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updated Sun. February 11, 2024

The experiments that refined and characterized a few atoms apiece of elements 104 (rutherfordium) to 108 (hassium) — each decaying within tens of seconds at most — are breathtaking examples of ultra-sensitive chemical analysis. But the methods used to make the elements in the first place, bombarding ...

Hassium's bread and butter is discretionary wealth management for a select group of around 25 high net worth clients, as well as investor consulting and acting as an expert witness in third-party disputes. Sir David jokes that although he won't quite be going through his Rolodex to bring in clients, “there ...
Hassium is a synthetic element about which little is known. It is presumed to be a solid metal, but since only a few atoms of it have been created, it is difficult to study. All of its isotopes have extremely short half-lives. There are nine isotopes, and the most stable is 270Hs with a half-live of 22 seconds.
Hassium does not occur naturally in the wild (probably), and so far, is only found in laboratories where it was specifically synthesised. Since 1984, scientists have created more than 100 atoms of hassium, although none of them exist today. However, if we could see this element with our naked eyes, ...


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