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Islam (/ˈɪslɑːm/)[note 1] is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion teaching that there is only one God (Allah) and that Muhammad is a messenger of God. It is the world's second-largest religion and the fastest-growing major religion in the world, with over 1.8 billion followers or 24.1% of the global population, known as Muslims. Muslims make up a majority of the population in 50 countries. Islam teaches that God is merciful, all-powerful, unique and has guided mankind through prophets, revealed scriptures and natural signs. The primary scriptures of Islam are the Quran, viewed by Muslims as the verbatim word of God, and the teachings and normative example (called the sunnah, composed of accounts called hadith) of Muhammad (c. 570–8 June 632 CE).

Muslims believe that Islam is the complete and universal version of a primordial faith that was revealed many times before through prophets including Adam, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. As for the Quran, Muslims consider it to be the unaltered and final revelation of God. Like other Abrahamic religions, Islam also teaches a final judgment with the righteous rewarded paradise and unrighteous punished in hell. Religious concepts and practices include the Five Pillars of Islam, which are obligatory acts of worship, and following Islamic law, which touches on virtually every aspect of life and society, from banking and welfare to women and the environment. The cities of Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem are home to the three holiest sites in Islam.

Aside from the theological viewpoint, Islam is historically believed to have originated in the early 7th century CE in Mecca, and by the 8th century the Umayyad Islamic caliphate extended from Iberia in the west to the Indus River in the east. The Islamic Golden Age refers to the period traditionally dated from the 8th century to the 13th century, during the Abbasid Caliphate, when much of the historically Islamic world was experiencing a scientific, economic and cultural flourishing. The expansion of the Muslim world involved various caliphates and empires, traders and conversion to Islam by missionary activities (dawah).

Most Muslims are of one of two denominations: Sunni (75–90%) or Shia (10–20%). About 13% of Muslims live in Indonesia, the largest Muslim-majority country, 31% in South Asia, the largest population of Muslims in the world, 23% in the Middle East-North Africa, where it is the dominant religion and 15% in Sub-Saharan Africa. Sizeable Muslim communities are also found in the Americas, the Caucasus, Central Asia, China, Europe, Mainland Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and Russia.

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updated Sat. April 14, 2018

A city council election candidate has called Islam a "barbaric satanic cult", saying he would "never trust a Muslim". Kim Kimberley-Blackstar has also suggested the Queen should have Brexit legal challenger Gina Miller "hanging from Trafalgar Square by the neck". Mr Kimberley-Blackstar has declined ... UKIP

Halal is an Arabic word that means "permissible" and is commonly used to refer to food that meets Islamic standards, but also can refer to other areas of life. Participants at the three-day event, touted as the first halal lifestyle festival in America, include chefs, comedians, beauty gurus and fashion designers. Muslim
Two prominent anti-Muslim campaigners have been denied entry into the UK ahead of a conference held by Britain's newest and most active far-right group. Martin Sellner, from Austria, and the Hungarian Abel Bodi were due to attend the private Generation Identity conference in London on Saturday.
The Mountain View Human Relations Commission will be hosting a three-part speaker series on "Understanding Islam," hosted by Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian. Each event will feature a panel of experts and activists from the Muslim community. Last year, Simitian led a similar Islamic ...

An Islamic scholar has declared bitcoin permissible under Sharia Law, potentially opening up the cryptocurrency market to investment from 1.6 billion ... "Several recent fatawah issued by prominent Muslim scholars offered incomplete or contradictory opinions on the topic," said Matthew Martin, CEO ... market muslims cryptocurrency
In 1835, a young Muslim slave participated in a revolt in the Brazilian city of Bahia. Their group was led by Ahuna, an elderly religious leader who organised the rebellion hoping to free them from bondage. The young man, a devout follower of Ahuna, didn't survive the rebellion, but his body was found ... slaves slavery
Though small, Islam is growing here, just as many people join as leave. NPR's Leila Fadel takes us to Chicago and a Muslim nonprofit that is engaging Muslims and non-Muslims alike through activism. UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #1: (Rapping) The sweeter the juice, the deeper the roots. LEILA ... Muslim
Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | John Peter Mujuni is the Executive Director of Micro finance Support Centre, a government institution charged with providing affordable financing to SMEs. He spoke to Joseph Bahingwire about their new financial services linked to Shariah law. How has been the ...
Jameel Qureshi loves his hometown of Blayney so much he wants to stay there for good, even after he dies. So Mr Qureshi, whose family are believed to be the only Muslims in the NSW central-west town of about 7,000, applied to the local council to create an Islamic section in the Blayney cemetery.
Imam Mohammad Elahi speaks on April 3, 2018, in his Dearborn Heights mosque, Islamic House of Wisdom, against the so-called Punish a Muslim Day fliers that called for violence against Muslims on April 3. ... Imam Elahi said the prophets of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam shared a similar message.
People online are expressing support for Muslims after letters were sent urging violence against them on 3 April, so-called "Punish a Muslim Day". A police investigation has been taking place since letters and online images circulated in March advocating a points-based system for the performance of ...
Muslim homes and nonprofits began receiving letters declaring April 3rd "Punish a Muslim Day" in Britain. The letter detailed specific acts of violence against Muslims that would be rewarded with points, with some of the highest number of points awarded to people who "butchered" a Muslim "using a gun, ...
Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn is facing a lawsuit after a 19-year-old Muslim woman was clobbered from behind by a male patient within 5 seconds of walking up to the emergency room desk. The Feb. 10 incident was caught on surveillance video and led to the arrest of John Deliz, 57, for assault and ...
Sh. Djilali Kacem answers questions from the audience during an Islamic Center of Boulder open house in 2013. (Cliff Grassmick / Staff Photographer). The Islamic Center of Boulder is hosting a "Getting to Know Your Muslim Neighbors" open house on Sunday. The open house and panel discussion, with ...

April 3 was promoted by some on social media as "Punish a Muslim Day." The campaign included flyers that promoted violence against Muslims. The campaign also sparked fear at Pioneers Academy, a Muslim elementary school in Brooklyn Park. In preparation, the principal called the police department ...
The Eugene Islamic Center hasn't received any direct threats, but leaders say they are on heightened alert. ... Police said a flyer promoting "Punish a Muslim Day" was found at Lane Community College. ... Students at the University of Oregon also set up a table on campus Tuesday to talk about Islam.
The letter highlights some horrendously violent offences against followers of an Islamic faith, or at least those who abusers think are Muslims (its unlikely racists can tell the difference). A disturbing 'points' system for completing brutal acts like throwing acid at followers of Islam is detailed in the document.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln students will be able to learn more about Islamic and Arabic culture this week by exploring everything from Arabic coffee to Islam's perception of marriage and relationships through the upcoming Islamic Awareness Week. The events, hosted by the Muslim Student Association ...
Ishak Hossain, president of the Muslim Student Association, knows his friends and classmates have questions about Islam. He aims to help spread ... County Health Department. He also hopes to serve the Missouri Chapter Council on American–Islamic Relations, a Muslim civil rights and advocacy group.
Withdrawing the 2,000 or so U.S. troops might allow the Islamic State, which today controls less than 7 percent of Syria's territory, to rise again. It would almost certainly allow Iran to gain control of eastern Syria, creating a land bridge from Tehran to Damascus and Beirut that would increase the danger to ...
A Muslim college student in a headscarf claimed a Michigan hospital failed to protect her from getting physically assaulted by a patient. In a civil complaint filed in a Dearborn, Michigan, circuit court, a 19-year-old student -- who is identified as "a practicing Muslim" and wears a headscarf, or hijab -- was ...
The Trump Administration is supportive of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's call for talks with the Taliban in order to bring peace to Afghanistan. Russia, Iran and China have also reached out to the group. The interest in talking to the Taliban is partly the result of concerns about the Islamic State in ...
Britain is known for its multicultural status, but many who follow Islam are still stereotyped. We meet the ... Images from Charlotte Bibby's 'Reclaiming Muslim' UK project include Aima Warriach,a 20-year-old niqabi, feminist and artist who was born in Pakistan and moved to Canada as a baby. Reclaiming ...
The Thursday attack occurred during an operation against the Islamic State that also left a British service member dead. Five others were injured. The deaths occurred about two hours after Trump promised in a speech in Ohio to withdraw the roughly 2,000 U.S. troops in Syria “very soon” and “let the other ...
Communities across the UK are bracing themselves for Punish a Muslim Day after letters were sent out calling for violence against Muslims on April 3. ... 21, was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison for attempted murder after he attacked a woman and a 12-year-old girl wearing Islamic clothing.
Teachers in the UK have criticised Amanda Spielman, the head of Ofsted, the government's schools watchdog, over her support for a school that tried to ban the Islamic headscarf, warning that her stance risked increasing the threat of verbal and physical attacks on Muslim girls and women. In a motion ...
While regulations differ across Germany's 16 states according to regional laws, in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) - from 6 p.m. Thursday to 6 a.m. Saturday - "all nonpublic, entertaining events outside of apartments" are banned. Germany's ban extends to a whole host of other activities, from sports events, ...
Internationally, global institutions tend not to market sharia-compliant products as aggressively to Muslim customers only, so there is more uptake among non-Muslim investors. Suliman says Islamic finance products appeal to a variety of customers because of the certainty that they bring. “For example, our ...
Al Hassan Ag Abdoul Aziz Ag Mohamed Ag Mahmoud, identified by the ICC as the "de facto chief of Islamic Police" during the conflict five years ago, was handed over by Mali's authorities and transferred to a detention centre in The Hague, the court said on Saturday. The suspect, who was active in ...
... of hard work come to fruition. The Muslim Bosnian community in Colorado is about 275 families strong, according to the center's news release. Ademir Ceric, president of the mosque's board, said he wants the center to be an educational tool to teach those who are interested in learning more about Islam.
In the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), from 6 p.m. Thursday to 6 a.m. Saturday "all non-public, entertaining events outside of apartments" are prohibited. Not only is dancing prohibited, but a whole host of other activities ranging from sports events, moving home and washing cars to, apparently, Islamic circumcision ...
The meeting was an occasion to commence an open and deeper dialogue with Muslim communities on a number of issues of common interest and concern including, the role and training of imams, the discrimination faced by Muslims, the role of education, religious freedom, the threat of right-wing and ...
She's 20-years-old and she's hoping to change mindsets about Muslims through a beauty pageant. Maria Mahmood is a psychology student from Birmingham who is the first hijab-wearing Muslim to compete in Miss England - now that she's through to the semi-finals. "Muslims are associated with negative ...
Other Islamic scholars argue this misinterprets fundamental Quranic concepts like equality and respect between the sexes. Other Muslim-majority countries, even those with Shariah courts, do not have similarly restrictive male guardianship laws. (Human Rights Watch) says the Saudi system effectively ...
In one recording played for the court Thursday, they can all be heard mapping out Muslim targets on Google Earth, dropping “pins” on a map of Garden ... same day as the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, when a Muslim man killed 49 people — Benson wrote this on Facebook: “Fucking Islam.
Fliers calling for violence against Muslims on 3 April 2018 (dubbed “Punish a Muslim Day” in the mailings) are being investigated as terrorist threats, UK law enforcement officials say. The National Police Chiefs' Association issued a statement on 29 March, assuring the public that the threats were being ...
John Emery, an American convert to Islam, will present "Women in Islam" at 2 p.m. Saturday at the La Crosse Public Library. ... The Islamic Resource Group, an educational nonprofit, was founded to forge insight into the Muslim population in western Wisconsin and Minnesota, dispel myths about the religion ...
Successive governments since the 1980s have tried to create a brand of Islam particular to France, with the dual objective of integrating the country's Muslim minority and fighting Islamist extremism. The goal has been to create an Islam that both conforms to national values, notably secularism, and is ...
As he grew up Muslim, he went to a Muslim school, graduated from a Muslim university with a degree in Islam and was a lay leader in the mosque and also involved in a respectable job in the community. ... Although over half the population in Tanzania is Christian, there is a solid Islamic presence. Many of ...
During the presentation, Bayoumi emphasized how negative perceptions of Muslim and Arab individuals throughout the United States have escalated since the ... Bayoumi said that in the last two decades, the country has adopted discriminatory attitudes that are detrimental to members of Islam and Arab ...
Before he was Phra Visuddho, he was Pisut Aungsupalee. In Thai “Pisut” means “purity”. When his master, Phra Upaseno ordained him as a monk, he took the Pali equivalent, “Visuddho”. Pali is the language of Buddhist texts. Born in Yaowarat, Bangkok's Chinatown district, Pisut – who is Chinese-Thai ...
Even if the Islamic State isn't revived, writes Dan Byman—although it might be—the Middle East as a whole is likely to remain broken. ... In response, al-Qaida delegated more authority to its regional branches, hurting its global image when they killed Muslim civilians or otherwise discredited the cause.
She had been brought up as a Muslim. In her book “Politics of Piety: The Islamic Revival and the Feminist Subject” (2004), Professor Mahmood explored a grass-roots women's movement focused on religious moral reform in Cairo in the 1990s. The movement — one face of a broader Mideast effort to revive ...
In 2013, Akbar Ahmed, a celebrated scholar of Islam and Pakistan's former high commissioner to Britain and Ireland, was invited to speak at a mosque ... “Journey Into Europe” attempts to elucidate why relations between secular European countries and their Muslim populations have grown so fraught, and ...
This is an anodyne example, but it relates to a conundrum facing Germany as a country. To many non-Muslim Germans, the comparatively high significance that many Muslims attach to divine laws raises the question of to whom all the immigrants and refugees who have come to us in recent years would ...
... because that revealed to me just how much of a contrast there was between how reality was in the Middle East, this vastly misunderstood region, and how it was being portrayed in Western media. And while I was there I became acquainted with this religion of Islam from a land in which it is practiced .
Two of the biggest Islamic groups in Indonesia, Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and Muhammadiyah, have pledged to ensure unity in the world's largest Muslim democracy during "the year of politics" and the era of "rampant hoax. In a joint statement issued on Friday, NU and Muhammadiyah said they were ...



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