoveries, including flerovium, bohrium, seaborgium, and dubnium. Tennessine is named for Tennessee, since ...
Word Origin: Dubnium is named for Dubna, Russia, home of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, where the element was first reported. Some American scientists at the University of California, Berkeley have tried to get the element to be called “hahnium” for the German scientist Otto Hahn. Though the ...
This week, we meet the element, dubnium, which has the atomic symbol, Db and the atomic number, 105. It was named in honour of where it was first synthesised, Dubna, which lies north of Moscow in the former Soviet Union. Although it was first synthesised in the 1967, it wasn't formally named until 1997.
In the first two of RIKEN's possible observations of the element, researchers recorded four α-decays followed by a fission reaction, which they assumed came from an isotope of dubnium (element 105). But it wasn't clear that the chain of α-decays began with element 113. That, at least, was the conclusion of ...


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