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Agra: Ramona Goswami, a German citizen and wife of Swami Balendu Goswami, who had unsuccessfully attempted to hold an atheist conference in Mathura on Oct 14, has sought the intervention of the Consulate for the protection of her "human rights".
People will have a choice and that suits other atheists who now feel less worried about being buried in a religious environment.
An atheist resident of Toronto, Canada has filed a complaint with the human rights Tribunal of Ontario against the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) for its alleged discrimination of atheists, agnostics, and ...
In this European country, atheism has become so popular that its influence extends even to the grave. The country is Sweden, which has now opened its first atheist cemetery. More surprisingly to some people, the Church ... He said the cemetery is not ...
An advertising company was forced to take down a billboard sponsored by Lincoln atheists after customers threatened to boycott the gas station where the advertisement was displayed.
However, atheists looking for AA meetings without a God attached will not find one in any of them because the GTA Intergroup eliminated local atheist and agnostic meetings from their promotions and directories. Now, secular options in AA are officially ...
The online atheism community hasn't produced many apps of its own. Many of them are mainly collections of Richard Dawkins quotes in horrible fonts; others, like the atheist Pocket Debater, are explicitly designed to needle Christians. While there are ...
A billboard, sponsored by the Lincoln atheists and which read, "The Good Life Without God? It's possible," has been taken down by the advertising company after local residents threatened to boycott businesses in the area.
Contrast this with the fact that African Americans make up 13 percent of the population as a whole, and that no other racial group falls outside the margin of error for proportional representation, and you can be forgiven for not knowing many black ...
Sweden, sometimes referred to as the "least religious nation in the western world," is opening up its first ever atheist cemetery, which is devoid of any and all religious symbols. The Local reported on Wednesday that the graveyard is opening in ...
Freedom From religion Foundation member Jeffrey Prebeg Jr., 32, of Crafton poses next to his car, which sports a number of atheistic bumper stickers, at his Crafton home, Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016. Prebeg applied for a ... The law is more clearly on the ...
"We are grateful for the work Lamar did for us and with us, but we are disappointed that we don't get an equal platform to share ideas," said Shawn Capler, marketing director of the atheist group. "I think a group like ours is necessary because not ...
A little over a year ago, I left on a wild adventure aboard a nearly 40-foot bus designed to look like a giant coffin. Partially built in my front yard in the San Francisco area, the Immortality Bus caused waves and controversy wherever it went.
About 40 percent of Americans say atheists "do not at all agree" with their vision of America, according to a new study from sociologists at the University of Minnesota who compared Americans' perceptions of minority faith and racial groups.
The results show that despite atheism's dramatic rise in America - growing from only five percent in 1972 to 33 percent by 2014 - 40 percent of adults disapprove of the godless.
But it's on the internet where McHargue - better known as "science Mike" to listeners of "The Liturgists" and "Ask Science Mike" podcasts - found community when he was questioning his Southern Baptist upbringing and then the atheism he had adopted.
WASHINGTON: Muslims are the most disapproved group in the US, according to a new study which also says that almost half of Americans surveyed would not want to have their children marry into this faith.
Former pastor wants to start an atheist organisation. September ... "I conducted a lot of research on various religions by reading religious books such as the Bible, Quran, Hadith and the Torah which eventually led me to atheism," Araeb told New Era ...
Vosper, minister of West Hill United Church in Toronto, has been candid about her atheism for several years. However, a 39-page report by the UCC's Toronto Conference Review Committee earlier this month concluded: "In our opinion, she is not suitable ...
atheists try not to think about the question: "Why is there something rather than nothing?" Atheism has no rational answer to this fundamental question, and even considering the question has the potential to chip away at the beliefs of an atheist. In ...
Liberal, Missouri, looks indistinguishable from any other tiny town in the Midwest. There's a sleepy business district and a single gas station that serves its 750 residents.
When University of Minnesota researchers set out to discover how Americans feel about atheists and othet non-believers, they discovered something that perhaps comes as no surprise in a post-9/11 world: There are many people in the United States who do ...
New Atheism has already succeeded in shifting the cultural landscape of Western civilization, making it far more acceptable to be openly atheist, giving atheists unprecedented public visibility, buttressing the legal boundaries of secularism and ...
Ms. Vosper's atheism first came to light in 2015, when her Conference (similar to a diocese) received letters and e-mails about a woman pastor who is a self-proclaimed atheist who openly states she does not believe in Jesus, nor does she accept the ...
A rural Missouri school district has eliminated any Christian elements from its schools after a complaint from a national atheist organization, according to the Missouri Family Policy Council. The Tipton R-VI School District in Moniteau County took ...
As hard as it is to believe, atheist author and entertainer Penn Jillette believes that it is right to pray. However, the only thing that he would like to change about the act is who people pray to.
We have blogged about the case of the atheist pastor. Gretta Vosper has been a minister in a Toronto congregation of the United Church of Canada, where she preaches atheism. Contrary to my prediction, the plenty liberal denomination has finally removed ...
The student Services finance Committee approved the eligibility of atheists, Humanists and Agnostics club Thursday evening.
In 1945, a novitiate of barely 20 years joined Dharumapuram Mutt, the renowned Saiva monastery. Soon he gained a deep knowledge of Saiva Siddhanta, ...
Islamophobia is real, and it likely won't go away anytime soon.
A fair amount of ink and pixels have been spilled over trying to say just what defines atheism, and I have never bothered to write about the topic because I tend to presume that my audience will have a pretty good idea of what atheists mean by that label.
Lubbock, Texas ( - An atheist activist alliance is threatening to sue a school district for one of its schools displaying the Ten Commandments.
atheist author and entertainer Penn Jillette has recommended to his fellow atheists that they still practice prayer, even if they throw God out of the equation, arguing that it is important for self-reflection.
The New York-based "Black atheists of America," for one, aims to bridge the gap between atheism and the black community.
"There are no mainstream, cultural expressions or depictions, on television for example, to present atheism to the general public," says Edgell.
A school district in Tipton, Missouri has shut its doors to Jesus Christ, prayers, and religious hymns after being reportedly pressured by a private atheist group. The Tipton R-VI School District has decided to rid itself of anything connected with ...
In his latest book, Battling the Gods, Cambridge classicist Tim Whitmarsh looks at the state of atheism in the ancient world.
Ditching religion and coming out as an atheist. NAME WITHHELD. Last updated 10:46 13/09/2016. Share. DNA. 123RF.COM. "Changes in a species come about over time through mutation, small differences in genetic code that arise during reproduction.
Vosper's self-described atheism led to a United Church report published last Wednesday that said she was "not suitable" to carry on.
"There are no mainstream, cultural expressions or depictions, on television for example, to present atheism to the general public," says Edgell.
Hamel is sticking with Gretta Vosper, the United Church minister who was told by church leaders that she is "not suitable" because she calls herself an atheist and preaches about love without referring to Jesus Christ. "Wherever Gretta goes, I go ...
As many as 10,000 people left the Church of Denmark between April and June, statistics from the Scandinavian country have shown, due in part to a nationwide atheist campaign urging people to question the divinity of Jesus, and the importance of ...
Some might join a sports league or a film society or attend a local atheist meet-up. Some might hang out online. But in certain parts of the country, some might join Oasis, a community of humanists, agnostics, atheists, self-identified freethinkers ...






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