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updated Mon. November 21, 2022

Shady Rabab plays on "Farida", a handmade musical instrument he made, at sunset in Byblos, Lebanon. (Annahar Photo/Zeina Nasser) .... Mansion, as its description on the official website mentions, is a grand, beautiful villa from the 1930's situated in Zoqaq el-Blat. Abandoned during the civil war, the ...
In his book The Culinary Heritage of Lebanon Chef Ramzi Choueiri has said manakish is a relatively recent Lebanese phenomenon perfectly suited to modern life .... A virtually unknown personality, Hajjeh Fahda of Beirut's Zqaq el Blat neighborhood was the founder of the Lebanese version of the dish.

Backs against the wall, guns firmly gripped, jaws tight, helmets on – some blue, some camouflage – and seemingly indifferent to the cold wind, the soldiers crouched down awaiting the signal. you've reached a subscriber-only article. Sign up now and access the full breadth of The Daily Star content in ...
Beirut's First Investigative Judge Ghassan Oueidat Thursday concluded his investigation into the case of Ali Younes, a 14-year-old boy charged with killing his father and four others in a Beirut neighborhood in October. you've reached a subscriber-only article. Sign up now and access the full breadth of The ...
“I really hate it when people assume we don't know Arabic. I've lived in Syria, Egypt, Iraq and now Lebanon. I probably know the language better than half the Lebanese people!" Caroline Bakjejian, a resident of Gemmayze, said. "We have more than 100 years of experience in the Middle Eastern region." ...

Residents of a small Beirut neighborhood expressed shock and surprise Tuesday after a local teenager went on an early morning rampage with a shotgun leaving three – including his father – dead and four wounded. you've reached a subscriber-only article. Sign up now and access the full breadth of The ...
A shocking new crime is shaking the center of Beirut, shedding light on weapons that are taking onto the streets of Lebanon, local news station MTV reported. A 16-year-old, Mohammad Younis, shot and killed his father, the building's doorman and his wife, in Zuqaq al-Blat district. It was reported that four ...

Feb 24, 2018 Lebanon NewsLebanese employer of murdered maid in Kuwait arrested · image. Feb 24, 2018 Lebanon NewsU.S. mediation deadlocked as Aoun sends warning to Israel · image. Feb 24, 2018 Lebanon NewsUNIFIL pushes back at claims of tensions with Army · image. Feb 24, 2018 ...
This week's initiative is not the first time the Lebanese authorities have tried to crack down on celebratory gunfire but so far, public calls have had little effect. ... Just a few steps away from the Council of Ministers, in Beirut's central district of Zoqaq el Blat, a group of six friends gather around for coffee and ...
The Lebanese capital was once called the "Paris of the Middle East" for its stunning architecture -- but today those buildings are under threat. ... Although no proper census has been conducted in Lebanon since 1932, the United Nations puts Beirut's population at 470,000, not including the suburbs. In a city ...
As much as Beirut is modern, it also has a nice traditional touch that makes its architectural scene unique compared to other cities. It is no secret that Beirut's heritage is under threat. For a long time, Beirutis have been witnessing the destruction of traditional houses that are the signature of Beirut's beauty.


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