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updated Thu. April 27, 2017

United States - The Department of Defense (DoD) has added several Heathen and Pagans religions to its recognized faith groups list after a multi-year effort by Heathen and Pagan religious organizations and individuals. The DoD added or updated just ...
Plus a lot of people who buy Pagan books don't read Pagan blogs. I had seen a few Pagans who turned blog posts into books - I didn't like them.
Summer's getting closer every day, which is reason enough to celebrate, but there's actually a more specific celebration to look forward to: Next Monday, May 1, is the Pagan sabbat Beltane. This seasonal holiday falls directly at the midpoint between ...
Linda Pagan holds a photograph of her son, army Sgt. Derek Roy Pagan, on Tuesday outside of the Killeen Daily Herald on Florence Road in Killeen.
The other two-dozen submissions came from the wide spectrum of Pagans who frequent Raven's Knoll. There are contributions from ADF Druids, Hellenists, Wiccans, Heathens, and Hedge-Witches, to name a few.
In a free display in its Sunley Room, the National Gallery presents The Caged Bird's Song, a new tapestry designed by Ofili, suffused with a sense of magic, myth ...
Since being convicted on child pornography charges Apr. 6, Kenny Klein's supporters have been advocating on his behalf. Klein's sentencing, initially scheduled for Apr. 20, was pushed back to May as his attorney filed several motions, including one for ...
Austin Community Newspapers Staff Family and friends of army Sgt. Derek Pagan pray near the Southeast Austin site where his body was found along U.S.
Dominic Pagan, who just placed seventh in a state rowing competition, would have normally been rowing for a couple of hours Saturday.
The first Earth Day celebration took place in New York City in 1970, which (perhaps not coincidentally) was around the time that a recognizable community was coalescing around this thing we today call "contemporary Paganism." Pagans today have legal ...
Late in the evening, Mr. Pagan said doctors were suturing Dominic's cut, and had checked for spinal injury. "We're very concerned, we're very concerned," said Mr. Pagan. The crash happened in the Intracoastal Waterway, off Bert Winters Park in Juno Beach.
... of Beauty: Pagan Path for the Modern culture." Emore, the executive director of Cherry Hill Seminary, will delve into the diversity of modern and historic Paganism, exploring some of the beliefs Pagans hold, as well as misconceptions held by the ...
ALTHOUGH Noise Annoys favourites Seven Summits haven't been active for a while now, thankfully the Belfast indie outfit's frontman and chief songwriter Rory Nellis is now well on his way to becoming established as a solo artist in his own right.
Columnist Crystal Blanton explores how Pagan beliefs intersect with the professional work done in the social sciences.
During his employment, McCarthy had banned members of the Pagan Outlaws motorcycle gang from the premises after he learned that the Pagans were attempting to extort "protection money" from the owners and other club employees. According to him, the ...
The claim that Easter comes from the Pagan goddess Ostara was made up by 8th century English monk, the Venerable Bede in his book The Reckoning of Time.
Angel Pagan is the most "high profile" free agent available, but the outfielder has just stated his intentions to sit out the 2017 MLB season.
Until now, Greek Pagans did not enjoy religious freedoms such as the right to buy land in order to build houses of worship nor could Pagan priests perform marriage ceremonies. Now the Greek State, through a decision of the Greek Ministry of education, ...
It is also evident in the reasons that drove some Pagans and Heathens to attend the rally. "It's a provocation from the alt-right.
... of Beauty: Pagan Path for the Modern culture." Emore, the executive director of Cherry Hill Seminary, will delve into the diversity of modern and historic Paganism, exploring some of the beliefs Pagans hold, as well as misconceptions held by the ...
Santos Pagan Jr., of North Augusta, poses with Miss Lander, Monica Cleland, after winning the title of Mr. Lander 2017 during a recent male pageant held at ...
The Kalash, who claim to be descendants of Alexander the Great's invading soldiers, have lived in isolation in Pakistan for centuries.
Free-agent outfielder Angel Pagan, who was a key member of two San Francisco Giants World Series teams, told the Puerto Rican newspaper El Vocero that he has decided not to sign with any franchise for the 2017 major league season, although he left the ...
The Kalash, who claim to be descendants of Alexander the Great's invading soldiers, have lived in isolation in Pakistan for centuries.
Whether it's Lana Del Ray performing a binding ritual on Donald Trump or Warpaint strutting down the street, screeching out their savage lyrics, there's something entrancing about a little bit of modern witchiness.
YSEE earn recognition for Greek Paganism in Greece.
It just takes a little more time and a lot more labor," says Pagan, who also operates 2 By design construction with his brother, Wayne.
As you probably already know, nature-based faiths, like Wiccanism and Paganism, worship, well, nature. So, in a sense, "every day is Earth Day," says Pagan author Deborah Blake. Thinking about preserving the Earth and holding it in reverence is part of ...
Earlier this month I received a message on facebook asking if I would like to read a free copy of a digital Pagan kids book, and if I liked it to share it in my Pagan Homeschooling group. Unfortunately, the message went to that stupid requests folder ...
There's an article going around the Blogosphere asking what we have Pagans have accomplished over the first fifty years of our existence, with the implication that "Contemporary Paganism" started in 1967. There's a decent argument that can be made for ...
blogger John Halstead published a new post titled, "It's been 50 years and what have Pagans accomplished." The post begins, "Contemporary Paganism, as it exists today, began with the Counterculture movement of the 1960s and 1970s. religious studies ...
No, it sounds like Pagan wants to make a comeback worth his while. As Andrew Baggarly notes, he has a young family he can spend time with, and enough money to never work again.
"When somebody asks me for something, my job is to try my hardest to make it as easy as possible to provide what they're asking me to do," said Pagan, who was hired by the city in 1996. "And if it's not something I do, then let's find a way to get them ...
New London high school senior India Pagan averaged 15.8 points and 15.8 rebounds over a five-game span in the Class LL state tournament as the Whalers went on to win their second title in four years.
After Easter became established as a Christian holiday, the traditions and symbols of the Pagans remained. Even the name of the holiday Easter is derived Eostre, an Anglo-Saxon goddess associated with spring and fertility.
This fluidity allows the dharma Pagan to know all deity in the most unrestricted sense, whether working with one or multiple, or across pantheons.
This is the story of Easter and how we came to be eating chocolate eggs delivered by rabbits.
Gradually, however, Bott's meticulously researched findings began to find their way into the wider Pagan community, enhancing the understanding of where this popular part of the celebrations actually come from.
Monday, April 10 is the Eve of Passover, or Erev Pesach in Hebrew, when most Jewish families meet to have an annual 'Seder' Meal recounting the story of the people of Israel being led by God from the slavery and bondage in Egypt to the Promised Land ...
-This list is limited to longer festivals, no one day festivals, no picnics. It's also a "general Pagan" list, so there are no Asatru events, Reclaiming Witchcamps, or Gardnerian Gathers.
Like the Romantics a century and a half before, the Pagans of the 1960s and 1970s saw in ancient Paganism a cure for the spiritual alienation of modern industrial civilization.
When I first started on my witchcraft journey it was a book that prompted me to jump in head first. A random find in a charity shop and in fact it was a book about the history of witchcraft - it cost me 50p.
A retired lecturer from the Isle of Wight has plunged head first into the world of Paganism to produce a fascinating insight into some of Britain's forgotten holy sites.
Yet, because of similar traditions about eggs and spring found in ancient cultures, belief persists that Easter has Pagan roots (see websites like www.
Spring brings Pagan festivals, picnics, and other gatherings. It also brings a reminder of how a certain aspect of being a part of the community can be overlooked: Aging Pagans. At Paganicon this year, I was delighted to see more individuals enjoying ...
Together, Pagans all "share an ecological vision that comes from the Pagan belief in the organic vitality and spirituality of the natural world" (BBC).
Cadbury has recently been embroiled in a row with the Church of England after the chocolate maker dropped the word "Easter" from its annual Easter egg hunt.
It's not that he appears to be speaking for all Pagans when that's not his intent (something I've been accused of doing a time or twenty).
Detectives identified Luis Angel Pagan as a suspect in Rojas' death and arrested him without incident. Deputies said they believe Pagan stabbed Rojas because they were romantic rivals. No other details about their "rivalry" have been released. Pagan is ...
The Venerable Bede, in the seventh century, claimed it is derived from the name of the Pagan goddess Eostre, who is associated with spring and fertility.






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