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updated Mon. May 13, 2024

Unexploded IEDs & white phosphorus: 15 years after US troops came, war still everywhere in Fallujah .... Locals believe that the skyrocketing rate of birth deformities is connected to the contentious use of white phosphorus and depleted uranium shells by American troops, though the Pentagon continues to ...

Stage One is a reverse pitch, calling for proposals of creative, viable approaches to effectively remove phosphorus from manure or other organic waste streams, so that phosphorous can be used as a commodity to create economic development opportunities. The State of Vermont will assist successful ...
The “Look for the Zero campaign,” launched by the state's Department of Environmental Conservation last year, encourages homeowners to go phosphorus-free when using lawn fertilizer. More than 100 water bodies in New York State cannot be used or enjoyed due to phosphorus overuse. Fertilizer labels ...
The Scott Administration has opened stage one of the Vermont Phosphorous Innovation Challenge. The challenge encourages scientists and entrepreneurs to solve the state's excess phosphorous problem. In the first stage, Scott is calling for proposals of creative, viable approaches to remove ...
Participants will also be informed as to the differences in phosphorous availability between various raw materials and how to formulate to 'available' phosphorus where and when possible. They would also be informed about the rules of thumb percentage phosphorus contents of diets, especially in dairy, on ...
"Astronomers have just started to pay attention to the cosmic origins of phosphorus and found quite a few surprises," Cardiff University researcher Jane Greavessaid in a press release.. "In particular, P is created in supernovae the explosions of massive stars but the amounts seen so far don't match our computer models.
“Phosphorus is one of just six chemical elements on which Earth organisms depend, and it is crucial to the compound adenosine triphosphate, which cells use to store and transfer energy,” said study lead author Dr. Jane Greaves, from the School of Physics and Astronomy at Cardiff University.
We may be more alone in the Universe than we realize. According to Cardiff University astronomers Jane Greaves and Phil Cigan, the chemical element phosphorus is abundant on Earth, but may be very rare outside of our Solar System. Because phosphorus is essential to life, it's rarity may mean that life ...
It is created in trace amounts in some stars' natural evolution, but the majority of the universe's phosphorus is fused in supernovae. .... and spark reproductive life, likely came after the planet formed and had large bodies of water, as meteorites bearing phosphorous crashed into the wet parts of the world.
Cow manure is loaded with useful nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous, which farmers use to fertilize their fields. It's a double-edged sword, however. The downside is that those same nutrients can cause serious environmental harm. The EPA has stated that “nutrient pollution is one of America's most ...


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