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updated Wed. February 22, 2023

It's based largely on the recordings of 12 people who came to Philadelphia after fleeing war and oppression from Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, Indonesia, Tajikistan, and other ... All of those stories informed Kinan Abou-afach, a Syrian composer and cellist who is a longtime collaborator with Al-Bustan.

As a member of the chamber orchestra “Georgian Strings” he took part in 23rd festival “Al Bustan” in Beirut, Lebanon. He is also artistic director of the chamber ensemble “Metamorphoses”. Javad is a diploma winner of J. M. Sperger competition, Germany, and the first prize winner of 18th International Music ...
Others who signed their works were forced to flee to neighbouring Lebanon or Turkey, or to Egypt, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. ... Last year Ali was invited to an artist's residency in Philadelphia, offered by the non-profit arts organisation Al Bustan Seeds of Culture, but was unable to attend under ...
“The festival has achieved its mission, that classical music has become widely spread [in Lebanon],” Bustani said. “When I go back and think about the achievements of the festival, I realise we have invited 155 pianists, 61 violinists, 59 conductors, 57 choirs, 38 sopranos, 34 symphony orchestras, ...
The 25th Al Bustan Festival of Music and the Performing Arts will take place 13 Feb – 21 March at the Al Bustan Hotel in Beirut, Lebanon. This year's event is a celebration of Bach, with concerts ranging from a jazz-themed performance by The Swingles to a recital by Mahan Esfahani. The festival includes ...
Al Bustan International Festival of Music will celebrate its 25th edition this year, with a program around Johann Sebastian Bach – the composer whose music, for many, embodies “Baroque music.” you've reached a subscriber-only article. Sign up now and access the full breadth of The Daily Star content in ...
“At about 12pm, a bomb exploded in a silver BMW in the Al Bustan Al Kabeer area in Sidon, injuring the owner of the vehicle, Mohammed Hamdan,” the military said in a statement ... An official of the Palestinian Fatah group in Lebanon said Mr Hamdan was involved in operations in Israel, reported Reuters.
“We have many countries asking about the product,” including Mexico, Israel and the UK, says Bustan. The Israeli Army's Home Front Command had the Rooster in their toolkit when they flew to Mexico to help with post-earthquake efforts in September, although Bustan doesn't know if it was used.
Lebanon's cultural and artistic scene was left in shock on Friday after the arrest of renowned artist Ziad Itani on suspicion of collaborating with Israel. A Lebanese ... He had even booked a room in the al-Bustan Hotel for the female officer, who was supposed to arrive in Beirut with a foreign passport. He also ...
More than 1,000 al-Bustan residents have been protesting against home demolitions for more than a decade, but they have exhausted all legal options to save their homes. According to lawyer Ziad Kawar, who represents al-Bustan's residents, all 100 residential structures in al-Bustan have been slated for ...


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