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updated Tue. April 30, 2024

Akkar is a region located in the North of Lebanon. Famous for its mesmerizing nature, it's one of the best getaways in Lebanon! If you're a nature lover, consider visiting Akkar. This region is full of amazing views and forests. Fun activities may include hiking or chilling in a hammock! The best tour guides are ...
The architecture in Beirut is inspired by the civilizations that were present in Lebanon. The Romans, French, and Ottomans left their marks on the architecture of the Lebanese capital. Beirut is now a mix of authentic Lebanese houses and modern buildings. A city full of contrasts, the architecture in Beirut is ...

The Cedars of God is where you can have fun any time of the year! Consider heading north because nothing beats doing winter activities in this region! Located near interesting sites like the Holy Valley and Gibran Khalil Gibran's museum, The Cedars of God is the perfect getaway in winter! Check out some ...
Lebanese people were thrilled today because they spotted a double rainbow coloring the sky of Beirut! Social media is filled with pictures of these rainbows which lifted our spirit! How wonderful would it be if we could see a double rainbow every day?
Located in the North of Lebanon, Chekka is a coastal town that is famous for its beautiful beaches! The golden sand, the blue sea, and the crystal-clear water are the legacies of this region. Enjoyed best in summer, Chekka must be on your must-visit destinations in Lebanon!

A preliminary investigation suggests the man, a retired Internal Security Forces (ISF) member identified by his initials M.S, shot his sister-in-law in the head following a dispute over a family house in Anfeh while she was working in her hair salon, which is located right next to his own clothing store.
A retired Internal Security Forces First Adjutant has killed his brother's wife before turning the pistol to his head and firing a bullet that led to his inevitable death in north Lebanon's Anfeh, the National News agency reported on Sunday. The man, who was identified by his initials as M.G.S., has killed the ...

Traditional coastal salt production was once popular in Lebanon, but the fully artisanal practice now survives in just a single seaside town, Anfeh, around 70 kilometers (45 miles) north of Beirut. Producers like Najjar say the sector has suffered a series of blows, from an exodus of pond owners during ...
A Lebanese man works at salt evaporation ponds in the coastal Lebanese town of Anfeh north of the capital Beirut. Traditional coastal salt production was once popular in Lebanon, but the fully artisanal practice now survives in just a single seaside town, Anfeh, around 70 km north of Beirut. — AFP. AT 93 ...
It's summer, and that means it's swimming season! Lebanon is a great country where you can find many amazing swimming destinations. In addition to that, it's always sunny in summer so getting the perfect tan is guaranteed. Lucky enough to have a rich landscape, Lebanon is not only by the sea but also ...
Malia Group has announced plans to build an 800,000 square meter resort in Anfeh. The project will be launched in early 2017 and will be ready in 2019. ... The Anfeh resort, however, will be the Group's first hospitality project in Lebanon. In other news, Malia Group is planning to expand Pharmaline, ...
A building owned by relatives of deputy Speaker Farid Makari collapsed in the northern region of Anfeh on Tuesday while its residents were still inside it. A family of three living in the two-storey building was killed in the incident. The building was being renovated by Nabil Makari. OTV identified the residents ...


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