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updated Tue. April 24, 2018

According to Fox News, a 40-year-old pharmacy drug representative in northeast Syria named Rezgar Ramadan is such a fan of the president that he ... The proud father explained how the boy has become something of a minor celebrity in and around the town of Kobane, and that his son was being ...
With the rise of Islamic State (ISIS) and its siege of the Kurdish town of Kobane from September 2014, the war in Syria took centre stage in the political life of the Kurdish and Turkish diasporas. The epic four-month defence of Kobane by Syrian Kurdish forces with support from Iraqi Kurdish ... Turkey

U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley's criticism of Syria hasn't gone unnoticed by one fan in the Middle East. ... The family lives in Kobane, a northern Syrian town held by U.S.-supported Kurdish forces fighting both Assad's Syrian government -- recently targeted by the United States in ... baby
SULAIMANI - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday (April 23) that Kobane will not come under attack from the Turkish army unless there is ... has vowed to extend the operation to other People's Protections Units (YPG) areas in northern Syria including the towns of Manbij and Kobane. Ankara
In Syria, the myth of Kurdish military excellence was born in the fires of the battle for the northern Syrian city of Kobane. In September 2014, at the height of ISIS's power, the Sunni extremists advanced through the countryside and surrounded Kobane. The United Nations estimated that 130,000 civilians ...
In order to accomplish its goal, Ankara supported numerous anti-Assad elements in Syria, most notably the Free Syrian Army. ... When the YPG, with air support from the United States, proved itself a potent fighting force during the Battle of Kobane in the second half of 2014, Washington decided to ...
Ankara also claims it will conquer all territories of Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava) east of Afrin - all the way to the Iraqi border. ... "Now we will continue this process until we entirely eliminate this corridor, including in Manbij, Ayn al-Arab [Kobane], Tel Abyad [Gire Spi], Ras al-Ayn [Sari Kani] and Qamishli," ... Turkish military
As it expanded furiously across the troubled areas of Iraq and Syria, its leadership may have been led to believe they could perpetually broaden the caliphate ... In the Syrian border Kobane, ISIS suffered its first major defeat since the caliphate was announced, at the hands of the People's Protection Units ... Turkish military
... Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also fears Rojava's example of religious tolerance, multiculturalism and democracy. In January, Erdogan armed recycled ISIS jihadists, and backed by Turkish war planes, attacked the city of Afrin – a historically Kurdish city – in the north of Syria bordering Turkey. Turkish military
With its political leadership based in Syria, the PKK established its military headquarters in the Kandil Mountains of Iraq, in the Kurdish-majority region on ... In autumn 2014, ISIL attacked the Syrian border town of Ayn al-Arab - or Kobane as it is referred to by the Kurds – which was held by the PYD's armed ... Turkish military
QAMISHLI, Syria - They stopped Islamic State dead in its tracks in northern Syria, driving the group famously from Kobane, then Manbij, then finally liberating the IS "capital" Raqqa as the spearhead of US-led international coalition forces. But thanks to their success, the Syrian Democratic Forces say they ... Turkish military
For weeks, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and other U.S. officials have called Turkey's operation a “distraction” from the anti-ISIS campaign. Mattis also has said the U.S. understands that Turkey has an active Kurdish insurgency inside its own borders and that it views Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units ... Turkish military
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - As Olive Branch operation in Syria's Afrin has entered its 40th day, the spirit of resistance is now recalling Kobane town, which stood up to terrorists in 2014, Garib ... Damascus has expressed its opposition to the Turkish operation, saying that such actions violated Syrian sovereignty. Turkish military
A U.S. military convoy drives on a highway from Kobane to Ein Issa in Syria, September 29, 2017. The U.S. has previously attacked the Syrian military and its allies over alleged chemical weapons attacks against civilians and clashes with the Pentagon-sponsored Syrian Democratic Forces, but the risk of ... Turkish military
The catalyst for many came in 2014 with the battle of Kobane, the Syrian Kurdish enclave besieged for months by the IS group. “Given Daesh's conduct with [civilian] populations, you could say we're doing humanitarian work,” Breizh told France Info in a January interview from Syria's Deir Ezzor region, ... Turkish military
Three years ago the world watched a ragtag band of men and women fighters in the Syrian town of Kobane, most armed only with Kalashnikovs, hold off a ... who defended Kobane, and who afterwards were the only forces in Syria willing to take the battle to the heartland of Islamic State, losing thousands of ... Turkish military

Residents of the Syrian city of Afrin are bracing for an onslaught from Turkish troops and allied rebels, threatening a fresh humanitarian crisis in the ... Convoys of activists were reportedly leaving for Afrin from the cities of Cizre in southern Turkey and Kobane in northern Syria in an effort to protect the city by ... Turkish military
The battle for Kobane, a town located in northern Syria along the Syrian-Turkish border, began in September 2014 after ISIS infiltrated the city and forced thousands of civilians to flee across the border into Turkey. YPG forces battled ISIS militants with the support of U.S. air strikes and eventually ...
Photo published by YPG shows a Kurdish female fighter said to have been killed by Turkey-backed Syrian militia on January 30 in a village north of Afrin, ... Kobani is not new because these [groups] are mercenaries and are a plague on Syria and the region and represent moral decadence,” Khalil said.
As Turkey continues its military offensive and air campaign in Afrin, a city under the control of Syrian Kurds, minorities in the region fear that the conflict could make them a ... We are also unable to offer a shelter for the innocent people,” a statement issued by the Kurdish Churches in Afrin and Kobane said.
When the Syrian Kurdistan city of Kobane was under siege by ISIS in late 2014, Barzani ordered the deployment of Peshmerga forces to assist the YPG in ... and its Syrian proxies about a week ago to drive out the Kurdish forces on the border strip between Turkey and Syria “is likely to prove indecisive and ...
On January 25, ISIS units attacked positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the villages of Kishmah and Ghuraybah in the province of Deir Ezzor. ... “Manbij is not the final destination; we won't stop until Hasakah, Ayn Issa, Ayn al-Arab, Ras al-Ayn, Al-Malikiyah, and Tal Abyad are purged of terror,” he said.
The first goal satisfies Turkey's two key objectives since 2011: getting rid of Assad, and a unified Syria, with no independent Syrian Kurdistan under the ... the Islamic State in Kobane, right on the Turkish border, and then-PYD leader Salih Muslim was an honored official guest of the Turkish government.
Soldiers of the YPG, the Popular Protection Forces, in Kobane, Syrian Kurdistan. Photo (c): Pawel Pieniazek. All rights reserved. This Saturday, Kurds are celebrating the third anniversary of the battle of Kobane. In 2015, this city in northern Syria was surrounded by ISIS forces on three sides, with Turkey on ...
Turkey's assault on the Kurds in the Afrin enclave in northern Syria complicates an already complex political and military situation. ... The spectacle of the desperate struggle for the Kurdish-Syrian border town of Kobane in 2015 caused international outrage as substantial Turkish forces sat in their own ...
The U.S. bid to form an army from the SDF, which is mostly a cover of the PYD/PKK, has deeply concerned Syrian Kurds living in tents in Turkey's Şanlıurfa province.Adul Mustafa told Anadolu Agency he fled clashes between Daesh and the PKK/PYD terrorists in Syria's Ayn al-Arab (Kobane) district and ...
The U.S. bid to form an army from the SDF, which is mostly a cover of the PYD/PKK, has deeply concerned Syrian Kurds living in tents in Turkey's Sanliurfa province. Adul Mustafa told Anadolu Agency he fled clashes between Daesh and the PKK/PYD terrorists in Syria's Ayn al-Arab (Kobane) district and ...
One mother fled war-torn Kobane along with eight of her children and has not yet become a Turkish citizen. She said missing her home is more important than Turkish citizenship for her, and even if she gains it she would return to Kobane. Because of the Syrian civil war and ISIS war in Syria and Iraq, ...
Syrian Kurds, therefore, risk being rapidly abandoned by the U.S. They have no doubt already planned to restore the Arab territories they liberated from ISIS in exchange for autonomy in the Kurdish cantons of Afrin, Kobane and Qamishli. Though Rojava representatives are not invited to any peace talks, ...
Within the last five years, cities like Mosul in Iraq and Kobane in Syria were largely destroyed in the war against ISIL, while the president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has described the fight for the Syrian city of Aleppo as “one the most devastating urban conflicts in modern times.
Ankara claims that the YPG, the Kurdish armed force in control of the Syrian Kurdistan, is an extension of the PKK, an armed group that is fighting for greater ... YPG, the backbone of the US-backed forces in Syria, won many battles against ISIS including in Kobane and Raqqa, the then de-facto capital of the ...
We, the undersigned academics and human rights activists, insist that the leaders of Russia, Iran, and the U.S. ensure that the sovereignty of Syrian borders is not breached by Turkey and that the people of Afrin in Syria, be allowed to live in peace. Afrin, whose population is predominantly Kurdish, is one of ...
The military bases mainly located alongside the M4 highway from the Iraq-Syria border to northern Syrian city of Aleppo, are among the places used to deliver weapons to PKK/PYD terror group. Aside from the bases in Tal Abyad, Tal Baydar, Ayn al-Arab and Harap Ishk in northern Syria where the ...
... especially helpful in keeping the NATO-supported OIR coalition based in northern Syria out of a hot war with Turkish 'peacekeeping' troops manning the heavy artillery pointing towards Afrin, or the Turkish jets out of Incirlik en route to Dohuk, KRG for another bombing run, by flying over Kobane, Syria.
In that same period, MSF teams in nearby Kobane hospital treated 23 patients wounded by blasts. “People we met in Al Meshlab told us that they had fled the neighbourhood months ago, as airstrikes increased and the fighting intensified,” says Kenzie. “Some were forced out when their houses were used ...
Moscow conducted an air campaign in Syria in September 2015, which it says was to fight the terrorist group Daesh, but its real targets were the opposition groups ... After the start of the Syrian war, the YPG took control of Afrin, Kobane and Amuda, and soon thereafter proclaimed three autonomous areas, ...
The YPG had declared its desire for an autonomous region in Syria's north since the beginning of the Syrian conflict. ... After the start of the Syrian war, the YPG took control of Afrin, Kobane and Amuda, and soon thereafter proclaimed three autonomous areas called Afrin, Kobane and Jazira (from the west ...
JANUARY 2014: ISIL conquers Raqqa in northern Syria, turning the city into its stronghold. Raqqa becomes the scene of some of the group's worst atrocities and a hub for planning attacks overseas. JUNE 2014: ISIL seizes Iraq's second-largest city of Mosul before sweeping across much of the Sunni Arab ...
After a four-and-a-half–month offensive, the Syrian Democratic Forces ... Their work was limited to the hospitals in Kobane, Tal Abyad, and ...
Even as the Islamic State rapidly loses its Syrian territory, American ... Today, US intervention in Syria has expanded from airstrikes and .... I think the American bases in Kobane and the surrounding area have a positive role.
SYRIA: DOING WHATEVER IT TAKES TO ESCAPE ... centre in the camp, referring the most serious cases to hospitals in Kobane and Tal Abyad. .... In June, the Syrian Democratic Forces tightened their stranglehold on the ...
After an offensive lasting four and a half months, the Syrian Democratic ... Their work was limited to the hospitals in Kobane, Tal Abyad and ...
But the war in Syria and the rise of ISIL transformed the Kurdish ... Iraqi and Syrian Kurds to cooperate, for instance in Kobane in 2014, and ...
Turkish army shells Kurdish town west of Kobane ... town west of Kobane on Tuesday evening (November 7) and the Syrian ... The Kobane canton was established on January 27, 2014 by Kurdish authorities in northern Syria.
Kurdish culture and language, suppressed by Syrian state authorities for decades, are in a renaissance as Syria's Kurds govern themselves ...
When talking about the Syrian refugee crisis and the ongoing conflict in Syria people often time speak in abstracts, “war,” “conflict,” “government ...
... in pushing Isis, or Daesh, out of the city of Kobane in northern Syria. ... a new democracy in Rojava, in which Kobane is one of three cantons, ...
... city of Kobane in Rojava, Syria will be hosted by Scottish Solidarity with ... The World Kobane Day event on 1 November will be addressed by Lord ... The event also aims to raise funds to send to the people of Kobane, who ...


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