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updated Fri. February 16, 2024

Now, granted, a lot of people are talking about Krypton because they are asking, "Why do we need a show about Krypton? We already know that $#@! blows up." However, what you might not know is that (spoiler alert) there are some time travel shenanigans going on, so... anything could happen.
So this version of Krypton, with super-people leaping about like crazed grasshoppers, disappeared. It was replaced within a few years by a version that resembled “The Jetsons,” a 1950s-style super-scientific future of non-super people with flying cars, robot police and houses that made dinner for you.

“Krypton” relates the backstory of Superman's family, jumping back 200 years to his grandfather Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) and a surprisingly rigid class system that finds the El family downtrodden, outcast, and – clued in by Earth-born time-traveler Adam Strange, a familiar figure to DC Comics aficionados ...
You might spot a cape on Krypton, but the DC Comics series on Syfy is mostly devoid of superheroes — despite the fact that the legacy of Planet Krypton is one of society's most recognizable crusaders. Instead, the show hops two generations back in time to tell the stories of the families who raised those ...
KRYPTON 10 p.m. on Syfy. These days we're going so deep into superhero origin stories that the actual superheroes aren't even in them. This new series is set on Krypton, but the man who becomes Clark Kent is nowhere to be found; instead, it follows his grandfather, Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), some 200 ...
Gotham, Asgard, Wakanda: for many superheroes, their home is as important an element of their mythos as their super powers or rogue's gallery. For Superman, one of the longest-running superheroes in the game, that's Krypton — a technologically advanced, utopian planet orbiting a red sun, destroyed ...

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a very slow moving prequel to “Superman,” called “Krypton,” premiering on the SyFy Channel on Wednesday, March 21. Cameron Cuffe stars as Seg-El, grandfather of Kal-El, who won't even be born for another 200 years, much less don his blue Superman long johns, ...
It's two centuries ago, and Krypton is grim, totalitarian and sectarian. The El family is ostracized. Seg-El meets time-traveling Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos), who tells him he must make sure that his grandson, Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman, is born. Does he save Krypton or let it be destroyed to save his future ...
To celebrate the premiere of SYFY's original Superman prequel series KRYPTON and the 1000th issue of Action Comics, SYFY is challenging Superman and DC Comics mega-fans to put their knowledge to the test with a live trivia challenge titled “Krypton's Fan of Steel Live Trivia Challenge”. The trivia ...
Since it was first announced, Syfy's upcoming series Krypton has had an uphill climb. The latest in a line of place-specific, high-concept superhero prequels like Smallville or Gotham, Krypton is perhaps the hardest sell. While Smallville was the story of a pre-Superman Clark Kent with “no tights, no flights,” ...
Set two generations before the birth of the Man of Steel and the destruction of his homeworld, SYFY's Krypton will explore the (ahem) untold story of Kal-El's grandfather, Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe). When the show's 10-episode first season kicks off on Mar. 21, the House of El has been “ostracized and shamed ...
Since it was first announced, Syfy's upcoming series Krypton has had an uphill climb. The latest in a line of place-specific, high-concept superhero prequels like Smallville or Gotham, Krypton is perhaps the hardest sell. While Smallville was the story of a pre-Superman Clark Kent with “no tights, no flights,” ...
SYFY's upcoming Superman prequel series, Krypton, will teleport fans back to an earlier generation on the Man of Steel's home planet when it arrives on March 21. Set 200 years before Kal-El was born, Krypton centers around the untold life of Superman's grandfather, Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), and a ...
Syfy has released another new TV spot for the upcoming “Krypton” TV series, this one showing how Superman's cape is a key indicator to the success of Seg-El's mission. #Superman's legacy is under siege. Only an El can save it.
I will start off by saying if you didn't like Man of Steel, you maybe possibly won't have a good time with SyFy's Krypton. But that doesn't mean it isn't a good enough show on its own, because it does have promise. Fans of the current CW slew of DC Comics based shows may find this one right up their alley, ...
2:00–3:00 p.m, Room North 200A Krypton Special Video Presentation and Q&A — The never-before-told story of Superman's ancestors, set two generations before the destruction of his home planet, follows Superman's grandfather, Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) as he's faced with a life or death conflict – to save ...
Syfy's new series Krypton will air on March 21, telling the story of Superman's home planet before the Man of Steel was even a twinkle in anyone's eye. Cameron Cuffe plays the young Seg-El, Superman's grandfather, and spoke to SFX about how his character differs from the superhero we all know.

Let's just put it this way: you won't miss that there's a Krypton launch. I promise you that. But if you look at each of the Syfy shows, we want to make sure there's an event around each one. Krypton, for the fans of Superman and the fans of DC Comics, that will be an event. Nightflyers is another one—the first ...
It won't be long until the Superman prequel Krypton reveals itself in all of its cosmic glory, but if you're just too excited to wait, we have some exclusive character portraits that are sure to brighten your area of the galaxy. The new SYFY show, which debuts in March, will be set a couple of generations before ...
One of my favorite moviegoing traditions is seeing the Oscar-nominated animated shorts each year, which always get bundled together around this time and played in some smaller theaters. The package is always a mix: some good shorts, some okay ones, some really bad ones, and, of course, whatever ...
The pilot for Syfy's upcoming Krypton, which debuts in a little under a month, shows tremendous promise and successfully gives audiences something to invest in, in spite of its core premise being “here are stories that took place on a dead world.” The Krypton seen in Man of Steel, a fully-realized ...
Fans will be treated to the exclusive world premiere screening of the new animated digital series Constantine, followed by an out of-this-world session for the new super series Krypton (premiering Wednesday, March 21, at 10/9c on SYFY) on Saturday, March 24. The weekend finishes with electrifying sizzle ...


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