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updated Wed. January 3, 2024

Sometime in early 2017, when Assad drove with a small motorcade to his ancestral home of Qardaha to visit his mother's grave, he was met by a group of armed men led by Ibrahim Jaber, the younger brother of Desert Hawks leader Mohammad Jaber. Ibrahim's bodyguards trained their guns on Assad and ...

Two people were killed on Monday in shelling on President Bashar Assad's ancestral village of Qardaha, state media reported. Syria's state broadcaster said the village had been shelled by "terrorists" for two days straight. It said two people were wounded on Sunday. Civil dense workers searching in the ...
QARDAHA, Syria -- In the rolling hills above Lake Safarqieyh, Qardaha salutes its native sons: President Bashar al-Assad and his father Hafez, the previous strongman and President. He's now buried above the town in an elaborate tomb. "We glorify him because he built modern Syria," said Maysam ...
The attack came as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that troops had executed 48 people earlier this week in a northern village, among them 10 children. “A man drove an ambulance packed with explosives into the parking of the Qardaha hospital. Another man was in the vehicle with him, ...
Attacking Qardaha, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's native city and the most fortified regime stronghold represents the utmost challenge to the regime. It was a huge surprise when we saw rebels fighting in towns in the vicinity of Qardaha. These battles made the regime panic and raised the opposition's ...
Ever since former Syrian President Hafez al-Assad died in the summer of 2000, it seems his hometown and final resting place of Qardaha has never stopped mourning. The newly paved road leading to his tomb is lined with black lamp posts and lofty trees, and except for the occasional motorcycle or service bus, there is an ...


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