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updated Wed. February 22, 2023

The owners of GOMG Holdings Ltd, Mr. Sargeant and Mr. Abu Naba'a, have announced the final sale of their minority interest in the oil refinery in Ballsh, Albania to their local Albanian partners, Ionian Refining and Trading Co. (IRTC), finalising a process that started before June 2017. Mr. Sargeant and Mr.

The Islamic State (ISIS) is facing defeat on the battlefield. Can it be eliminated from hearts and minds of young Syrians? Sarmad Al Jilane. SYRIA DEEPLY. 2017-12-03. RAQQA — With the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) in retreat in northern and eastern Syria, activists are refocusing their efforts on counter-extremism and ...
A new issue of ISIS' weekly newsletter brushed off their massive territorial losses in Iraq and Syria, declaring that the Islamic State had passed through the "beginning stage" and predicted that the "universal kaffir [disbelievers] alliance" would disintegrate before ISIS does. Brett McGurk, who has served the ...
Is the Philippines up to the task of handling the latest wave of Islamist terrorism? By Zachary Abuza for The Diplomat. October 29, 2017. On May 23, a unit of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) operating on a tip, moved in on a safehouse in the southern Philippine city of Marawi, where a top Abu Sayyaf leader, Isnilon ...
Nine-year-old Naba'a Rabaia packed a small suitcase filled with memories of her West Bank village to journey halfway across the world to Houston for surgery that will grant her the possibility of a pain-free life. Dozens of Houston's Palestinian community members and their friends gathered to welcome ...
In what is now rapidly become a frequent sight, 800 workers from the refinery in Ballsh are again protesting today in front of the ARMO refinery, demanding serious investments in their factory, as well as a pay raise and timely payment. According to the declarations of the refinery workers, the current ...


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