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updated Wed. October 6, 2021

A new type of advanced septic system designed to reduce nitrogen in wastewater was installed Thursday for a house in Southaven County Park in Shirley. The system, which uses a septic tank plus layers of sand and wood chips, was developed by Stony Brook University's Center for Clean Water ...
Coming this summer to The Shoppes at Carlsbad is Sweet Cloud Creamery, a new spot specializing in made-to-order ice cream. Scheduled to launch on the Fourth of July, the frozen treats shop will also open at Chula Vista Center on the summer holiday. Sweet Cloud Creamery will offer a fully ...

Reducing the extent of hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico will not be as easy as reducing agricultural nitrogen use. Van Meter et al. report that so much nitrogen from runoff has accumulated in the Mississippi River basin that, even if future agricultural nitrogen inputs are eliminated, it will still take 30 years to ...
He is focused on dietary nitrogen efficiency and reduction of nitrogen excretion from dairy production systems through the understanding of milk protein synthesis regulation by amino acids. With that knowledge he wants to improve current nutrient requirement systems for lactating dairy cows. A better ...
Consider getting a second opinion from an independent source when evaluating your nitrogen recommendations. Find a consultant trained in ISNT, ADAPT-N or other nitrogen evaluation-based systems and compare recommendations with your current source. Ask about local plot-based calibrations to ...
Nitrogen is essential to marine life and cycles throughout the ocean in a delicately balanced system. Living organisms -- especially marine plants called phytoplankton -- require nitrogen in processes such as photosynthesis. In turn, phytoplankton growth takes up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and ...

"Corn that's nitrogen deficient at the beginning of the growing season gives up yield potential," he says. "Nitrogen-deficient corn in the late reproductive stages costs actual yield." From emergence to V8, corn plants consume less than 2 lb. of N per acre per day. While N uptake is not much because plants ...
Hundreds of thousands of residents are served with water that's unsafe to drink, and all of us live under seasonal clouds ozone and particle pollution in the air. Water and air problems are regulated separately, but one contaminant bridges both domains. This story examines why nitrogen is such a persistent ...
For centuries, the prevailing science has indicated that all of the nitrogen on Earth available to plants comes from the atmosphere. But a study from the University of California, Davis, indicates that more than a quarter comes from Earth's bedrock. The study, to be published April 6 in the journal Science, ...
A team of scientists they have solved the mystery of Earth's “missing nitrogen”, a discovery with significant implications for climate change. Nitrogen is vital for plant growth, so its availability controls the amount of greenery that can exist across the planet. The prevailing idea among scientists is that all the ...
A new collaborative study, published in Nature Communications, determined that turtle ants (Cephalotes) are able to supplement their low-nitrogen diets by passing helpful bacteria from older ants to younger ones through anal secretions. Once this is done, the now-internalized microbes (tiny bacteria) ...
The technology, developed through University of Minnesota research with support from the Minnesota Corn Growers Association, detects nitrogen stress in corn using computer vision techniques that recognize characteristic features on plant leaves. The frequency and appearance of these features ...
GREENE COUNTY, T.N. (WJHL)- - U.S. Nitrogen officials sent News Channel 11 a press release Friday, saying the company had no negative impact on the nearby Nolichucky River. That's despite the fact the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation issued a notice of violation against the ...
But the Alabama Senate Thursday approved a bill that would give condemned inmates the option to die by nitrogen hypoxia. Senators voted 29 to 0 for the legislation, sponsored by Sen. Trip Pittman, R-Montrose. It moves to the House. The Senate approved the measure in last year's session, but it did not ...
Whether wheat, millet or maize: They all need nitrogen to grow. Fertilisers therefore contain large amounts of nitrogenous compounds which are usually synthesised by converting nitrogen to ammonia in the industrial Haber-Bosch process, named after its inventors. This technology is credited with feeding ...
A bill that would allow death row inmates to choose death by nitrogen hypoxia passed the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday for the second year in a row. Currently electrocution and lethal injection are the only execution options for Alabama inmates. Bill sponsor Trip Pittman, R-Montrose, sees ...
To fast-freeze the ice cream she's making, Bailey Aanenson, a junior studying chemistry at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, mixes liquid nitrogen into the batter. The liquid's temperature is -321 degrees Fahrenheit. She and sophomore Lilly Cutler were part of the contingent from Mines for the ...

Corn nitrogen (N) response is influenced by precipitation frequency and intensity. Increased weather variability has prompted growers to pursue improved nitrogen strategies to address economic, social and environmental concerns regarding nitrogen management. Risks associated with early-applied ...
Andy Velo, plant manager at US Nitrogen, issued a letter to the environmental manager of TDEC's Johnson City office. It was sent on Jan. 19. The 25-page letter, which was a response to a 2017 TDEC and Environmental Protection Agency inspection and report, stated US Nitrogen officials do not believe ...
Nitrogen fertilizers (applied as nitrate, NO3-, or ammonium, NH4+) improve the amount of grain produced per acre, but nitrogen runoff and volatilization pollute the water and the air. Production of nitrogen fertilizers also uses fossil fuels. The major grain crops (such as rice and wheat) use only about 40% of ...
Whether wheat, millet or maize: They all need nitrogen to grow. Fertilisers therefore contain large amounts of nitrogenous compounds which are usually synthesised by converting nitrogen to ammonia in the industrial Haber-Bosch process, named after its inventors. This technology is credited with feeding ...
Most marine and coastal water ecosystems worldwide suffer from eutrophication. It is the result of an enrichment of nutrients in the water body, like phosphorus and nitrogen. Most common consequences are a proliferation of algae, reduced water transparency, and oxygen depletion. Fighting eutrophication ...
Ricardo, a British engineering company that has produced engines for World War I tanks and modern McLaren supercars, is developing a liquid-nitrogen enhanced engine that's seen as a potential game-changer for long-haul trucking. The new engine promises to reduce truckers' fuel costs and extend the ...
A Nitrogen Smart workshop will be offered in Pipestone on Monday, Feb. 26 from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Minnesota West Community and Technical College Room 127, 1314 North Hiawatha Ave. Preregistration is not required and there is no cost to attend due to financial support from Minnesota Corn Growers.
Liquid nitrogen is one of those substances that was always viewed with a certain degree of curiosity by most people. What is it, why does it seem like it's just floating around and how come it freezes everything around it, are questions that naturally pop into people's heads. The reason why it is so mysterious ...
Nitrogen is an essential element for all living organisms, as it is used to make the organic building blocks of life: DNA, RNA, and protein. For legumes, obtaining (or "fixing") nitrogen via nodules comes at a cost, because the plant needs to expend energy and resources to sustain the bacteria. Owing to this ...
DOVER — The City of Dover's Planning and Community Development Department was recently selected by the University of New Hampshire Sustainability Institute to a host a Summer Sustainability Fellow in 2018. The Department proposed a project in which the fellow will measure the carbon and ...
Terra Nitrogen Co. L.P. (TNCLP) has released its results for 4Q17, reporting net earnings of US$49.4 million on net sales of US$97.5 million. By comparison, in 4Q16, the company reported net earnings of US$44.1 million on net sales of US$93.4 million. Net earnings allocable to common units were ...
A bill that would allow death row inmates to choose death by nitrogen hypoxia passed the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday for the second year in a row. Currently electrocution and lethal injection are the only execution options for Alabama inmates. Bill sponsor Trip Pittman, R-Montrose, sees ...
One frozen dessert craze is making room for another, more recent frozen dessert craze at 4092 18th Street in the Castro as Chocolate Chair, which sells liquid nitrogen infused sweets, reportedly moves into the recently closed Easy Breezy Frozen Yogurt space. It's the circle of life, and it moves us all.
"Hairy vetch releases almost all available nitrogen in the first four weeks after it's terminated," says Cook. That's before the major time of nitrogen uptake by corn, which is around week eight after planting. "So, terminating hairy vetch too early could cause losses of nitrogen before the corn crop can get to it.".
Volatilization: This happens most commonly when nitrogen, such as granular urea is broadcast or surface applied. If moisture doesn't come along within a couple days after application to move the nitrogen into the soil, nitrogen can begin to be released to the atmosphere. Research in this area shows that ...
Cloud Nine Creamery is readying its liquid nitrogen ice cream shop inside the Westfield Southcenter Mall for a February 16 opening. Situated between Sears and Din Tai Fung, the creamery makes ice cream through a rapid liquid nitrogen freezing process that customers can watch through floor-to-ceiling ...
LEE COUNTY, Fla.-- The Frozen Chosen truck is serving up a twist on traditional ice cream in Southwest Florida. The ice cream truck is owned by James Hardenbrook, a U.S. Marine veteran. Frozen Chosen makes liquid nitrogen ice cream. Hardenbrook says after he tried liquid nitrogen ice cream, ...
Liquid nitrogen-infused cereal balls are the latest food trend taking over San Antonio. By Kelsey Bradshaw, ..... San Antonio shoppers provide a steamy look of the liquid nitrogen-infused "Dragon's Breath" at The Shops at La Cantera on Friday, Nov. 24, 2017. Photo: B. Kay Richter For ...
A new business is blending the best of taste worlds — donuts, coffee and nitrogen ice cream. N2Sweets is the latest indulgence in Midtown. Located in Capital Plaza across from Whole Foods on Thomasville Road, the new eatery offers a dine-in or a rare drive thru option for rushed customers. It will serve ...
In tropical ecosystems like the Congolese forests, nitrogen can often act as a limiting nutrient -- a naturally occurring element whose scarcity may curb biological growth. When surpluses of a limiting nutrient are pumped into an ecosystem, it can stimulate and accelerate growth in a selection of enterprising ...
One of the most important practices that any forage producer can incorporate into their program is adding legumes to grass pastures and hayfields. Even though there are several benefits to planting clovers, the main one most people think of is the nitrogen that is added by the legume. There have been ...
They met as part of the International Nitrogen Management System, a five-year, $60-million research project from the UN Environment Programme and the Global Environment Facility, that is intended, says its chief Mark Sutton, as nitrogen's equivalent to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
Cornell researchers competed against 77 teams in the Tulane University Nitrogen Reduction Challenge, according to Prof. Harold Van Es, soil and water management, the head of the research team. Van Es said he began the development of the solution, Adapt-N, 15 years ago alongside fellow Cornell ...
No nitrogen or phosphorus can be applied between June 1st - September 30th. Do not fertilize if heavy rain is forecast. A 10-foot fertilizer-free zone next to water bodies must be maintained in Cape Canaveral, Cocoa, Indian Harbor Beach, Malabar, Palm Bay, and Satellite Beach. Residents living in ...
"Nitro Coffee is an exciting new nitrogen-infused chilled coffee innovation, it's vegan friendly and perfect for active lifestyles as the regulated caffeine content gives a quick and tasty energy boost without the crash," says Lynsey. "The infusion of nitrogen adds a natural, creamy smoothness so there is no need ...
The sensor itself is just slightly larger than a nitrogen atom, with a synthetic diamond to act as a substrate. Diamond has a variety of advantages quite apart from its considerable mechanical and chemical stability. For instance, one can implant foreign atoms such as boron or phosphorus, thereby turning the ...
ORLEANS — The ongoing town project to test the use of oysters to remove nitrogen from pond water has won an innovation award from the Massachusetts Municipal Association. The pilot project at Lonnie's Pond was one of four municipal projects statewide recognized with the Kenneth E. Pickard ...
“Jointing also marks the beginning of rapid nitrogen uptake by the plant which is used to build new leaves, stem, and the developing grain head. The nitrogen stored in these plant parts will be used to fill the grain later in the season, and the plant is dependent on this stored nitrogen to complete grain fill.
Farmers could slash their nitrogen use and even increase crop yields in the future by using a seed dressing that infuses plants with nitrogen-producing bacteria. Called N-Fix, the method is being developed by a company called Azotic Technologies after a breakthrough by researchers at the University of ...
Spring barley growers should aim to apply high levels of nitrogen to their crops this coming season despite achieving disappointing yields last year. Edward Downing, crop nutrition technical manager at advisory group Frontier, says he stands by this advice despite recognising it was almost universally too ...
Nitrogen-based synthetic fertilizer forms the backbone of the world food supply, but its manufacture requires a tremendous amount of energy. Now, computer modeling at Princeton University points to a method that could drastically cut the energy needed by using sunlight in the manufacturing process.
Nitrogen-fixing bacteria are the chief means by which nitrogen gas in the air is changed into a form that plants and animals can use. Roughly 10 percent of these nitrogen-fixing microorganisms contain the genetic code for manufacturing a back-up enzyme, called iron iron-only nitrogenase, to do their job.
The concentration of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a toxic gaseous pollutant, substantially rose in Delhi in 2017, despite a fall in diesel consumption, according to data from the six National Air Quality Monitoring (NAMP) stations in the city. The Delhi government on Wednesday attributed the fall in levels of ...


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