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 Palmyra, Syria

Palmyra was an ancient Semitic city in present Homs Governorate, Syria. Archaeological finds date back to the Neolithic, and it was first documented in the early second millennium BC as a caravan stop for travellers crossing the Syrian Desert. The city was noted in the annals of the Assyrian kings, and may have been mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. Palmyra was incorporated into the Seleucid Empire and then the Roman Empire in the first century, which brought prosperity.

Palmyra, Syria
Overview of the Palmyra historic site
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updated Sun. April 7, 2024

As far as Iran and Israel are concerned, things began to hot up on Saturday 10 February, after Israel intercepted a drone that had penetrated its airspace from Syria, and shortly after, Israeli F-16 fighter jets attacked a command-and-control centre at the Tyas military base, near Palmyra – also known as the ...
Overall, the terrorist raids near Palmyra come as a surprise due to the fact that no attack by ISIS has been conducted in the area for at least two months until now. In any case, the event serves as a testament to the ongoing insurgency being waged by Islamic State forces in Syria's vast eastern desert.

According to the ISW report, Syrian aircraft located on the outskirts of Hama, Homs and Palmyra have relocated closer to heavily defended airfields across Syria. "Aircraft relocated from the Seen (Sayqal), Dumayr, Shayrat, and the T-4 (Tiyas) Air Bases to the Bassel al Assad International Airport in Latakia ...
The attack on the Syrian air base near the desert town of Palmyra in central Syria drew new attention to a conflict between Iran and Israel that has been steadily increasing in intensity while mostly hidden in the shadows of Syria's civil war. As Iran has taken advantage of the war's chaos to build a substantial ...
The United States is not ruling out the use of military force in Syria in response to a recent poison gas attack in a rebel-held town, James Mattis, the US defence ... The attack at the airbase, located 40km west of Palmyra, killed and wounded several people, Syrian state news agency SANA reported, citing an ...

The state-run Syrian Arab News Agency claimed Syrian air defenses shot down eight missiles fired at the T-4 airbase early Monday morning local time, in an attack which killed and injured an unspecified number of people. The base, located in a strategic position between the cities of Homs and Palmyra in ...
Syria's historic city Palmyra has officially transformed into an icon for Russian arms, becoming an announced candidate for naming a modern ... The Kremlin, after testing what is reported to be "the most powerful nuclear-powered missile in the world,” revealed that Palmyra is one of the prime options to label ...

2016, CENTCOM announced that Abu Jandal al-Kuwaiti, an Islamic State leader, was “killed by a coalition airstrike near Tabqa Dam, Syria.” Abu Jandal had been a member of the group's war committee and also helped retake Palmyra, Syria from Bashar al Assad's forces. He was then redeployed to Tabqa ...
Palmyra has become a buzzword for Russian involvement in Syria, with the Kremlin taking credit for helping to liberate the ancient city from the Islamic State's control and save it from total destruction. So it might seem odd that “Palmyra” was one of the main contenders for the name of a new nuclear missile ...
Syria's civil war, which marks its seventh year on Thursday, has transformed ancient cities into scenes of apocalyptic devastation. .... The terror group sought to destroy cultural sites that did not fit its extreme view of Islam, including the ancient city of Palmyra in central Syria, along with the Mosul Museum in ...
The destruction of Syrian heritage by terror group ISIS is being combated with a new weapon: VR. This month non-profit organization The Arc/k Project launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for Perpetuity | Palmyra, a VR app that aims to virtually restore the historic Syrian site of Palmyra, ...
Mohammad was barely two months old when war broke out in Syria. At first, life was much the same as before in the sleepy village near the ancient ruins of Palmyra, where his family lived. But before long the conflict would profoundly affect their lives, none more so that Mohammad's.
The February 10 Israeli air force strike on the Tiyas (or T-4) military airbase near Palmyra, Syria brought the Syrian civil war into a new phase, as my Brookings colleagues Dror Michman and Yael Mizrahi-Arnaud recently argued. Russia overall finds its ability to control the complex Syrian ...
After intercepting the drone in February, Israel attacked what it said was the command-and-control center Iran had used to launch it, at the T4 air base near Palmyra in Syria. Syria then shot down an Israeli F-16 fighter jet, the first Israeli plane lost to enemy fire in decades. Israel responded with a broad wave ...


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