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updated Wed. June 5, 2024

And on Navy Day on 30 July 2017, Russia made a point of showing off its naval might across the world, from Tartus in Syria to Sebastopol and Vladivostok, and, above all, in the Baltic waters of St Petersburg under the approving eye of Putin. Up to a point Putin's naval show that day represented a Potemkin ...
This benevolent picture of the White Helmets is, however, not one independent researchers who've actually travelled to Syria — much less civilians in .... She met with the group's members in Aleppo, Lattakia, Tartus and Damascus during her time in Syria, and interviews conducted with their members ...

We will stop Iran. … Darkness is descending on our region. Iran is building an aggressive empire: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen, more to come. Now Iran is seeking to build permanent military bases in Syria, seeking to create a land bridge from Tartus, from Tehran to Tartus on the Mediterranean.”.
I have a hunch that Russian President Vladimir Putin is contemplating jettisoning Syrian President Bashar Assad at some time in the near future, after he has "milked him" dry. Putin succeeded in securing for Russia permanent naval and airbases at Tartus and Hmeimim and brought Syria's sky completely ...
Unless there is a late surge for Communist Party candidate Pavel Grudinin, who is running second with 7 percent, Vladimir Putin will be re-elected president of Russia for another six years on March 18. Then we must decide whether to continue on course into a second Cold War, or engage Russia, as every ...

Local sources reported to Sputnik reporter Suliman Mulhem that “thousands of residents” have fled the city with their families over the past week, heading towards Syria's coastal provinces of Latakia and Tartus. Those who have fled are likely to avoid Damascus until the Syrian Army dislodges militants from ...
Iran is building an aggressive empire: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen, more to come. Now Iran is seeking to build permanent military bases in Syria, seeking to create a land bridge from Tartus, from Tehran to Tartus on the Mediterranean. And in addition to moving its army, its air force, its navy to ...

Here we are not just talking about Shiite militias like Hezbollah and Iranian-backed proxies, but also Christian militias in places like Wadi al-Nasara between Homs and Tartus and Ismaili militias in places like Salamiyah. You did not have these sectarian militias before the war. Furthermore, the conflict has ...
MOSCOW — A Russian military transport plane carrying 33 passengers and six crew members crashed on landing at an air base in Syria on Tuesday, killing ... Russia has stepped up security at the air base and at a naval facility at Tartus on the Mediterranean coast after both came under a drone attack in ...
On December 22, 2017, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu reported to the head of state that Russian troops had been withdrawn from Syria, with only three military police battalions, the Center for Reconciliation of the Warring Parties and two bases, in Hmeymim and Tartus, remaining in Syria.
Having started as a peaceful pro-democracy uprising, the conflict has escalated to leave Syria a war-torn playground for some of the world's most powerful nations to ... RUSSIA, which leases the Mediterranean port of Tartus from Syria, entered the war in 2015 and is now the biggest supplier of arms there.
Putin highly values his personal ties with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Russian air defense assets deployed in its Tartus and Khmeimim bases—and covering most of Syrian airspace—did not interfere with Israel's air strikes. The “made-in-Russia” Syrian air defense managed, nevertheless, ...
The document orders other Russian outposts in Syria, including in Tartus, to suppress phone signals by July 1. “Unmanned aerial vehicles such as quadcopters can follow a specific signal via a phone number,” a Defense Ministry source who confirmed the authenticity of the document told RBC on Tuesday.
Adm. James Foggo, who oversees Allied Joint Force Command and United States Naval Forces Europe and Africa, said the expansion of the Russian naval base at Tartus, Syria to support President Bashar al-Assad and China's first overseas base in Djibouti as part of its global initiative to expand its ...
Russia's top defense official said only two of the stealth jets had gone to Syria, denying reports that there might have been up to four in the country, and .... Around the beginning of 2018, rebels began launching mass drone attacks on the base, as well as Russia's naval base in Syria's coastal city of Tartus, ...


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