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updated Tue. March 19, 2024

It's not the location on MacDill — Datz down the way does monster numbers, Byblos has been doing its thing for nearly two decades and even Mad Dogs, with its unlikely setting farther south into residential Palma Ceia, is aging with grace. At the end of November, after a nine-month renovation, the Lure ...
Given Lebanon's conditions, Byblos Bank's Board of Directors and Management remain fully committed to their conservative strategy by focusing, among others, on maintaining asset quality and capital protection, rather than maximising return for the short term and engaging in unnecessary and risky ...

BEIRUT: Byblos Bank noted in a release of financial results Monday that at end of 2017 the institution's Net Profit stood at $170 million, an increase of 2.91 percent over the previous year. This was, the bank noted “In line with its low risk appetite and objective to maintain a strong and healthy loan portfolio in ...
Moody's Investors Service (Moody's) has affirmed the B3 long-term deposit ratings of BLOM BANK S.A.L. (BLOM Bank) and Byblos Bank S.A.L. (Byblos Bank), as well as their b3 standalone baseline credit assessments (BCAs). Concurrently, the rating agency affirmed the banks' Not Prime short-term ...
In the late 1960s he decided to head to Italy's fashion capital, Milan, where he worked for Italian ready-to-wear lines such as Genny. Even before he struck out on his own, he was creating lines for them, including the "Byblos" and "Complice" lines. Byblos became an independent company in the 1980s, and ...
It was that Byblos was on my morning running route. It was like a very sweaty time-lapse clip: I watched the outdoor fountain go in, wondered about the new Stonehenge-like pillars out front (they shield patio diners from noise on MacDill Avenue), saw the space shift from one of Tampa's most long-standing ...

They were stolen from a storehouse in Byblos in 1981 at the height of Lebanon's 1975-90 civil war, as Christian and Muslim militias battled each other ... Others were located in other sites around Lebanon, including to Byblos, an ancient port town north of Beirut, where the three items returned on Friday ...
Byblos—known as Jbeil in Arabic—is layered with the imprints of civilizations, empires, and polities that have existed in the area known as Lebanon over the past 7,000 years or so. It's one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world—and may, although this seems increasingly unlikely, be the ...
For others, it's the rare nudge to permanent improvement. Although it couldn't fairly be considered a new year's resolution, the months-long remodel at South Tampa's popular Byblos Cafe certainly constitutes fortuitous timing. Byblos reopened in early December, revealing a makeover that extends from the ...
By the time the Romans stomped their boots and sandals across Lebanon, the country had already been a seat of civilisation for a fair old time. The proof of this particular historical pudding is Byblos, a city which sits some 20 miles north of Beirut, up the Mediterranean coast. It was here that the Phoenicians, ...
This is more of a redux situation, but Byblos, the long-standing South Tampa Lebanese and Mediterranean restaurant, has announced it will reopen at the end of November. I've been zipping by the construction site every few days and it still seems a ways off, but they claim they will be ready to reveal a ...
In this role, Raafat will lead the operations of the sales & marketing teams across six operational properties in Dubai including Marina Byblos Hotel, Byblos Hotel TECOM, New Moscow Hotel, Capitol Hotel, Al Sarrab, Broadway Hotel. He was previously with Emaar Hospitality Group as cluster manager of ...
“The council of ministers will not be able to take a decision in the current conditions,” said Nassib Ghobril, the chief economist at Lebanon's Byblos Bank, of the gas and oil bills. The government also needs to find revenues to service a public debt that has reached more than $75 billion – 140 percent of the ...
In line with its plans to optimise the spread of its network throughout Lebanon and get closer to its clients, Byblos Bank has inaugurated a strategically located ... With this new expansion, the number of Byblos Bank's branches increases to 87, covering every region in the country and constituting one of the ...
... Cancer Student Association (BCSA) hosted their second fundraising dinner called “Get Your Pink On” (GYPO) at Byblos Banquet Center.
... banquet, held Thursday, October 26, at Byblos Banquets 7258 Chase Road in Dearborn, at 6:00 p.m. Beaumont Health is lead sponsor.
Byblos Bank, one of the largest lenders in Lebanon, announced Wednesday that its net profits in the first nine months of 2017 slightly increased ...

Byblos Bank Headquarters, Wednesday 25 October 2017: Byblos Bank posted satisfactory financial results in the first nine months of 2017, ...
BYBLOS—A visitor wouldn't know it from his humble office, but Joe Tekli, a computer engineer at the Lebanese American University's campus ...
The Hotel Byblos was to be my destination; a cluster of fishermen's style houses, like a village within a village. The scene of Mick and Bianca ...
Byblos, the local chain of Mediterranean restaurants, no longer has a Orleans Parish location. But Byblos will return to the city in September, ...
Opened in 1967, the Byblos Hotel and its on-site nightclub, Les Caves du Roy, quickly became synonymous with celebrity joie de vivre ...
Cavazza Facchini, who modeled professionally at one time, took the helm of the Genny brand in 2013, succeeding former creative director Gabriele Colangelo. She is married to ceo Mathias Facchini. Swinger International also controls the Byblos brand. You're missing something! SUBSCRIBE NOW.
“So far it's Byblos. It's got a Greek sort of effect to it, quite different than the rest so far, and definitely the better I think,” said Beau McGill of Templeton, who was on his way to tasting the pulled pork and tri tip taco at Micros and was wondering how to brave the huge line at Shav 'N Flav. “But I'm definitely going ...
Byblos, Lebanon, Oct 24, 2017 / 03:35 pm (Aid to the Church in Need).- The Church in Lebanon is working to aid the 1.5 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, the ...
The Byblos is a legendary address, originally constructed "for" Bardot by Lebanese billionaire Prosper Gay-Para. Designed to resemble the ...
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Se avete visto sfilare le modelle sulla passerella di Byblos Milano P/E 2018 vi sarete accorte di quelle strisce di colore sui capelli. Strisce che ...
Byblos Bank Chief Economist Nassib Ghobril said the annulment of the tax law should prompt the government to improve tax collection, fight ...
There's a car valet outside the Byblos hotel in St Tropez who's watched me go from child to mother. A single narrow street leads from the house ...
Byblos. This Mediterranean restaurant in South Beach makes Middle Eastern-inspired gourmet ice-cream sandwiches. Find sweet and nutty ...
Moerbeke-Waas - 28 oktober is het zo ver, de derde Byblos-Party is dan een feit en dit jaar geheel voor het goede doel, namelijk de vzw ...
“Byblos,” named for a nightclub in Japan, begins with Kath's wonderfully jazzy acoustic guitar intro. The rhythm is Latin/semi-bossa nova and ...
Here's a question for all you meat lovers out there: Does Lebanon come to mind as a one-stop destination when you think about indulging in ...
PanARMENIAN.Net - Byblos Bank Armenia CJSC and American University of Armenia have teamed up for a new student loan project which ...
Semaan Bassil, the Chairman and General Manager of Byblos, added that “SME lending has always been an important business line to Byblos ...
The following building permit activity was reported by the Development Services Division of the City of Norman for AUGUST 3 THROUGH ...
Further, the results for the second quarter of 2017 constitute the 17th-highest level in 40 quarterly readings,” according to the Byblos Bank Real ...
Lebanon is home to some of the most fascinating and impressive ruins in the Middle East and the world. From ancient Roman ruins that rival ...
Lebanon's three largest banks have seen their combined profits in the first half of 2017 rise by 2.18 percent to $512.63 million, according to a ...
Byblos Bank's net profits in the first six months of 2017 plunged 9 percent to $66.3 million after the lender wrote off the balance sheets of its ...
Opened in 1967, the Byblos Hotel and its on-site nightclub, Les Caves du Roy, quickly became synonymous with celebrity joie de vivre ...
The Greeks learned to read and write at Byblos, so the first letters of Arabic were Aleph, Beth, which became Alpha Beta, or alphabet. And the ...
Tired of waiting for funding that kept being delayed, indie developer Joseph Azzam decided to scan an entire castle (Byblos Castle in Lebanon) ...
Byblos Bank and The SANAD Fund for MSME (SANAD) have signed a loan agreement, under which up to $20 million will be on-lent to small ...
Serving sliders will be Back Porch Bakery, Street Side, The Micro BBQ, Crush Catering, Marston's 101, and Byblos. That list could grow through the week as last-minute vendor arrivals are expected to confirm.
The latest country risk bulletin from the Byblos Bank Group, cites recent S&P research noting the risks to the banking sector stemming from the domestic tensions following the failed coup and the planned constitutional referendum.
The council listed the applicants of the 16 properties as Byblos Trading, Octagon Auto Parts, Cecilia Junias, Qingping Chen, Camp Trade and Investment (two plots), KDG Auto Parts, Matheus Shilunga, KAN Global Trading (two plots), Hilta Shikongo, Mirjam ...
(Corrects reference to May debt swap to show that it did not increase the overall size of government debt) BEIRUT, March 10 (Reuters) - Lebanon's finance ministry has mandated Barclays Plc, Byblos Bank, Societe Generale de Banque au Liban and ...
As far as hard indicators from the banking sector, the Lebanon This Week (LTW) publication of Byblos Bank reported from Beirut Stock Exchange filings of six listed banks, that the aggregate net profits of these six banks rose 12 percent year-on-year to ...


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