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updated Sat. November 25, 2023

In Syria, the myth of Kurdish military excellence was born in the fires of the battle for the northern Syrian city of Kobane. In September 2014, at the height of ISIS's power, the Sunni extremists advanced through the countryside and surrounded Kobane. The United Nations estimated that 130,000 civilians fled ...
Traveling via Baghdad and Irbil, before being escorted across the Syrian border by the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), his delegation, which undertook the visit independently of the Labour Party, witnessed the devastation wreaked by Daesh and Turkish rockets in Kobani and other cities.

MERSIN, Turkey — Prior to the fateful battle of Kobani in northern Syria in 2014, Mustafa Ali Mousto says that he played the dangerous role of being an arbiter between Daesh and the PKK's Syrian extension YPG. The PKK is regarded as a terrorist group by Turkey and the US. The 49-year-old Syrian ...
The two were captured by Syrian Kurdish fighters in January in eastern Syria as Islamic State forces were routed and are being held in an undisclosed location, but they were taken to a Kurdish security center in the town of Kobani, where they spoke to The Associated Press. They refused to address ...
KOBANI, Syria — The secret military base here is the epicenter of a four-year-old U.S.-led war against the Islamic State that American commanders say ... The concern is that ISIS may now reclaim some of its lost territory, or that fighters allied with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad may take advantage of ...
KOBANI, Syria — A US service member was killed in an improvised explosive device attack in the Manbij, Syria, area on Thursday, a US official with knowledge of the initial reports from the battlefield tells CNN. Two members of the US-led coalition in Syria were killed and five were wounded in the attack, ...

Osman Huseyin was another victim of YPG rule in northern Syria. He is from Afrin, one of the YPG “cantons,” where Turkey and its ally forces, Free Syrian Army, have been conducting a cross-border operation, Operation Olive Branch, to end YPG domination. There are two other YPG “cantons”: Kobani and ...
(MENAFN) A number of US military forces will soon be deployed to the Kurdish city of Kobani in Syria, according to sources BasNews reported Sunday. A US delegation is currently in the Syrian city of Manbij to discuss the matter, preparing to move the forces to Kobani in four days. One of the delegates told ...
"Turkish presence is so deep in Syrian territory and its control over vast swathes of the north of Syria (which may extend to other areas) has become the ... an anti-Kurdish frame will pit Turkey against the U.S., and could threaten the U.S. military and diplomatic presence in the cities of Manbij and Kobani.
AINISSA, Syria — On a recent reporting trip the photographer Mauricio Lima and I, along with our driver and a Syrian fixer, came to this town in the ... Since the nearest hotel was an hour and a half away in the town of Kobani, that meant potentially three hours of daily paper-chase commuting lay ahead.

In an interview with Sputnik, a SDF unit commander Mehdi Kobani, said that many of his fighters were now in Afrin defending the city against the ... prevent fighters from the Kurdish YPG militia and the Syrian Democratic Forces traveling to Afrin from elsewhere in Syria to counter Ankara's military incursion.
Ola Mohammed, an 11-year-old girl from the province Rif near Damascus, seemed haunted by images of Aylan Kurdi, a 3-year-old Syrian boy whose body was washed ashore in Turkey in 2016 after the boat he and his parents were fleeing in capsized and came to represent the horrific toll of Syria's civil ...
While Kurds hold most of the leadership positions, the S.D.F. is a majority Arab force now, engaged with the Americans in the fight against the Islamic State, mostly in Arab rather than Kurdish areas of Syria. “Arabs love Abdullah Ocalan too,” Mr. Kobani said, casting a glance at the portrait. “There's nothing ...
Women marching this month on the outskirts of Kobani, Syria, during a protest against a Turkish military offensive in the country. ... The Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces took control here about 18 months ago, in a campaign supported by American Special Operations forces and air power.
It would be a vast overstatement to say that the recent airstrikes solved the Syrian chemical weapons problem or that the program has even been ... The first thing to do is to brief the SDF leadership in Kobani on what it is the United States intends to do, the nuts and bolts of the forthcoming effort to withdraw ...
The battle for Kobane, a town located in northern Syria along the Syrian-Turkish border, began in September 2014 after ISIS infiltrated the city and forced thousands of civilians to flee across the border into Turkey. YPG forces battled ISIS militants with the support of U.S. air strikes and eventually succeeded ...
Ankara sees the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia as an extension of the separatist Kurdish PKK group that has battled the Turkish military since the 1980s, and is classified as a terrorist organization by the U.S., the European Union and Turkey. Relations with the U.S. have been strained over Washington's ...
Anna, a 26-year-old British feminist who had come to my country in May 2017 to fight alongside Syrian Democratic Forces in northern Syria, was ... for the Syrian Democratic Forces, started to work with the United States Department of Defense in the city of Kobane in 2014, many people discouraged us.


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