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updated Mon. May 20, 2024

It's the fourth drone lost by the Israeli military this year, according to local reports. The drone was identified by Lebanese media as a Skylark, a tactical surveillance UAV used by Israeli artillery troops. According to reports in Lebanon, it landed near the Lebanese village of Ayta ash-Shab and was destroyed ...

A resident of the southern Lebanese village of Aita al-Shaab told the story of two neighbors, a father-son pair who fought Israeli forces during the 2006 war: “The martyr was meters away when they shot him… But his father was right behind him. He fired 30 bullets into the Israeli, and killed him.” Today, war ...
An Israeli reconnaissance drone Monday crashed on the outskirts of Aita Shaab in the southern district of Bint Jbeil, a security source told The Daily Star. you've reached a subscriber-only article. Sign up now and access the full breadth of The Daily Star content in minutes. subscribe now unrestricted access ...
A small Israeli surveillance drone of the SkyLark type crashed Monday in the southern Lebanese border town of Aita al-Shaab, Lebanon's National News Agency said. The drone crashed near the U.N.-demarcated Blue Line on the Lebanese-Israeli border, NNA said. Israeli forces went on alert along the ...
Beirut (AFP) - Dozens of protesters blocked access to Lebanon's energy ministry early on Tuesday in a surprise demonstration against the notoriously ineffective and costly electricity sector. Activists from the "We Want Accountability" campaign linked arms outside the building in Beirut's Corniche al-Nahr ...
By the third week of august, Beirut's trendy Gemmayzeh Cafe was once more full of revelers. It was the first time live music had been back since the war, and as the beers were poured and narghiles lit, an oud player finished tuning his instrument and began strumming. “God be with you, oh steadfast south,” he wailed in a ...


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