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updated Thu. March 9, 2023

ST. CLOUD -- WJON's Rush Hour show keeps the "Rookie of the Week" rolling, and this week, we brought in a husband and wife couple, in their first year of residency at St. Cloud Hospital. Siri and Adei Shaqra are 1st-year residents, who just finished medical school, on their way to becoming ...

Jeddah — This reads like a story straight from a Charles Dickens novel. But this tragic tale of Firdous Shaikh is not fiction. It happened in a remote desert town called Shaqra, nearly 200 km from Riyadh. The story, however, begins in Kadapa, a small town in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.
A Saudi national has trained a huge snake to drink tea from his own glass at a rest house in the governorate of Shaqra. Thabet Al-Fadhl posted a video recording which shows the reptile as it lowers its head in the glass and sipping tea at his majlis. He said that he had been training the snake, which is from the ...
Ushaigur, located in Shaqra governorate around 190 kilometers northwest of Riyadh, was one of the first towns whose mud houses were restored. It is probably the oldest heritage town in the country. In 2005, the town welcomed its first group of tourists who were largely impressed by the mud houses.
Prince Faisal bin Bandar said Monday at the convocation ceremony at Shaqra University in Dawadmi in the Riyadh region. ... Awad Al-Asmari, director of Shaqra University, said it has drawn up a roadmap that endeavors to provide the best education to its students in a number of disciplines according to ...
Recently UNIFIL's Nepalese battalion returned once again to the Shaqra-Dubiyye Fort located near Bint Jbeil. For the past four years Nepalese peacekeepers have cleared access paths to the Roman and Byzantine historical site and protected the ancient structure by removing invasive vegetation.
The opening ceremony was attended by Abdullah Mohammed Al Qasem, member of local council of Shaqra and former governor of Huryimila, Col. Fahad Al-Yahya, director of Shaqra Police, Col. Abulrahman Al-Mojaly, director of Shaqra Civil Defense, Abdullah Al-Harbi, mayor of Shaqra, and other city ...
The life story of Asim Abu Shaqra, one of the few Palestinian artists accepted into the canon of Israeli art who died a young man, was and remains one of a struggle for ownership economic, political and symbolic and of self-determination. Not of his own wishes, Abu Shaqra traveled the unavoidable path of ...
Shaqra University in Saudi Arabia will be implementing SAP software in its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Student Lifecycle Management (SLCM) ... staff and students ensuring transparency, streamlined operations, and best-in-class facilities," said Dr Saeed Almallah, rector of Shaqra University.


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