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updated Mon. February 19, 2018

Turkey and allied Syrian rebels have since January 20 pressed an offensive against the Kurdish enclave of Afrin in northern Syria. Barin Kobani took part in a U.S.-backed campaign to drive the Islamic State (ISIS) group from the northern town of Kobane. The Kurdish community reacted with outrage and ...
He began working as a civilian for the revolution, in Kobani, Syria, and was one of the first founders and organizers of the Syrian Democratic Forces. "I may be the media spokesman, but many times I've had to put down my camera and pick up my gun," he said. He said he felt that the public outside northern ...

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan 24) - The people of Kobani in Syrian Kurdistan on Wednesday began donating aid to civilians affected by Turkey's military offensive in the northwestern enclave of Afrin. Kurdistan 24 visited one of three sites set up in Kobani where the Kurdish Red Crescent (KRC) is ...
The SDF have detained thousands of ISIS members in northern Syria, including hundreds of foreigners. The Democratic Union Party (PYD)-led autonomous administration in northern Syria has set up local counterterrorism courts, known as the People's Defense Court, but so far have only tried Syrian and ...
Israeli jets carried out what is believed to be the country's first direct engagement with Iranian forces in Syrian territory. ... Our correspondent visited Kobani, a city in northern Syria, where the local Kurdish government plans to preserve downtown ruins as a monument of the battle against the Islamic State.
Kobani, Syria -- The blood moon rose over a scene of bombed-out buildings reduced to boulder-size rubble, with newly printed street signs noting the names of people who had died here in this little Syrian city of Kobani. Soon dusk would draw its cloak over the sad tableau, in a neighborhood now called ...

The Syrian Kurds seem to have a powerful new ally in their fight against invading Turkish forces in northern Syria -- embattled Syrian President Bashar ... reached agreements with Damascus to allow reinforcements to be sent to Afrin from other Kurdish-dominated areas -- Kobani and the Jazeera region.
Kobani, Syria -- One fighter posed for selfies with the woman's corpse. Another called her a "female pig." Another man stood on her naked breast as someone said, "She's beautiful, man." Those are some of the low points of two new videos of what appear to be Turkish-backed fighters abusing the ...
Kobani, whose real name is Amina Omar, took up arms in 2014 to battle the Islamic State (ISIS) as it swept through parts of Syria and neighboring Iraq. She joined the women's Protection Units (YPJ), the all-female arm of the YPG, and fought ISIS in the border town of Kobane in 2015 and in the militants' ...
SARAQIB, Syria: A Russian pilot was killed on Saturday (Feb 3) in fighting with Islamists after his warplane was downed over northwest Syria, Russia's defence ... The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the jet was downed near the town of Saraqib in Idlib and the pilot parachuted to the ground.
Barin Kobani, who was part of all-female unit in northern Syria, was seen surrounded by Turkish-backed rebels. Kurdish officials initially accused the rebels of mutilating her corpse, but later said she had blown herself up. Last month, Turkish troops and their Syrian allies launched a campaign to capture the Kurdish-held ...
A picture of Barin Kobani on the phone of a military commander of the Syrian Kurdish women's Protection Units. Photograph: Delil ... Male and female YPG fighters have taken part in the battle by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to expel ISIS from large parts of Syria. An SDF spokesman ...
Photo published by YPG shows a Kurdish female fighter said to have been killed by Turkey-backed Syrian militia on January 30 in a village north of Afrin, ... Kobani is not new because these [groups] are mercenaries and are a plague on Syria and the region and represent moral decadence," Khalil said.
As Turkey continues its military offensive and air campaign in Afrin, a city under the control of Syrian Kurds, minorities in the region fear that the conflict could make them a ... We are also unable to offer a shelter for the innocent people," a statement issued by the Kurdish Churches in Afrin and Kobane said.
soldiers of the YPG, the Popular Protection Forces, in Kobane, Syrian Kurdistan. Photo (c): Pawel Pieniazek. All rights reserved. This Saturday, Kurds are celebrating the third anniversary of the battle of Kobane. In 2015, this city in northern Syria was surrounded by ISIS forces on three sides, with Turkey on ...
As the Syrian conflict enters its eighth year, various commentators, and indeed governments and leaders, are trying to write it off as nearly over. Some are focused narrowly on the territorial defeat of the so-called Islamic State (IS); others have made the simplistic judgement that Bashar al-Assad's regime is ...
Amy Austin Holmes, a fellow at the Wilson Center who has studied the Syrian Kurds, says that many of them joined the Protection Units "for the simple reason that they wanted to defend their towns, like Kobani, that were under attack from the Islamic State, and not necessarily because they were convinced ...

The relations between Turkey and the U.S. were restrained over the latter's support for the PKK's Syrian affiliate, the Democratic Union Party (PYD), and its armed wing, the Peoples' Protection Units (YPG) in Syria. Turkey sees the YPG and PYD as the Syria affiliates of the PKK terrorist organization, ...
Yet two separate on the ground reporters in northern Syria dismissed these statements and declared that the U.S. had been indeed training a border force consists of Syrian Democratic Forces, or known as (SDF). The U.S.-designated terror group PKK's Syrian offshoot People's Protection Units (YPG) is the ...
Ankara claims that the YPG, the Kurdish armed force in control of the Syrian Kurdistan, is an extension of the PKK, an armed group that is fighting for greater ... YPG, the backbone of the US-backed forces in Syria, won many battles against ISIS including in Kobane and Raqqa, the then de-facto capital of the ...
Qamishli, Syria - There has recently been some confusion in media regarding plans for so-called "Border Forces" of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). ... As a Kurdish trainer from Hasakah explained, this is because these Kurdish fighters grew up in the Kobani area without proper access to education to ...
We, the undersigned academics and human rights activists, insist that the leaders of Russia, Iran, and the U.S. ensure that the sovereignty of Syrian borders is not breached by Turkey and that the people of Afrin in Syria, be allowed to live in peace. Afrin, whose population is predominantly Kurdish, is one of ...
A U.S. military convoy drives on a highway from Kobane to Ein Issa on September 29, 2017. Tensions between U.S.-backed Kurds, Turkey and the Syrian pro-government forces threatened to dismantle the U.S. coalition in Syria much like it was torn apart in Iraq. BULENT KILIC/AFP/Getty Images.
Turkey's president vowed "to purge terrorism" across the border in Syria, as Turkish forces pounded US-backed fighters with artillery fire on Sunday. A military operation in northern Syria against the city of Afrin - controlled by the Syrian Kurdish armed group YPG - will be launched "in the days ahead", ...
Anadolu cited unidentified local sources as saying Kurdish leaders briefed the U.S. officials about their demands for a federal system in Syria. The delegation also met with the commander of the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic party (PYD), Sahin Cilo, during a visit to the northern Kurdish city of Kobane.
The U.S. officials were briefed about the terrorist group's demands for the set-up of a federal system in Syria, the sources said, speaking on condition of anonymity due to restrictions over talking to the media. The delegation also visited the northern city of Ayn al-Arab (Kobani) and held talks with Sahin Cilo, ...
hen Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) spokesman Talal Silo speaks during a news conference in Hukoumiya village in Raqqa, Syria, June 6, 2017. .... One month after Kobane's comments, Syria's regime foreign minister Walid Moallem signalled a possible negotiation with the YGP saying that their will for ...
Syrian Kurds, therefore, risk being rapidly abandoned by the U.S. They have no doubt already planned to restore the Arab territories they liberated from ISIS in exchange for autonomy in the Kurdish cantons of Afrin, Kobane and Qamishli. Though Rojava representatives are not invited to any peace talks, ...
Within the last five years, cities like Mosul in Iraq and Kobane in Syria were largely destroyed in the war against ISIL, while the president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has described the fight for the Syrian city of Aleppo as "one the most devastating urban conflicts in modern times.
A U.S. military convoy drives on a highway from Kobane to Ain Issa in northern Syria, September 29, 2017. ... The U.S., an opponent of Assad, once backed various rebel groups trying to oust the Syrian leader, but later switched its focus to fighting ISIS in 2014 and created the Syrian Democratic Forces, ...
Fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces visit the graves of their comrades at a cemetery for fighters killed during clashes with Islamic State militants in Kobani. Reuters/Erik De Castro. Kobani was a key town on the front line of the allied battle against Islamic State guerrillas in northern Syria. It became famous ...
The Syrian Kurdish force said the Turkish forces tried to "transgress" the border near the village of Ashme, west of Kobane, in the early hours on Wednesday. ... The YPG is the dominant force within the US-backed SDF battling ISIS in northern Syria and were successful in liberating Raqqa in June from the ...
Those were the words of Nujeen Mustafa, an 18-year-old Kurdish woman who escaped her besieged hometown of Kobane during the Syrian civil war ... Mustafa, who has cerebral palsy, has used a wheelchair since she was a child and for her trek from Syria to Europe that included crossing seas on a raft.
... its border with Rojava, Syrian Kurdistan mainly to prevent movements of the YPG forces across the border. It considers the YPG and its umbrella organization, the US-backed SDF, as an extension to the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and therefore a terrorist organization. YPG and SDF deny the charge.
They moved the tomb to a field near the Esme village mere meters away from the Turkey-Syria border in Kobani canton, newly liberated from an all-out months-long siege by the Islamic State (IS) ... Ankara did not renew the treaty with the Syrian state regarding the status of the new field it acquired and the one it abandoned.
At least several private Russian military contractors were killed by a U.S. strike in Syria, Russian media reported Tuesday in a development that could further inflame Russia-U.S. tensions. ... Smoke rises from the Syrian city of Kobani following an airstrike by the US led coalition in a Nov. 17, 2014, file photo.
A military commander of the Syrian Kurdish women's Protection Units (YPJ) displays a picture of the late People's Protection Units (YPG) fighter Barin Kobani. Disturbing footage shows the female Kurdish fighter's corpse being dismembered by Free Syria army (FSA) rebels. DELIL SOULEIMAN/AFP/Getty ...
He said his army would complete "the Euphrates Shield Operation," a 2016 military incursion into a pocket of land in Syria to block the US-backed Kurdish people's ... Afrin is surrounded from the north and west by Turkey and cut off from the other two self-declared Kurdish autonomous cantons of Kobani and Jazira by the ...
One mother fled war-torn Kobane along with eight of her children and has not yet become a Turkish citizen. She said missing her home is more important than Turkish citizenship for her, and even if she gains it she would return to Kobane. Because of the Syrian civil war and ISIS war in Syria and Iraq, ...
Laila Saleh was so desperate to see the granddaughters she helped raise that she didn't think twice about following the rest of her family out of northern Syria, despite being 110 years old. Her yearning to see Nisrin and Berivan, who had fled Kobani for Europe three years ago and now live in Germany ...
They moved the tomb to a field near the Esme village mere meters away from the Turkey-Syria border in Kobani canton, newly liberated from an all-out months-long siege by the Islamic State (IS) ... Ankara did not renew the treaty with the Syrian state regarding the status of the new field it acquired and the one it abandoned.
Raqqa was once a thriving city of 200,000, located in the heart of Syria's breadbasket. Now, it's like ... More than 30,000 men and women from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fought here, a military alliance led by the Kurds. The SDF ... Kobane led the first aid team in the east of the city during the battle.
The reticent soldier in question is Haron, a Kurdish sniper who has come to the occupied Syrian border town of Kobani to join the resistance against ISIS. filmmaker Reber Dosky risked his life to tell Haron's story. In the short documentary The Sniper of Kobani, Haron reflects on his solitary life as a sniper, ...
In that same period, MSF teams in nearby Kobane hospital treated 23 patients wounded by blasts. "People we met in Al Meshlab told us that they had fled the neighbourhood months ago, as airstrikes increased and the fighting intensified," says Kenzie. "Some were forced out when their houses were used ...
This photo essay is part of Syria Direct's month-long coverage of northern, Kurdish-held Syria in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and reporters on the ground in Syria. Read our primer here.
"After spending a day in a hotel in Urfa, Shishani transferred us to a group of Syrians who took us on foot to Syria. A group received us there, and we stayed there for an hour. They then transferred us and others by buses to another group and then we were transferred to a camp in the Syrian city of ...
Simultaneously, Syrian regime forces in their own offensive took back Deir e-Zor city and pushed down along the river towards the border with Iraq. A family sits under a makeshift shelter in Sidd camp in mid-November. Photo by Shivan Hussein for Syria Direct. As the fighting raged in northeastern Syria, ...
In response, the YPG and the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) which are comprised of fighters from Kobani, Qamishli, Manbij and al-Hasakah ... The second is Afrin Canton in northern Syria, one of the four cantons of Rojava, a unilaterally proclaimed autonomous Kurdish region in Syria.
The Federation of Northern Syria, declared by the Syrian Kurdish ... Syria. Airstrips and bases have been built in Rumeilan, Manbij and Kobani.
The strategic border town of Kobani had been beseiged by Islamic State ... with Syrian opposition figures whose roots are in eastern Syria.


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