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updated Thu. September 2, 2021

WATERVLIET — It was all hands on deck Thursday to save a sick bald eagle, discovered in a Bainbridge Township field. When Irma Krieger got home Wednesday evening she wasn't sure what she was seeing outside of her kitchen window. “I saw turkey vultures flying around, and I thought they must have ...
Over the next five to seven years, the combustion engine will still be the dominant form of powertrain, meaning cars will still need palladium as ... to see battery electric vehicles come in and start to displace some of that traditional platinum and palladium demand in emissions controls, because of course, .

It's a volcano... a tidal wave... an asteroid falling from space... The electric vehicle revolution is an unstoppable force. Its eruption in popularity has already created billions of dollars in wealth. And with global market share set to continue skyrocketing, the EV uprising is fixed on creating billions more. The U.S. ...
I talked a little about the huge jump in Palladium last week, and this week it continues. The price of Platinum is also in rally mode, and yesterday, Silver finally got back above $17 spot! WOW Gold is trading right at $1.350 this morning, so watch that carefully... For this is the level that the "boys in the band" ...
Palladium continues its dramatic ascent which began on April 6 when prices hit a low of $890 per ounce. In just eight trading days palladium has gained over $137, which is a net increase of over 13%. Concern over supplies continue to be incredibly supportive of palladium pricing. Russia is the largest ...
This next chart below is the current daily Palladium price showing the upside price breakout that has recently caught our attention and the reason why we are alerting our followers to the upside potential of this move. We have been long the metals markets for quite a while and this upside breakout in ...

BENTON HARBOR — Five Benton Harbor school administrators will no longer have jobs with the district after June 30. Benton Harbor school board trustees voted at a special meeting Wednesday not to renew the contracts of: • Don Pearson, principal of Benton Harbor High School. • John David Van Dyke, ...
DOWAGIAC — All Dowagiac public schools were closed Wednesday after police responded to separate threats at Dowagiac Union High School and Dowagiac Middle School on Tuesday. Public Safety Director Steven Grinnewald stated in a news release that a message threatening violence at the school ...
Palladium Carbon Catalyst Market report contains a granular analysis of the present industry situations, market demands, reveal facts on the market size, Palladium Carbon Catalyst test volume, revenues and provides forecasts through 2022. The report also includes assessment of comparative test ...
Under Palladium's ownership, Prince has grown from a small, regional processor of minerals to become one of the largest global manufacturers of specialty mineral additives and inorganic chemicals. The Company is a proven consolidator, having closed 19 add-on acquisitions since 2003, and has built a ...
Palladium has fallen the most among the four precious metals on a YTD (year-to-date) basis. It has fallen 9.6% YTD and was trading at $977 on March 26, 2018. Palladium is famous more as an industrial metal than as a precious metal due to its heavy industrial uses. Palladium is also used as a catalyst in ...
“If the automotive sector [was] to lose momentum, and there are some signs of this happening, this would noticeably dampen the demand for palladium,” Commerzbank said. “Furthermore, on account of its industrial use, palladium has a positive correlation with base metals and we expect to see a price ...
Scientists have long considered palladium, a precious metal closely related to platinum, a star catalyst because of its highly active nature. However, because palladium is so expensive, scientists have been looking for ways to substitute another metal for the majority of the palladium involved in certain ...
Lormax Stern Development, the firm which bought Fairplain Plaza in 2016, had told The Herald-Palladium in February that Rite Aid opted not to renew its lease. Lormax Stern representatives declined comment Wednesday when asked to confirm what happened between both sides. Calls made to Rite Aid's ...
ETFS Physical Palladium Shares logo Homrich & Berg bought a new position in ETFS Physical Palladium Shares (NYSEARCA:PALL) in the 4th quarter, according to the company in its most recent Form 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The fund bought 2,000 shares of the ...
RICHMOND, Ind. — On a December evening, 16-year-old Zacchaeus Clinton collapsed on a basketball court at Earlham College. His heart had stopped beating. The first shock from a defibrillator staved off death for five minutes. The second gave him a third chance at life. Zack eventually would be taken to ...
Ullico has provided a $27 million bridge loan to Crescent Heights for its Palladium Residences development in Los Angeles, Commercial Observer can first report. The project will include the construction of two 28-story luxury residential towers on a former parking lot adjacent to the historic Hollywood ...

"They're struggling with palladium availability and certainly, in our conversations with coaters and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the predominant conversation is can you secure increasing quantities of palladium and the short answer is 'no, not right now'," Impala Platinum (Implats) group ...
While the sign in front of Ashley's home is the only one that has been publicly stated as being in violation of county ordinance, there are other homes in the area with political signage. At least two homes in Winchester were observed by a Palladium-Item reporter as having smaller signs in their front yard that ...
Last month, as my colleague Fouad Egbaria wrote, the platinum-palladium relationship began to reflect its traditional historical dynamic. This month, that trend continues for the two platinum-group metals (PGMs), with U.S. platinum falling 3.6% and U.S. palladium falling 4.2% — below $1,000 per ounce to ...
The Kickstarter campaign for Robotech RPG Tactics, a tabletop miniatures game that was successfully funded in 2013, is a failure. Role-playing game maker Palladium Books said this week that it is unable to complete the full range of products promised to backers five years ago. Furthermore, Palladium ...
Scientists at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology set out to find a way to watch a palladium catalyst make H2O2. Led by Manuel Selinsek and Dmitry E. Doronkin, the researchers designed a reactor cell that enabled them to use X-ray absorption spectroscopy to monitor a nanoparticle catalyst—palladium ...
... event is sponsored by The Herald-Palladium, Cook Nuclear Plant/AEP, Berrien Regional Education Service Agency and Lake Michigan College/Mendel Center. Co-sponsors include Honor Credit Union, Hexco Academic, Pizza Hut of Michigan, Jay Sugarman (an individual donor), and Merriam-Webster.
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Q: What are the laws regarding people riding horses alongside roads? Is this allowed and if so, only on a rural road, or would it be allowed on a city street? Also, if a person riding a horse on a road is drunk, can they be arrested? – Deanna, from Polk County, Florida. A: Hi Deanna, thank you for your inquiry ...
Platinum and palladium are lesser-known precious metals which may offer diversification benefits to any portfolio. Buyers of physical platinum and palladium have to pay very high premiums to bullion value -- especially for smaller amounts of exposure. The Sprott Physical Platinum and Palladium trust may ...
Until now, stilbenes have typically been made in a two-step process, with each step relying on different palladium catalysts and reaction conditions. The first step, known as a Suzuki coupling reaction, adds a two-carbon unit to a benzene molecule. After the product of this reaction, styrene, is extracted and ...
Thank you for standing by. This is the conference operator. Welcome to North American Palladium Fourth Quarter Earnings Conference Call. [Operator Instructions]. As a reminder, the conference call is being recorded Thursday, February 22, 2018. I would now like to turn the conference over to Mr. Jim ...
Palladium prices have “run out of steam” and now hold only a small premium over platinum, actually losing it for a short while, points out Commerzbank. Palladium has been more expensive since early autumn after prices rose sharply in 2017. Spot metal has fallen below the technically significant 100-day ...
BENTON HARBOR — Benton Harbor school board trustees Tuesday put Superintendent Shelly Walker on nondisciplinary paid administrative leave pending further investigation. The resolution they approved unanimously stated that “issues have been raised regarding student safety and board policies” ...
Travel Impressions is partnering with Palladium Hotel Group to offer a 5-percent discount on group bookings received February 1 – March 15, 2018. Additionally, agents can provide their clients with exclusive savings on FIT packages booked February 1 – 28 with up to 29-percent off select Grand Palladium ...
Exchange-traded-fund holdings of gold and palladium have fallen, says Commerzbank. Gold prices slid Tuesday as the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained nearly 5% from its low to its high. “The price slide was accompanied by high outflows from the gold ETFs. Holdings in the gold ETFs tracked by ...
Meanwhile, Butler pointed out that palladium – the strongest commodity in 2017 -- dropped for a third straight week last week and has continued its decline since, falling back below the $1,000-an-ounce level. As of 9:20 a.m. EST, spot palladium was down $22 to $989.80 an ounce, while platinum was ...
For Storm Large, who will be taking the stage at Carmel's Palladium on Friday, Feb. 16 with her band La Bonheur, a half-hour interview is a whirlwind of strong opinion, sharp-witted humor and tantalizing hints of what fans can expect from her compelling stage show. “Not really [so much],” she laughs, when ...
In January, Upton, meeting with The Herald-Palladium editorial board, refused to answer when asked if his office had settled any employee complaints through the Office of Compliance. “I don't want to answer that,” Upton said at the time. Upton spokesman Tom Wilbur on Thursday told The Detroit News ...
Palladium prices hit its record high level of $1,138.00 per ounce during the last week. Precious metals had a tremendous surge in price in the previous year, and 2017 added a whopping 57.0% to palladium prices. Palladium has rallied due to its high demand in the auto industry and its ongoing supply ...
As palladium prices soar to new records, platinum deserves to get a closer look from investors. Palladium futures climbed by more than 55% in 2017. But the metal's price rise, “together with concerns regarding availability, have led some auto makers to consider replacing palladium in gasoline cars with ...
Investec topped the Apex 2017 price prediction table for both the precious metals (97.9% accuracy) and iron ore categories (90.7% accuracy). “2017 was a good year for precious metals all in all but probably the most interesting development was palladium exceeding platinum for the first time since the start ...
Sources familiar with the situation, who spoke with The Herald-Palladium on condition of anonymity, described the work atmosphere at Whirlpool's Twin City buildings as “tense.” Tuesday proved especially difficult for workers, as sources say people were escorted out of buildings. Whirlpool has not said if ...
Clark had a lot of shoes to fill on stage Thursday at the Hollywood Palladium, too, since her current “Fear the Future” tour is a one-woman show. There's a reason that the terms “rock and roll” and “playing to tracks” tend to be mutually exclusive, and fans who've dug her previous tours with a crack band ...
But for Tomislav Friščić at McGill University, that's the whole point. His team has developed a mechanochemical method that turns noble metals like gold and palladium into useful salts and complexes without needing solvents or harsh reagents (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2018, DOI: 10.1002/anie.201712602).
Watching the numbers for North American Palladium Ltd (PDL.TO), we have seen that the 14 day Stochastic RSI reading is showing a possible bullish divergence. Traders will be monitoring session action this week closely to see if there is indeed bullish momentum brewing, or a reversal of fortune.
It might have been cold outside the Palladium Saturday night, but inside it was packed with sweat and steam, between the crush of bodies there to see rapper Ja Rule and R&B singer Ashanti in the sold-out show, the frenetic energy of the crowd's dancing and swaying, and the pair's scorching onstage ...
(More on palladium below.) Meanwhile, it appears as though platinum will need to take advantage of a “Dry January.” The metal came out of the holidays very sluggish, recording only a $2 per ounce increase and beginning the new year in a rather flat state of malaise. “We've (still) got a trend, folks!” — this ...
The international automotive boom, tightening emission legislation, and an increasingly favorable gasoline-diesel engine mix has been the primary driver behind Palladium's (PALL) recent run. Furthermore, the semiconductor boom, the increasing demand for hydrocarbons, supply constraints, and ...
The group consists of two sub-classifications; palladium-group platinum-group elements and iridium-group platinum-group elements. The latter include iridium, osmium, and ruthenium. These metals do not trade on the futures markets around the world. The palladium- group metals consists of platinum, ...
Gold steadied around a 3-1/2-month high on Thursday as prospects for further U.S. interest rate increases put the brakes on a recent rally, while palladium touched record highs on tight supplies. Spot gold rose 0.5 percent to $1,319.27 an ounce by 2:55 p.m. ET, while U.S. gold futures for February delivery ...
Merchant sold the Palladium in 1870 and moved across the river to St. Joseph, where he would later run the Weekly Herald. The Herald eventually merged with the Evening Press to become the St. Joseph Herald-Press. In Benton Harbor, the daily Palladium competed with the Evening News, until those ...
“The idea is to make things that restaurants, cafes and home cooks can use to easily make vegan food using fresh, more local ingredients. And to help inspire that transition for people to happily eat less animal products and more health foods,” he said. Herald Palladium Staff Writer Alexandra Newman sat ...
In addition to being exceptionally rare, palladium supplies are geographically concentrated, with 75 percent coming from Russia and South Africa, making the metal especially susceptible to supply shocks. Labor unrest in South Africa and geopolitical tensions with Russia frequently threaten global access ...


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