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updated Tue. January 31, 2023

Director of Horticulture, Dr. Elithung Lotha stated that attaining 35 years of service was a big achievement and wished them a happy retired life, while joint director, L. Butang Khiam delivered farewell speech on behalf of the department. Meanwhile, joint director, N. Henry Zeliang read out service profile of ...

L. Butang Khiam. Jt. Director gave the farewell speech on behalf of the Department and N. Henry Zeliang, Jt. Director read out the service profile of the retiring officers. Bendanglila, Jt Director of Agriculture and other officers also spoke during the function. The chairman of the programme pronounced the ...
Construction workers Wednesday uncovered an unexploded Israeli ordnance left over from the July 2006 war, near the southern town of Khiam in Marjayoun. you've reached a subscriber-only article. Sign up now and access the full breadth of The Daily Star content in minutes. subscribe now unrestricted ...
Other members of the team were Khiam Davis, D.J. Phillips, Treyshawn Davis, Kenya Keith, Brandon Ingram, Emmanuel Stanley, Jeffrey White, Jonathan Hicks and Jonah Freshley. “I'm very proud of the way they played and the way they handled themselves,” Bellamy said. “They did a great job.” According ...
In April 2017, BCIJ Head Abdelhak Khiam told the press that more than 100 members of the Polisario Front have joined ISIS. “Terrorist organizations and criminal networks travel all along the Sahel region,” blaming Algeria for the lack of security cooperation that would help to end this issue. Khiam echoed ...
Rabat – Abdelhak Khiame, Head of Morocco's Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) has once again deplored Algeria's unwillingness to cooperate on security issues relating to counterterrorism. Underscoring the importance of security cooperation, Khiam said in an interview given to the ...
Lined with roughly 20 drummers, 10 on each side hitting it on opposing beats with large wooden sticks, the speed and intensity in which a Khiam is played depends on the occasion. There is one type of Khiam which is played only at ceremonies while another, which sounds similar to an African talking drum ...


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