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Azaz is a small town in northwestern Syria, roughly 20 miles (30 kilometres) north-northwest of Aleppo. According to the Syria Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), Azaz had a population of 31,623 in the 2004 census. As of 2015, its inhabitants were almost entirely Sunni Muslims, mostly Arabs and Arabized Kurds, with a small Yazidi community of 10 people.

It is historically significant as the site of the Battle of Azaz between the Crusader States and the Seljuk Turks on June 11, 1125. It is notable for its proximity to a Syrian–Turkish border crossing, which enters Turkey at Oncupinar, south of the city of Kilis. logo
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updated Wed. December 6, 2023

Turkey and its Syrian rebel allies, which six weeks ago launched an operation in the Idlib region targeting the Syrian Kurdish YPG fighters, also control a swathe of land further east in Syria that stretching from the area around Azaz to the Euphrates river, which was taken during its "Euphrates Shield" ...

A Syrian refugee boy is seen at a refugee camp in the Syrian town of Azaz, January 26, 2018. (AFP photo). Turkey says it is building a camp for refugees inside the Syrian territory as it seeks to allay concerns about its devastating campaign against Kurdish militants, which has forced hundreds of thousands ...
“The Turkish military, and to a lesser extent Kurdish forces, are carrying out indiscriminate attacks in the embattled Syrian towns of Afrin and Azaz respectively in northern Aleppo, killing scores of civilians, according to eyewitness testimonies obtained and verified by Amnesty International,” read an Amnesty ...
The 600-strong Kurdish Falcons battalion, operating under the Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army's Hamza brigade, comprises 400 ethnic Kurds from Syria's Azaz region and 200 Syrian Arabs. The deployment is an attempt by Ankara to counter impressions that the Turkish offensive is anti-Kurd and possibly ...
Syrian civilians forced to flee Afrin's Tel Rifaat district to the nearby town of Azaz by the PYD/PKK terrorist group rallied on Tuesday to show support for a Turkish military operation that remains underway in northern Syria. Turkey began its Operation Olive Branch on Jan. 20 with the aim of clearing ...
The PYD/PKK terror organization has once again demonstrated its ugly face by destroying dreams of the Tavil family, who live in Azaz district of Aleppo in northern Syria. It is well known that the PYD/PKK targets mosques, hospitals and schools. On Monday, the terror group targeted Tavil family in Azaz with ...
The PYD/PKK terrorist group on Sunday launched a rocket targeting civilians in a refugee camp in Aleppo's Azaz district, an area that had been previously liberated during Turkey's Operation Euphrates Shield, which lasted from August 2016 to late March 2017. The rocket landed in an empty area bordering ...
We review the key developments in Syria, including civilians staying in Eastern Ghouta despite the fighting, Amnesty warning of 'indiscriminate' attacks in Afrin and Azaz, and the U.S. calling out Russia for failing to stop Damascus carrying out chemical weapons attacks.
Turkey reconnects FSA-held Idlib with Azaz. 3 Mar 2018 ... Since February 26, areas controlled by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) forces in northern Syria have been reconnected in a crescent-shaped corridor from the northwestern Idlib province and Azaz eastward, Andalou's state-run news agency reported.


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