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updated Wed. January 16, 2019

It's the modern gold rush. Around the world, the most sought-after mineral isn't a precious metal, nor is it oil and gas…it's lithium. Lithium, or “white petroleum” as some call it, has become a crucial element in today's high-tech economy. Demand for lithium is soaring, and producers are frantically searching ...
As a follow-up of my latest Marketplace contribution, here I reconfirm my suppositions that the optimism of Bolivia's President regarding lithium prospects for the country was related to Germany. After reviewing his arguments to choose the right partner for lithium industrialization, I found new conditions to ...

Lithium Chile Inc. (TSXV:LITH) (“Lithium Chile” or the “Company”) is pleased to remind shareholders that the Lithium Chile shareholder meeting (the “Meeting”) to approve the plan of arrangement (the “Plan”), whereby Lithium Chile will dividend the shares of Kairos Metals Corp. to its shareholders, will take ...
Gerardo D.: Let's switch gears a little bit, let's talk about the lithium sector. Morgan Stanley put out a note two or three weeks ago that basically scared a lot of the lesser informed investors and speculators in this space. The premise was that there would be an oversupply of lithium here within the next couple ...
Rechargeable lithium ion batteries are well-established as safe and reliable sources of electrical power for personal electronics, electric vehicles, and even as backup for power grids. Their limitation is the amount of electrical energy that they can store. A battery with the potential for greater storage capacity ...
Emergency officials say crews are responding to a report of lithium batteries exploding at a home in North Charleston Tuesday night. According to authorities, it's on the 8000 block of New England Drive. Firefighters are on the scene working the incident. No word yet of any injuries. Copyright 2018 WCSC. All rights reserved.

As China's rapidly developing new-energy vehicle sector demands ever-greater amounts of imported lithium, Tibet Summit Resources Co. Ltd. and its partner NextView have finalized a deal to acquire a Canadian producer of the metal. The deal to buy Lithium X for $206 million — which was announced in ...
Governments from France to China are pushing for cars with combustion engines to be replaced by electric vehicles. These vehicles currently must be powered by lithium ion batteries, and global car manufacturers are vying to secure supplies of lithium. Since output has so far failed to keep up with ...
Bolivia has outlined plans to produce and market lithium-ion batteries together with Germany's ACI Systems, which is set to invest US$1.3 billion in the project. Demand for lithium, a key element in electric car batteries, is expected to surge in the coming years. Bolivia, alongside Chile and Argentina, is part ...
THE tripling in lithium prices over three years is poised to fuel a multi-billion dollar rush of deals as major players jostle for dominance to supply the metal needed for the electric vehicle battery revolution. China is expected to lead a mergers and acquisition bonanza as companies seek to wrest more control ...
China's biggest supplier, Ganfeng Lithium, aims to deploy proceeds from a planned Hong Kong listing to extend an acquisition spree. It could raise about $1-billion, according to a person with knowledge of the details, who asked not to be identified because the information is private. The number of shares ...
The company has entered into strategic partnerships to develop extraction technologies for minerals like lithium and magnesium from unconventional sources such as oilfield brines. The purpose of developing these technologies is to make use of mineral extractions to fuel the new energy economy.
Chinese giant Tianqi has vowed to aggressively grow its production of lithium and believes transfer pricing negotiations with the Australian Tax Office will become simpler when its $700 million lithium hydroxide plant begins production south of Perth this year. The ATO is probing the price at which Australian ...
The Chilean specialty chemical company's lithium business, which is the second-largest in the world behind Albemarle's, remains its main growth driver. Demand for the silvery-white mineral has been booming due to the rising popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), which are powered by lithium-ion batteries.
China is stepping up its pursuit of control of the lithium supply chain, underpinned by the rapid growth of its lithium-ion battery industry building on agressive policy surrounding electric vehicle sales, according to metals and mining consultancy Roskill. One of China's largest lithium-ion battery manufacturers, ...
We expect full-year [2018] revenue for Lithium to be in the range of $420 million to $460 million, a year-over-year increase of 27% at the midpoint. Full-year EBITDA [earnings before interest, taxes, and depreciation] is expected to be in the range of $180 million to $200 million, which represents an increase ...
"Our lithium-air battery design represents a revolution in the battery community," said Amin Salehi-Khojin, assistant professor of mechanical and industrial engineering and co-corresponding author of the paper. "This first demonstration of a true lithium-air battery is an important step toward what we call ...

Lithium-metal batteries are among the most promising candidates for high-density energy storage technology in an expanding range of digital “smart” devices and electrical vehicles, but uncontrolled lithium dendrite growth, which results in poor recharging capability and safety hazards, currently tempers ...
HARARE - Deep-pocketed pensions administrator, National Social Security Authority (Nssa), is pursuing investment opportunities in the mining sector. The statutory body — sitting on a $1,3 billion asset base — is targeting high-value minerals such as lithium and platinum, among others. Zimbabwe has ...
An electrical fire broke out early Wednesday, March 7, 2018, at Quallion, 12744 San Fernando Road in Sylmar. The company makes lithium ion battery systems for medical, space and defense applications. (Google Street View). SYLMAR — An electrical fire broke out this morning at a lithium ion battery ...
Desert Lion Energy has entered a binding offtake agreement with Chinese lepidolite converter Jiangxi Jinhui lithium which will see the company sell lithium concentrate from Phase 1 production of stockpiled material located on the company's Rubicon and Helikon properties in Namibia exclusively to Jinhui.
Lithium carbonate prices have also been drifting lower recently but remain comfortably above $20,000 a tonne from $6,450 per tonne at the beginning of 2015. Top producer SQM said last week it expects first half lithium prices to average 20% above Q4 2017, although the Chilean giant forecasts prices will ...
Lithium stocks are having a tough 2018, following two years of partying like it was 1999. Shares of the world's largest lithium producer, Albemarle (NYSE:ALB), are in the red 25.7% this year through Friday, while the stocks of the industry's second-largest producer, Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile ...
February wasn't the best month for the world's three largest lithium producers, as each company saw its share price decline by double digits. Albemarle (NYSE:ALB) dropped 10%, Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile (NYSE:SQM) declined 11.5%, and FMC Corp. (NYSE:FMC) coughed up 14.1% of the ...
The shift towards lithium ion batteries from the older technology of lead acid batteries has allowed firms like Kaho India Private Limited to help the Centre achieve its rural electrification target even in areas beyond the reach of the grid. Kaho India Private Limited, started in 2012, seeks to provide last-mile ...
A while back I was called by a journalist at a prominent paper and asked what I thought about the lithium market. Was it another rare earth metals story – limited supply and rapidly escalating demand? Or, worse, was the world simply going to run out of lithium in the face of surging battery demand and, ...
Although ALB has three business segments each accounting for about one-third of revenue, Argus expects the lithium business to generate an increasing percentage of sales. The firm says ALB trades at a discounted valuation to its peer group even though the company is poised to grow earnings by 17% ...
The recent scare of lithium oversupply has driven down the entire lithium sector. This little understood deal between SQM and CORFO put investors into a panic, and many sold their holdings in fear. On the heels of this sector selloff, the US market entered a correction, which has driven the stock prices of ...
"Lithium metal is inherently unsuitable for use in rechargeable batteries due to posing certain safety risks," said Arai. "Repeated lithium deposition/dissolution during charge/discharge can cause serious accidents due to the deposition of lithium dendrites that penetrate the separator and induce internal ...
There is plenty of lithium in the ground but getting access to it isn't easy. However, one company that saw this conundrum coming is already ahead of the curve. Lithium Chile Inc. (TSX: V.LITH, Forum) is exploring lithium brine properties in Chile, one of the biggest lithium-producing countries in the world ...
Albemarle, in September 2017, said that it has developed a novel technology that would allow it to increase annual lithium production in Chile on a sustainable basis to as much as 125,000 metric tons of lithium carbonate equivalent without requiring additional brine pumping at its facility in the Salar de ...
A while back I was called by a journalist at a prominent paper and asked what I thought about the lithium market. Was it another rare earth metals story – limited supply and rapidly escalating demand? Or, worse, was the world simply going to run out of lithium in the face of surging battery demand and, ...
"Lithium is a soft metal material, so a lithium dendrite is able to go through liquids pretty easily, which makes it easy for batteries to short out," said Schmidt. "Lithium shouldn't go through a stiff, ceramic-like material like the garnet material we're studying, but it does. We want to know why and how it does that.
There has been a recent excitement about LG Chem's purported interest in securing spodumene concentrates from Pilbara Minerals to produce a considerable amount of lithium hydroxide starting in January 2020. However, this company isn't likely to be able to supply the material to LG Chem on time, ...
Argentina and Australia have benefited from a flood of new junior exploration companies and expansion at existing facilities. The highest quality lithium projects in these key lithium regions have been claimed while demand for outlook continues to rise. Asian and European capital could begin to look at ...
David Archer, chief executive of Savannah Resources Plc (LON:SAV), tells Proactive ongoing reverse circulation drilling at the Mina do Barroso lithium project in Portugal continues to return significant intersections of lithium mineralisation. The drilling is designed to build upon the existing JORC resource of 32,000t of Li2O ...
Effective January 15, 2018 a handful of major U.S. airlines including American, Alaska, and Delta no longer allow passengers to fly with smart bags that contain non-removable lithium batteries. This revised policy applies to both carry-on and checked baggage. Some luggage manufacturers already sell ...
Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. (TSX: AVL | OTCQX: AVLNF) first worked on the Separate Rapids lithium deposit in the 1990s when the market for the light metal showed strong growth for glass and lubricant applications. That was before the advent of the electronic battery, and top producer SQM all but ...
Following the unofficial news that Tesla's now in talks with the Chile-based lithium mining firm SQM about securing long-term lithium supplies, a BMW exec has now been quoted by Germany's Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung as saying that a 10-year supply contract for lithium and cobalt for BMW was now ...
The Barnett and Eagle Ford shale formations in Texas contain high amounts lithium, and the produced wastewater generated by hydraulic fracturing in those areas has high concentrations of lithium. Instead of discarding the produced water, the team's membrane filter could extract the resulting lithium and ...
Tesla reportedly hasbeen in talks with Chilean lithium supplier SQM to invest in the company and secure a steady supply of the metal. Lithium is a key component in lithium ion batteries used to power electric vehicles, and its future supply could be a major concern for long-term battery production.
Tesla is now in talks with the Chile-based lithium mining firm SQM about the sourcing of further supplies — with the electric vehicle manufacturer reportedly interested in “important volumes,” according to industry figures. To be more specific, the head of Chile's development agency Corfo, Eduardo Bitran, ...
Andrej Babiš, photo: Filip Jandourek Lithium captured the consciousness of most Czechs when it exploded as an issue in last October's parliamentary elections. For the first time many became aware that the Czech Republic has the biggest lithium reserves in Europe with the price for the metal soaring as it ...
PRAGUE (AP) — The Czech government is looking to back out of a deal that could give an Australian company the right to mine a huge deposit of lithium, a key component in electric batteries. Acting Prime Minister Andrej Babis says his industry and trade minister has been asked to find a way to make the ...
"We've developed a simple and scalable approach to fabricate a flexible spine-like lithium ion battery that has excellent electrochemical and mechanical properties. Our design is a very promising candidate as the first-generation, flexible, commercial lithium-ion battery. We are now optimizing the design ...
Boeing has invested in Berkeley, Calif.-based Cuberg, Inc., a startup founded by former Stanford University researchers developing next-generation battery technology for potential aerospace and industrial applications. Cuberg developed an advanced lithium metal rechargeable battery cell that is ...
VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Standard Lithium Ltd. said Tuesday that the company has commenced detailed resource definition work at its recently optioned 33,000 acres of brine leases, located in a highly prospective area of the Smackover Formation in South Arkansas. The news follows recent ...
During January, 99.5% lithium carbonate China spot prices were down 3.24%, and are up 3.04% over the past year. Global X ... For a summary of the latest lithium market news and the "major" lithium company's news, investors can read my "Lithium miners news for the month of January" article. There I ...
Both metals are key components in lithium-ion batteries, used in everything from electric vehicles to cell phones and laptops. With electric vehicle sales “growing at double-digit compound growth rates and the costs of renewable energy continuing its deflationary cost crash, the raw materials critical for the ...
Global Market Insights believes the global lithium-ion battery market will exceed $60 billion by 2024. Li-ion batteries are used as a power source for hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) as well as a wide range of applications across defense and healthcare industries, where capacity and energy density are of ...


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