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The concentration of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a toxic gaseous pollutant, substantially rose in Delhi in 2017, despite a fall in diesel consumption, according to data from the six National Air Quality Monitoring (NAMP) stations in the city. The Delhi government on Wednesday attributed the fall in levels of ...
It will not be long and growers will be pulling those nurse tanks across their fields applying anhydrous ammonia. New nitrogen stabilizer technology will soon keep more of the key nutrient in the field. Greg Schwab, director of agronomy with Koch Agronomic Services, says nitrogen inhibitors improve the ...

This project, conducted as part of the 'More Profit from nitrogen' and directed by the Australian government's Department of agriculture and Water Resources, with support from Sugar Research Australia, is part of a larger investigation into on-farm nitrogen efficiency by matching nitrogen supply to the ...
Liquid nitrogen ice cream officially returns to Chicago on Friday, this time in Lakeview where Chill N2 opens, giving patrons an interactive experience where they can watch their science in action. Fans say the liquid nitrogen ice cream is creamier than the traditional dessert and enjoy the incorporated ...
However, the young man wasn't afraid to throw around three liters of liquid nitrogen into the tank of the Bavarian sportscar. Of course, the BMW was already in had-see-better-days condition before this stunt was performed, as you can notice that multiple interior and exterior bits are missing from the machine ...

Terra nitrogen LP (TNH), is working to address this emerging issue. Terra nitrogen is an MLP, one of 131 MLPs we currently track in our database. You can see the entire list of all 131 MLPs here. The past few years have been very difficult for agricultural producers, due to the steep decline in agricultural ...
The world depends on the Haber Bosch procedure to minimize the atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia to produce fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, and other industrially key chemicals. But this process absorbs an enormous amount of energy around 1% of the world's electricity every year. A novel light-driven ...
According to researchers at the Experimental Lakes Area, operated by Winnipeg's International Institute for Sustainable Development, that's because many of the algae responsible for the harmful blooms can turn around and fix their nitrogen from the air. Instead, they say you would need to concentrate on ...
Air Products built an ultra-high purity nitrogen plant, hydrogen generators, a liquefier, and a bulk specialty supply system in phase one. The company recently brought its second ultra-high purity nitrogen plant on-stream, marking the completion of its phase two expansion to supply additional nitrogen to the ...
nitrogen in the atmosphere is predominantly in the form of molecular nitrogen (N2), made of two atoms of nitrogen-14. There also exists a small quantity of the heavier nitrogen-15 isotope (an atom of nitrogen with an extra neutron) and, on rare occasions, two nitrogen-15 atoms can bond together to form a ...
Huntsworth Health has combined its nitrogen Health and Tonic Life Communications agencies with its larger grouping the Evoke Group. The two agencies will continue under current leaders Jon Clark and Maryellen Royle and their addition will expand Evoke's geographical reach. Reid Connolly, chief ...
Belonging to the polyphenolic compounds in plants, tannins play key roles, for example, not only as a defense mechanism against herbivores but also as regulators of carbon and nutrient cycling in forest ecosystems via their influence on net nitrogen mineralization and nitrification as well as soil microbial ...
The world relies on the Haber-Bosch process to reduce atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia to make fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, and other industrially important chemicals. But the process consumes a tremendous amount of energy--about 1% of the world's electricity every year. A new light-driven catalyst ...
This combined nitrogen-vacancy center acts as the actual sensor, emitting light when it is exposed to a laser and microwaves. If there is a magnet nearby, it will vary in its light emission. Experts call this electron spin resonance spectroscopy. Not only can this technique detect magnetic fields with nanometer ...
Like an old-fashioned rifle, the gun will fire off precisely one shot before it needs to be reloaded, and because of the somewhat unpredictable nature of the liquid nitrogen that's returning to a gaseous state, the gun's timing for firing is impossible to plan for. It's simply a matter of pointing the gun at a target, ...
The result is that the blaster doesn't fire when the trigger is pulled, but rather at the point of burst-disk failure a small but indeterminable amount of time later. That, plus an arduous reloading process that involves replacing the disk and pouring some bubbling liquid nitrogen through a funnel makes this ...

Over the past month or so, I participated in three conferences on nutrient loss. While many speakers addressed phosphorus concerns, several mentioned nitrogen as the next target. I focused on the nitrogen talks. So lets talk about nitrogen management. It leaks, like everywhere. Up and down -- up as a ...
Much has been written about the damage to human health from nitrogen oxides given off by traffic, but the damage to sensitive plants has gone largely unnoticed. Excessive nitrogen also comes from ammonia from fertilisers and manures, with much of the countryside awash with nitrates running off ...
Not a good look for "self-taught scientists" trying to legitimize themselves in the academic community. According to Klipland, a site that rightfully ...
Not all fall-applied nitrogen sources are equal. Fall-applied anhydrous ammonia behaves very differently than fall-applied urea. Anhydrous ...
nitrogen Ice Cream is the newest and latest way to consume your favorite treat. Nitro-ice-cream consists of your frozen dessert to be made right ...
Creamistry, an ice cream shop that uses liquid nitrogen to freeze customers' orders in real time, is officially ready to open in Addison. Village on ...
... which uses ultra-cold liquid nitrogen to freeze and isolate pipes, for the restricted and technically challenging space of a nuclear submarine.
After the city of Lawrence took possession of Farmland Industries nitrogen Plant in 2004, it needed to find a way to dispose of the nitrogen ...
For Fridtjof Nansen, 13 April 1895 started well. Six days earlier, the Norwegian explorer had set a new record for the closest approach to the ...
They found that plants with 20 percent less chlorophyll theoretically require 9 percent less nitrogen with no penalty to carbon gain (biomass) ...
The story revolves around nitrogen, a key element of life that makes up more than three-quarters of Earth's atmosphere. Compared with other ...
Growers planning to make an application of nitrogen this fall need to be cautious of timing, especially since harvest progress and soil moisture ...
nitrogen can cause an overgrowth in plants--though technically they're nutrients that provide food for everything from microscopic plankton to ...
Voting down the committee concerning US nitrogen as recommended by Indivisible Greene County. We have duly elected commissioners on ...
Liquid nitrogen has a dangerously low temperature between negative 196 and negative 320 degrees Fahrenheit. But Dr. Reed Caldwell told ...
1, 2017-- Terra nitrogen Company, L.P. (TNCLP) (nyse: TNH) today reported net earnings of $22.8 million on net sales of $84.6 million for the ...
"Cool soil, along with use of a nitrification inhibitor, lowers the rate of nitrification, and helps preserve nitrogen in the ammonium form. nitrogen ...
It's a good time to assess how you'll provide nitrogen to the coming corn crop and if you are missing some hidden sources of N in the soil.
TNH, a nitrogen fertilizer producer, has a unique corporate and financial setup which makes it a stable dividend payer. Due to the fall in ...
The vendor describes it as a "dessert cereal snack that tastes like Fruit Loops dipped in liquid nitrogen." Why dragon's breath? "When you eat it, ...
GREENE COUNTY, TN (WJHL) - U.S. nitrogen in Greene County has been hit with another state fine. According to documents from the ...
The dessert in question is called Dragon's Breath. It's described as a cereal snack that is dipped in liquid nitrogen and tastes like Fruit Loops.
scientists have tried to get at that question by tracking the ratio of nitrogen isotopes in the system (for example, in zooplankton, the tiny critters ...
Instead, they appear bright white, more like the regions of pluto covered in nitrogen ice. So Grundy and Umurhan reason the dwarf planets ...
The nitrogen-sealing process hasn't been widely adopted in the cannabis industry just yet, but a handful of brands are getting ahead of the ...
Danbury-based Praxair Inc. has signed a long-term agreement to supply gaseous nitrogen to GlobalFoundries, a semiconductor foundry based ...
breast cancer cells recycle ammonia generated as a byproduct of cell metabolism and use the toxic waste as a source of nitrogen to fuel their ...
In this part, we'll discuss natural gas prices because natural gas is a key input material for nitrogen and ammonium phosphate fertilizers.
The order for five 'easy-load' nitrogen service carts were manufactured by Newbow Aerospace at their facility in Redditch, UK and will be ...
It's not that brome reacts more strongly to nitrogen, but rather because it blooms months earlier than native species it prevented other species ...
color photo of students from CSU's Student Sustainability Center in front of a research poster The nitrogen footprint on CSU's campus was ...
Nitrification inhibitors can protect fall nitrogen against loss and increase the amount of nitrogen present in the ammonium form the following ...
The University of Virginia and its partners in the effort to reduce the amount of nitrogen pollution produced on college and research campuses ...


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