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Medina (/məˈdiːnə/; Arabic: المدينة المنورة‎, al-Madīnah al-Munawwarah, "the radiant city"; or المدينة, al-Madīnah (Hejazi pronunciation: [almaˈdiːna]), "the city"), also transliterated as Madīnah, is a city in the Hejaz region of the Arabian Peninsula and administrative headquarters of the Al-Madinah Region of Saudi Arabia. At the city's heart is al-Masjid an-Nabawi ("the Prophet's Mosque"), which is the burial place of the Islamic prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and is the second-holiest city in Islam after Mecca.

Medina was Muhammad's destination of his Hijrah (migration) from Mecca, and became the capital of a rapidly increasing Muslim Empire, under Muhammad's leadership. It served as the power base of Islam in its first century where the early Muslim community developed. Medina is home to the three oldest mosques, namely the Quba Mosque, al-Masjid an-Nabawi, and Masjid al-Qiblatayn ("the mosque of the two qiblas"). Muslims believe that the chronologically final surahs of the Quran were revealed to Muhammad in Medina, and are called Medinan surahs in contrast to the earlier Meccan surahs.

Just like Mecca, the city center of Medina is closed to anyone who is considered a non-Muslim, including members of the Ahmadiyya movement (however, not the entire city is closed) by the national government.

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updated Wed. June 12, 2024

Saudi Arabia was perhaps the key sponsor of the 2013 military coup in Egypt, transferring $5 billion to the putschists overnight after the takeover was complete. That was the same amount as the Muslim Brotherhood had demanded from the International Monetary Fund. The Ankara government condemned ...

After being appointed Cornell's first Muslim chaplain in August, Yasin Ahmed spent his first semester at Cornell counseling students, advocating for more ... a chaplain, previously served as chaplain at multiple schools in Connecticut, including Trinity College, Choate Rosemary Hall and Medina Academy.
Saudi Arabia should open up the country to Christian churches and other faiths, allowing them to practise openly, the Archbishop of Canterbury told ... the ban on non-Muslim faiths practising openly in Saudi Arabia, which has in the past led to arrests of expatriates attending underground “house churches”.
Mada'in, known as Hegra in ancient times, is out in the sandy wastes 400km north of Medina. The site, which mostly dates from the first century AD, has hardly been excavated yet, but 111 tombs rise out of the desert, carved into the yellow sandstone. Saudi Arabia does not have a tourist industry—one of ...
A prominent Tajik businessman and his family have been found dead in Medina, Saudi Arabia. RFE/RL's Tajik Service reports that the dead include businessman Bahtiyor Dodokhonov, his wife, and two sons -- aged 8 and 12. Dodokhonov's parents told RFE/RL on March 7 that Dodokhonov and his family ...
The map above shows Medina, Saudia Arabia, nearly 530 miles away from the capital city of Riyadh. At a Glance. A hail storm battered Medina, Saudi Arabia, over the weekend. Dozens were injured at a popular mosque. Schools were closed because of the weather. People were injured and vehicles were ...
Schools across Saudi Arabia have been closed due to severe weather conditions. The state-run Saudi Press Agency reported schools in the capital, Riyadh, the city of Medina and in the provinces of Ramah, Thadiq, Muzahmia, Hremala, Diraya and Durma were closed on Sunday. The decision to close the ...
The holy cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia are visited by millions of religious devotees from all around the world, and that recently included visitors from Vermont. The journey to Mecca is the fifth pillar of Islam, a rite of passage for believers. The Hajj to Mecca is performed at a certain time of year, ...
In the latest in a series of steps aimed at enhancing women's rights, Saudi Arabia has invited women to join its military. Saudi nationals aged between 25 and 35 were given the opportunity to apply for positions with the rank of soldier in Riyadh, Mecca, al-Qassim and Medina. Earlier this year, women were ...
While the idea of an Indian state (Republic of India) coexists comfortably with the idea of a Hindu nation, the idea of a Muslim state (Pakistan) is way off ... In his book, Creating a New Medina: State Power, Islam, and the Quest for Pakistan in Late Colonial North India, Venkat Dhulipala, clearly brings out the ...


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