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updated Sun. April 14, 2024

Localities included in the agreement are; Al-Sheikh Mustafa, Kafr Sajna, Al-Rakaya, Madaya, Al-Amriyah, Muqa, Kafr Ain, Haysh, Tahtaya, Khan Sheikhoun (Shaykhun), Morek, and Kafr Zita. Elders of Morek, 19 of them, signed and issued a statement that the locality and crossing with the Syrian Arab Army ...

The protest followed the rape of a two-and-a-half-year-old child in Madaya township in early February. The number of rape cases has increased compared with previous years, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs' report on sexual assault in the country in 2017. The report released this month said that ...
As has been the case throughout the war, the UN again failed to prevent the suffering of Syria, or even to slow it down. In Homs and Aleppo, Zabadani and Madaya, Idlib and now Ghouta, international will has been trampled by the protagonists of a war without restraint. The unchecked savagery of Syria's ...
WILKES-BARRE -- Some kids in Wilkes-Barre had the day off for Presidents Day and learned how to stop bullying from a world-famous Harlem Globetrotter. Harlem Globetrotter Zeus McClurkin has a lot of tricks but one he taught some kids in Wilkes-Barre doesn't have to do with a basketball. "They're ...
More than a thousand residents of Madaya township in Mandalay joined a protest march on February 17 demanding the death penalty for child rape. The protest followed the rape and murder of a 2-1/2-year-old child last week in Madaya in which a man has been charged. The protesters, numbering some ...
On 15 April 2017, the residents in Az- Zabdani and Madaya were displaced within so-called “Madaya, AzZabdani, Kafraya and Foah agreement”. Some forced displacement operations came in conjunction with the regime's announcement that civilians in areas that were beyond its control in all Syrian cities ...
Madaya, in Syria, became known as a place of living “skeletons”, where pregnant women were too weak to give birth and children were starved to death as a deliberate tactic of war by Syrian despot Bashar al-Assad. Now, one of only two “doctors” who stayed behind has spoken about the true horror that ...
Zabadani and Madaya, both located near the capital Damascus, are besieged by the army of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and allied fighters from Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shia group. Convoys of buses began transporting people from the two towns on Friday under a coordinated population swap that ...
Madaya came into the news a year ago, when people were dying daily of starvation. After an international furor, Hezbollah and the government allowed UN aid convoys in. They arrive once every three or four months, but we lack all the necessities of life—food, fuel, medicine, milk, detergent, electricity, ...


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