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updated Fri. October 6, 2023

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:10 P.M.) – The first four months of 2018 has proven that Islamic State forces, although severely reduced in terms of their once very formidable military capability, are still present and active within government-held areas of eastern Syria. The mode of ISIS operations throughout Syria's ...
The Syrian regime launched a renewed assault on opposition groups in the province of Homs yesterday, according to Syrian news agency Zaman Al-Wasl. At least three civilians, including one child, were killed by government forces in the eastern countryside of the province, as airstrikes fell on the villages ...

The governments of the US, UK and France say 105 missiles were launched at three sites in Syria as part of a coordinated operation early on the ... The MoD said the facility was a former missile base, located around 15 miles west of Homs, where the Syrian regime was believed to keep a stockpile of ...
LONDON: British jets have fired missiles at a Syrian military facility near Homs suspected of storing chemical weapon ingredients, Britain's defence ministry said on Saturday (Apr 14). Four Tornado jets fired Storm Shadow missiles "at a military facility - a former missile base - some 24km west of Homs, ...
HOMS /Syria/, April 13. /TASS/. Members of a Russian parliamentary delegation on Thursday delivered presents to schoolchildren in El Waer, the last district of Syria's Homs to be freed from militants. The Russian delegation that visited a social care center in El Waer was greeted by local schoolchildren, ...
Missiles have struck a Syrian airbase in Homs province early on Monday, state media reported, with Russia and Syria blaming Israel for carrying out the attack. Two Israeli warplanes, using Lebanese airspace, fired eight missiles at the T-4 military airbase, the Russian military said, but offered no further ...

(CNN) The Pentagon has denied Syrian claims the US attacked a Homs air base Sunday, hours after President Donald Trump tweeted "Animal Assad" ... The base, located in a strategic position between the cities of Homs and Palmyra in Syria's west, has been a key staging ground for Syrian and Russian ...
In their report "Hunger As A Weapon Of War: How Food Insecurity Has Been Exacerbated In Syria And Yemen" they have detailed how the sieges of places like Aleppo, Homs and Eastern Ghouta in Syria and the blockade of Yemeni ports has caused food insecurity and malnutrition to spiral out of control.
Due to heavy bombing in many parts of Syria like Aleppo, Homs and Daraya, a further 400,000 civilians still remain trapped in major rebel enclaves throughout Syria. Recently, the Syrian Civil War has become the battleground for a number of different fronts, including U.S. coalition forces, Sunni Arab ...
“Welcome” and “Peace” were the words with which a group of children and adolescents and their families from the war-torn city of Homs in Syria were greeted on Tuesday morning as they arrived in Rome. They were also offered a Palm Sunday olive branch and an Italian language tuition book by members ...
Sara al-Matoura watched her daughter through a window as her daughter's chest moved up and down under a tangle of medical wires. The mother from the Syrian city of Homs had not eaten for a day. She was up all night by her one-year-old daughter's side at a hospital in the Jordanian capital of Amman.
An aid worker who has dealt with them says many rebels want to depart under security guarantees similar to those that permitted the evacuation of Homs and eastern Aleppo. "Jaish al-Islam wants to go to Daraa," the worker says. "Faylaq wants to go to north Aleppo (province)." Other jihadists, however, are ...
MOSCOW, March 17. /TASS/. De-escalation zones in the Syrian regions of Idlib, Homs and the country's south have proved effective, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with Kazakh President's TV and radio broadcasting company released on the ministry's website on Saturday.
Fierce bombing and shelling continue to destroy homes, schools and hospitals in what is currently Syria's bloodiest battlefield. In some parts of eastern Ghouta the destruction is now even greater than at the height of the Aleppo crisis in 2016, but it has attracted only a fraction of the global outrage.
The rebel-held enclave of Eastern Ghouta, on the northeast outskirts of Damascus, is home to about 400,000 people and since mid-February has been the focus of a renewed offensive by the Russian-backed Syrian regime. Eastern Ghouta is one of the last major rebel-held areas of Syria, along with Idlib in ...
The 22-year-old mother from the Syrian city of Homs hadn't eaten for a day and stayed up all night at a hospital in the Jordanian capital, Amman, holding her daughter, imagining the scalpel cutting her baby's chest open. Al-Matoura, who fled the Syrian war for Jordan in 2012, was only four months pregnant ...
Before the conflict, Syria was a modern nation. People were doctors, and teachers, and taxi drivers. Market places were full of goods and produce. Children played on streets rich with history and culture. These days, those same streets - Aleppo, Homs, Ghouta - are unrecognisable. I often wonder what we'd ...

After seven years of war, Syria's reconstruction needs are truly daunting. More than half of the country's hospitals and two out of three schools have been damaged or destroyed and more than a quarter of all homes are in need of repairs. The price tag to rebuild the country, according to United Nations ...
When the magazine Architectural Digest this month came up with a shortlist of contenders for the Pritzker Prize, architecture's most prestigious award, it included an unusual name on the shortlist: Marwa Al Sabouni, a Syrian architect who has spent the entirety of the civil war living in Homs and who has yet ...
BEIRUT, Lebanon — Rebel snipers are preventing Syrian civilians from leaving the besieged area of eastern Ghouta through corridors opened this ... in 2014 when United Nations officials were shelled by pro-government forces as they tried to make a delivery in the old city of Homs, then held by rebels.
Following the collapse of the December 2016 ceasefire agreement; Russia, Turkey and Iran brokered another agreement in May 2017, which created four de-escalation areas across the country (north-western Syria, Northern Rural Homs, Southern Syria and Eastern Ghouta). The agreement succeeded in ...
The awareness campaigns began early in 2018, covering various areas in northern Homs; according to al-Rajab, these activities will continue throughout March, pointing out that the number of the volunteers is on the rise, after it started with about 15 male and female participants only, “seeking to build a ...
On May 7, 2016, Russian sergeant Anton Yerygin died in a field hospital in Syria after being critically injured while escorting vehicles of the Russian Reconciliation Center in the Homs Governorate. On June 3, 2016, artillery reconnaissance officer, Capt. Marat Akhmetshin, was mortally wounded in a fight ...
Militants continue to control 80 square kilometers in Eastern Ghouta or about one-third of this area located along the Damascus-Homs highway. On March 4, a spokesman for the Syrian armed forces told the SANA news agency that government troops continue military operations against terrorists during the ...
Regardless of their age, Syrians often discover that being internally displaced means starting over with just their memories and determination to someday return. Mar 5 2018 (IOM) - After armed groups broke into his home in the middle of the night, 20-year-old Ahmed and his wife knew that they had to flee ...
Children play in the war-damaged Bab Dreib neighborhood of the old city of Homs, Syria. The government has started its first organized reconstruction projects, but it is a fraction of the massive task of rebuilding that it faces after seven years of war. No one is offering much to help fund the process — and ...
KFERRAM (Syria) (Sputnik) – The Russian Defense Ministry's Center for Syrian Reconciliation said on Tuesday that it had delivered a new batch of humanitarian aid to the settlement of Kferram in Syria's central Homs province, which has been hosting 700 families displaced during the conflict in the country ...
HOMS, Syria -- In Homs' landmark Clock Square, where some of the first anti-government protests began in Syria in 2011, stands a giant poster of a smiling President Bashar Assad waving his right arm, with a caption that reads: "Together we will rebuild." Four years after the military brought most of the city ...
HOMS, Syria - In the Syrian city of Homs' landmark Clock Square, where some of the first anti-government protests erupted in 2011, stands a giant poster of a smiling President Bashar Assad waving his right arm, with a caption that reads: "Together we will rebuild." Four years after the military brought most ...
In this Jan. 17, 2018 photo, Mohammed Bayraqdar sits next to his son Abdul-Awal while posing for a picture at their burned house in Khaldiyeh, one of the worst damaged neighborhoods in Homs, Syria. The government has started its first organized reconstruction projects, but it is a fraction of the massive ...
Russian humanitarian convoys are sent to Syria almost on a daily basis. In recent days, the humanitarian assistance has been delivered to people in Homs, Hama, Deir ez-Zor and Latakia. Syria has been engulfed in a civil war since 2011, with government forces fighting numerous opposition factions and ...
BEIRUT: Before Eastern Ghouta there was Homs, Aleppo, Daraya — rebel towns and enclaves that the Syrian regime pounded and besieged, forcing ... Syria's third city Homs was dubbed the “capital of the revolution,” after anti-government protests erupted in March 2011, but from 2012 it came under a ...
Syria and its ally Russia have blamed Israel for a missile attack which killed 14 people at an airbase near Homs. The air strikes in the early hours of Monday morning followed a suspected poison gas attack in which more than 40 civilians died in a Syrian opposition foothold in eastern Ghouta on Saturday.
Israeli warplanes bombed a Syrian regime airbase east of the city of Homs, the Russian and Syrian militaries have said. The Russian military said two Israeli F-15 jets carried out the strikes from Lebanese airspace, and that Syrian air defence systems shot down five of eight missiles fired. Asked about the ...


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