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updated Tue. May 14, 2024

Image by Barry Hunau. On April 22, 2018 Ali al-Amine (Amin علي الامين), a Lebanese politician and journalist was attacked and hospitalized. He was a candidate for the Shbeana Haki (شبعنا حكي) or “we are fed up” list. He is a candidate for the May 6 elections in Lebanon in the 3rd southern district (South ...

It's a long way from the Middle East, but it is essential training all the same. Irish soldiers yesterday undertook drills at the Glen of Imaal in Co Wicklow, ahead of their peace-keeping deployment to the Lebanon. Members of the 112th Infantry Battalion were on manoeuvres as they entered the final phase of ...
Most of us remember Jame Cameron's movie when we hear the word “Titanic.” The movie is awesome, but the reality that it is based on it is a tragedy. The “Unsinkable Ship,” the RMS Titanic, sank on April 15, 1912, in the North Atlantic Ocean after striking an iceberg. The shipwreck killed more than 1,500 ...
Soldiers who died in the Lebanon have been prayed for today. Donegal soldiers Hugh Doherty and Kevin Barrett were killed in the Lebanon. Those and 45 others were remembered at a wreath-laying ceremony in Tibnine by Ireland's Defence Minister Paul Kehoe. Defence Minister Paul Kehoe, March 17, ...
Minister with responsibility for defence, Paul Kehoe, laid a wreath at an UN monument in Tibnin during a visit to the 380 Irish personnel currently serving with Unifil. ... After a reception with local leaders in Tibnin town hall, Mr Kehoe visited a community project, funded with help from Irish Aid, at Bint Jbeil.
The battalion also offered humanitarian assistance to the local population, including giving aid local orphanage in Tibnin. After the withdrawal of Israeli troops from South Lebanon, the Irish Defence Forces withdrew from the area - leaving behind 11 personnel to oversee the handover of the mission.
TIBNINE, LEBANON: The Malaysian Battalion (Malbatt) is responsible for supplying 180,000 gallons of water to the western sector and secluded campsites of other nations which have difficulty obtaining water. The western sector includes the Irishfinbatt (Irish-Finnish Battalion), as well as the battalions of ...
Fawaz - a Muslim - and Katoura - a Christian - chose to buck the trend in the southern Lebanese town of Tibnine. The couple fell in love seven years ago and decided to have both Islamic and Christian ceremonies to allow each to keep their own religion, according to Lebanese daily Annahar. The church ...
He added that ITALAIR has an “emotional attachment” with the area (Tibnin) and the children since 1997 when the UNIFIL task force lost a five-member crew, including four Italian and one Irish peacekeepers. Established in 1979, just one year after UNIFIL itself was established, ITALAIR or Italian Air is one ...


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