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updated Sat. January 7, 2023

Last month, Lebanese General Security announced plans to implement new controls to further restrict the entry of Syrians into Lebanese territory through the Masnaa Border Crossing, a land-based crossing linking the customs checkpoints of Masnaa in Lebanon and Jdeidat Yabous in Syria. The date on ...

He and 13 members of his family attempted the crossing; six died after a snowstorm hit the Masnaa area in Lebanon. (Diego Ibarra Sanchez for The Washington Post). Article Continued Below. By daybreak, 15 people had frozen to death, a sad new milestone in the tragedy of Syria's seven-year-old war.
Shihab al-Abed and 13 family members tried the crossing; 6 died after a snowstorm hit Lebanon's Masnaa. By daybreak, 15 people had frozen to death, a sad new milestone in the tragedy of Syria's seven-year-old war. Refugees have drowned trying to reach Europe and are regularly shot on the Turkish ...
Turkey Begins Military Operation Against Syrian Kurds. Fifteen bodies, including children, have been uncovered so far after members of the Lebanese army stumbled upon the tragic scene following a fierce winter storm. Authorities were notified of an emergency call from a group of refugees near Masnaa.
The military said in a statement that the bodies were discovered on a people-smuggling route in the early hours of Friday after a snowstorm hit the Masnaa area, where Lebanon's largest official border crossing with Syria is located. "The army saved six other displaced Syrians, one of whom died later in a ...
A man walks while holding a baby as Syrian refugees cross the Lebanese-Syrian border of al-Masnaa in 2012. (Reuters). Asharq Al-Awsat. Lebanon's General Security announced on Wednesday new conditions for the entry of Syrians into Lebanon through the al-Masnaa land border crossing.
The Jawsiyah crossing in the Qussair town southwest of Homs has been closed as a result of the ongoing conflict, and both countries relied largely on the Masnaa crossing near Damascus. Interior Minister Muhammad Sha'ar and Talal Barazi, the governor of Homs, attended the reopening ceremony, ...
The Lebanese Red Cross Tuesday transported the bodies of five Syrians found on the outskirts of Lebanon to the Masnaa border crossing to hand them over to Syrian authorities. you've reached a subscriber-only article. Sign up now and access the full breadth of The Daily Star content in minutes.
With ISIS seemingly on the retreat, is it time for investors to start considering opportunities in facilitating Syria's reconstruction? GRI's Chris Solomon asked Syria expert Rasmus Jacobsen – co-founder and head of analysis for Atlas Assistance, a Beirut-based risk management company – for his views on the ...


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