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updated Fri. May 24, 2024

A new type of advanced septic system designed to reduce nitrogen in wastewater was installed Thursday for a house in Southaven County Park in Shirley. The system, which uses a septic tank plus layers of sand and wood chips, was developed by Stony Brook University's Center for Clean Water ...
Coming this summer to The Shoppes at Carlsbad is Sweet Cloud Creamery, a new spot specializing in made-to-order ice cream. Scheduled to launch on the Fourth of July, the frozen treats shop will also open at Chula Vista Center on the summer holiday. Sweet Cloud Creamery will offer a fully ...

Reducing the extent of hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico will not be as easy as reducing agricultural nitrogen use. Van Meter et al. report that so much nitrogen from runoff has accumulated in the Mississippi River basin that, even if future agricultural nitrogen inputs are eliminated, it will still take 30 years to ...
He is focused on dietary nitrogen efficiency and reduction of nitrogen excretion from dairy production systems through the understanding of milk protein synthesis regulation by amino acids. With that knowledge he wants to improve current nutrient requirement systems for lactating dairy cows. A better ...
Consider getting a second opinion from an independent source when evaluating your nitrogen recommendations. Find a consultant trained in ISNT, ADAPT-N or other nitrogen evaluation-based systems and compare recommendations with your current source. Ask about local plot-based calibrations to ...
Nitrogen is essential to marine life and cycles throughout the ocean in a delicately balanced system. Living organisms -- especially marine plants called phytoplankton -- require nitrogen in processes such as photosynthesis. In turn, phytoplankton growth takes up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and ...

"Corn that's nitrogen deficient at the beginning of the growing season gives up yield potential," he says. "Nitrogen-deficient corn in the late reproductive stages costs actual yield." From emergence to V8, corn plants consume less than 2 lb. of N per acre per day. While N uptake is not much because plants ...
Hundreds of thousands of residents are served with water that's unsafe to drink, and all of us live under seasonal clouds ozone and particle pollution in the air. Water and air problems are regulated separately, but one contaminant bridges both domains. This story examines why nitrogen is such a persistent ...
For centuries, the prevailing science has indicated that all of the nitrogen on Earth available to plants comes from the atmosphere. But a study from the University of California, Davis, indicates that more than a quarter comes from Earth's bedrock. The study, to be published April 6 in the journal Science, ...
A team of scientists they have solved the mystery of Earth's “missing nitrogen”, a discovery with significant implications for climate change. Nitrogen is vital for plant growth, so its availability controls the amount of greenery that can exist across the planet. The prevailing idea among scientists is that all the ...

A new collaborative study, published in Nature Communications, determined that turtle ants (Cephalotes) are able to supplement their low-nitrogen diets by passing helpful bacteria from older ants to younger ones through anal secretions. Once this is done, the now-internalized microbes (tiny bacteria) ...
The technology, developed through University of Minnesota research with support from the Minnesota Corn Growers Association, detects nitrogen stress in corn using computer vision techniques that recognize characteristic features on plant leaves. The frequency and appearance of these features ...
GREENE COUNTY, T.N. (WJHL)- - U.S. Nitrogen officials sent News Channel 11 a press release Friday, saying the company had no negative impact on the nearby Nolichucky River. That's despite the fact the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation issued a notice of violation against the ...
But the Alabama Senate Thursday approved a bill that would give condemned inmates the option to die by nitrogen hypoxia. Senators voted 29 to 0 for the legislation, sponsored by Sen. Trip Pittman, R-Montrose. It moves to the House. The Senate approved the measure in last year's session, but it did not ...
Whether wheat, millet or maize: They all need nitrogen to grow. Fertilisers therefore contain large amounts of nitrogenous compounds which are usually synthesised by converting nitrogen to ammonia in the industrial Haber-Bosch process, named after its inventors. This technology is credited with feeding ...
A bill that would allow death row inmates to choose death by nitrogen hypoxia passed the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday for the second year in a row. Currently electrocution and lethal injection are the only execution options for Alabama inmates. Bill sponsor Trip Pittman, R-Montrose, sees ...
To fast-freeze the ice cream she's making, Bailey Aanenson, a junior studying chemistry at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, mixes liquid nitrogen into the batter. The liquid's temperature is -321 degrees Fahrenheit. She and sophomore Lilly Cutler were part of the contingent from Mines for the ...
Corn nitrogen (N) response is influenced by precipitation frequency and intensity. Increased weather variability has prompted growers to pursue improved nitrogen strategies to address economic, social and environmental concerns regarding nitrogen management. Risks associated with early-applied ...
Andy Velo, plant manager at US Nitrogen, issued a letter to the environmental manager of TDEC's Johnson City office. It was sent on Jan. 19. The 25-page letter, which was a response to a 2017 TDEC and Environmental Protection Agency inspection and report, stated US Nitrogen officials do not believe ...


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