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updated Fri. April 19, 2024

As a child, Kanako Uzawa treasured her school vacations, when she traveled from Tokyo to her family farm in Nibutani, a remote village in northern Japan. “There were rice .... She speaks Galician at home, and spent her summer vacations with her grandparents in a small village in Galicia. Today, she can ...

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, or PACE, on April 24 awarded the 2018 Europe Prize to the Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk. The prize is awarded to the town most active in promoting the European ideal. Ivano-Frankivsk, the capital of Ivano Frankivsk Oblast, is twinned with as many ...
With their plentiful seafood, the rias serve as the lifeblood of Galicia and its culinary economy, distinguishing it from the rest of the country. A wealth of species live ... Santiago de Compostela, a historic city teeming with lively restaurants and bars, serves as the gateway to the region. A deeply spiritual town, ...
As neo-Nazi extremists prepared to celebrate Adolf Hitler's birthday on April 20 across Germany, Ukraine's far-right set up an open-air exhibition in the city of Lvov to mark the 75th anniversary of the formation of the 1st Galician Division, a notoriously cruel SS fighting force made up predominantly of ...
Torres and Galicia haven't repeated themselves in the five years they've been open, and they don't intend to. New ideas are not in short supply. In some sort of spiritual mind meld, Mixtli draws from the soul of San Antonio, a city that honors its indigenous and Spanish roots while striding onto the modern stage.
Balearic Beverage has been importing the Estrella Galicia beer brand to the US for the past 20 years, and its portfolio of brands now includes Estrella Galicia and 1906 Special Reserve beers, Maeloc hard cider, ... Balearic Beverage Distributors is looking for a New York City / New Jersey Market Manager.
In Muxia, a fishing town on Galicia's Costa da Morte, a retired fisherman called Moncho de Pesco explains that the poachers use boats with powerful motors and have lookouts posted in strategic positions both at land and sea, sometimes armed with sticks. When they dive under, there's little that escapes ...
The signed mural of two Civil Guards locked in a kiss appeared on Tuesday morning on a wall that was officially “reserved for Banksy” in a bid to tempt the infamous anonymous artist into town. The space had been deliberately left blank during a regeneration project last September that invited urban artists ...


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