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Ever since Jesus came along in the first century of the common era, claiming to be the son of God and the messiah, there have been a lot of copycats.

However, history is littered with Messiah Claimants who, mainly on the basis of strenuous self-promotion, managed to convince some fellow citizens that they were God or his representative on Earth.
Q. You comment that Jesus wasn't the only one thought to be the Messiah in the New Testament period. A. We know that throughout history there were many Messiah Claimants--and probably at least six during the New Testament period. Acts 5:36-37 names ...
From Wikipedia - List Of Messiah Claimants - there have been 73 false messiahs, 18 of which, or 24 percent, are living right now.
If Josephus is to be believed, name Jesus seems to be a common name in that part of the world during that period and there were Messiah Claimants who were killed by Pilate or Roman legion during that period. And crucifixion is one of the ways that ...





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