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A Muslim, sometimes spelled Moslem, relates to a person who follows the religion of Islam, a monotheistic and Abrahamic religion based on the Quran. Muslims consider the Quran to be the verbatim word of God as revealed to the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. They also follow the teachings and practices of Muhammad as recorded in traditional accounts called hadith. "Muslim" is an Arabic word meaning "one who submits (to God)". A female Muslim is sometimes called a Muslimah. There are customs holding that a man and woman or teenager and adolescent above the age of fifteen of a lunar or solar calendar who possesses the faculties of rationality, logic or sanity, but misses numerous successive Jumu'ahs without a valid excuse, no longer qualifies as a Muslim.

Most Muslims will accept anyone who has publicly pronounced the declaration of faith (shahadah) as a Muslim. The shahadah states:

There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God. logo
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As Khizr Khan made his way through the dining room at the Muslim Educational Trust building in Tigard, visitors peeked over each others' shoulders to catch a glimpse of the man who would take the podium in just over an hour.
As Samajwadi Party looks heading for a split, Muslim community leaders have a message for its chief Mulayam Singh Yadav: end the family feud soon or our votes would end up with BSP in the next year's Assembly polls, which in turn would help the BJP.

This is not everything. There is sectarian conflict in nearly every country within the Islamic World. Who is a Muslim and who is not is a question that is on the mind of many Muslims. Through the practice of "Takfir," religious clergy known as mullahs ...
Spokesperson to the Flagbearer of the largest Opposition party in Ghana, New Patriotic Party, (NPP) Mustapha Hamid has stated that, the chances of Muslims getting leadership in Ghana in the future would be determined by the fate of Dr. Bawumia in this ...
Now, CAIR Oklahoma is making sure the Muslim community is well informed of all the state issues before heading to the ballot box.
Talking about the rights of Muslim women, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that the issue of Triple Talaq should not be politicised.

sharia law, the general set of rules and teachings Muslims follow as part of their religion, has often been depicted by American politicians as a dictatorial set of rules extremists want to instate.
Hyderabad: Shehnaaz Sheikh was 24 when she challenged Muslim Personal Law in the Supreme Court in 1983, the first one to do so.
The FBI, too, is working to bolster its outreach with Muslims, said Richard Esler III, who serves as the agency's liaison to the Muslim community. To be successful, he said, the FBI needs more Muslims to work as special agents and translators and in ...
Just like if any Hindu commits female feticide he will have to go to jail, similarly what is the crime of my Muslim sisters that some one says talaq over phone and her life is destroyed," he said addressing a "Maha Parivartan Rally" here in the ...
Anaheim - Amidst the season's heated political rhetoric involving Muslims, people around Orange County gathered at local mosques Sunday for "Open Mosque Day," a chance to get to know their Muslim neighbors better and learn about the realities of Islam ...
"The actions of few racist individuals should not be taken to represent the whole community, just as the Muslim community should not negatively labelled or held responsible for the actions of the very few terrorists who happened to be Muslims," she said.
How could I squander such privilege, particularly when so many Muslim women in the world never get to vote? Voting my conscience - by abstaining - is a painful decision.
Such an ad would have been unthinkable as recently as four years ago, as Barack Obama grappled with false rumors that he was a secret Muslim. It's surprising even now, amid a national campaign that has seen direct demonization of Muslims. But Donald ...
A Muslim man whose children have been taken into care after a High Court judge decided that they had been abused has complained of social workers being prejudiced against him.
According to a separate report, in just June and July, Muslim Fulani tribesmen targeted and invaded several Christian-majority villages.
Still, the precipitous increase in Muslim hate crimes, for such a small group, about one percent of the population, resulted in Muslims not only increasing in the aggregate, but as a proportion of hate crime targets, up from 2.66 percent in 2014 of all ...
The speakers aim to empower Muslims to rise above fear, suspicion and mistrust they could encounter from non-Muslims. Saad said Muslim-Americans have a responsibility to combat misperceptions. "I believe the best cure for Islamophobia is for Muslims to ...
Being Muslim in South Dakota means navigating cultural barriers.
Fifty-six percent of the affected refugees said that they were subjected to violent assaults and were beaten up while 42 percent of them said that they or their family members received death threats both from fellow refugees and Muslim staff, including ...
It put out a questionnaire on 7 October, which faced stiff opposition from the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) and some legal experts as it was alleged that it focuses mainly on the Muslim laws, ignoring discriminatory practices ...
The Immaculate Conception B.V.M. Catholic Church in Bristol Township, located 25 miles outside of Philadelphia, was purchased by the United American Muslim Society, based in Brooklyn, New York, for $1.775 million last Friday. The church had been closed ...
A political action committee set up by the creators of the humorously cynical party game Cards Against Humanity erected a billboard in Dearborn, Michigan this past weekend consisting of an Arabic slogan implying that GOP presidential candidate Donald ...
TRENTON - When Fatma Farghaly responded to a Craigslist ad seeking a one-bedroom apartment in Elizabeth, authorities say, she was told to come check it out.
The young Muslim woman, born and raised in South Florida, had traveled to Ontario, Canada, to attend her sister's wedding.
The former Immaculate Conception B.V.M. Catholic Church, on Emilie Road, was sold for $1,775,000 last Friday to the United American Muslim Society of Brooklyn, reports. The group is the parent corporation for the Turkish American ...
While his GB teammates were busy enjoying a parade in London, gymnast Louis Smith was absent from the celebrations in Trafalgar Square.
And even under Trump's new and improved "Muslim ban" that would require "extreme vetting" and ban Muslims from countries that are linked to terrorism, Malik wouldn't have been able to get past customs. There have been numerous terrorist attacks in ...
The UK government's Prevent counter-extremism strategy is counter-productive and has led some Muslims to question their place in British society, a new report on Wednesday warned.
"The media is hype about Muslim women right now, but only the ones that fit a certain kind of image," I told Contessa Gayles.
A millionaire businessman from New York City strangled his British girlfriend in a hotel room after meeting her on a Muslim dating site, a court heard. Nadine Aburas, 28, was found on New Year's Eve by hotel staff hours after her killer fled in her car ...
Cooper, 38, also from Jamaica, was doing the "dirty work" for Rashad, 63, who had a long-running dispute with married father-of-six Mr Arwani over the running of the An Noor cultural and Community Centre in Acton.
The three men labeled Muslims as "cockroaches" and "raghead bitches," according to transcripts of their conversations in court docs, and the group contemplated targeting churches and businesses that supported refugees.
Republican nominee Donald Trump's rhetoric towards Muslims was a catalyst for the formation of the Pac. Trump has stoked anti-Muslim sentiment on several occasions throughout the campaign, including an initiative to ban all Muslims from coming into the ...
Given the massive level of unchecked profiling Donald Trump is encouraging his supporters to commit (and also, maybe, his amorphous Muslim ban proposal), it's hardly inconceivable that the Republican presidential nominee's campaign can't find a willing ...
The Rajiv Gandhi government had invalidated a SC verdict that set aside some rights of divorced Muslim women. The Modi government has now contended that ...
A woman screams in pain as she is caned in public after breaking strict Islamic laws. She was one of 13 people to be punished in the ultra orthodox Indonesian province of Aceh, with hundreds of people cheering.
According to Huffington Post reports, three white men who are believed to be members of domestic terrorist group "The Crusaders" plotted to kill Muslim residents in the state, focusing specifically on a local apartment complex in garden City. The ...
It follows complaints by Muslim tourists from overseas, said Sirajuddin Suhaimee, director of the halal division from the Department of Islamic Development.
Criticism of Prevent is damaging to other Muslim groups trying to counter extremism.
We've seen several stories about Trump supporters attacking Sikhs this year after mistaking them for Muslims. So you can only imagine the horror that Indiana man Gurinder Singh Khalsa felt when he discovered that a Trump campaign flier intended to ...
A billboard has appeared alongside a Michigan highway mocking Donald Trump and his xenophobic rhetoric about Muslims and immigration.
But if you knew where to look, angels were everywhere: the firefighter who stormed the Twin Towers never to return home, the Marine on a midnight operation against the Taliban, the ordinary American who resisted the simplistic impulse to paint all ...
A Muslim woman had her hijab repeatedly grabbed by an "
The demonstration, which took place on Wednesday, was instigated by Imam Ali Islamic Center, a Shia Muslim mosque which has had known ties to hate preachers calling for the murder of homosexuals.
When in last week's presidential debate Donald Trump suggested that Muslims in the United States should "report when they see something going on," he sparked a satirical backlash on twitter mocking the idea that every Muslim has some secret knowledge ...
NORTHFIELD, Vt. - Despite being the first woman allowed to wear a Muslim headscarf beneath her military uniform at the nation's oldest private military college, Sana Hamze says she doesn't feel like a pioneer.
Muslim Americans describe the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks as a seminal moment that painfully altered their place in American society.






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