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updated Fri. March 23, 2018

FULL-TIME, Russia 0-3 Brazil: Gabriel Jesus was very quiet and nearly suffered a bad ankle injury thanks to an awful challenge from a Russian defender, plus Ederson and Fernandinho were on the bench all game and never came on. So not a great game for Manchester City fans, but there is a ...
Week in pictures: From Newroz celebrations to Brazil protests ... The newly released Dapchi schoolgirls in Jumbam village, Yobe State, Nigeria. ... downtown Rio de Janeiro, during a protest against the death of Councilwoman Marielle Franco, who was killed by two unidentified attackers in the Brazilian city. Brazil

Supporters Demand Answers After the Murder of Marielle Franco, Brazil's Rising Political Star ... Brazilian authorities are facing mounting pressure to identify those responsible for the murder of Rio de Janeiro city councilwoman and rights activist Marielle Franco, who was gunned down last week in ...
As pressure grows on the authorities in Brazil to find the killers of Rio de Janeiro councillor Marielle Franco, an open letter by international activists, writers, ... had denounced killings blamed on police and was in charge of a city council commission monitoring the Brazilian government's "federal ... murder
"Brazil used to be a really nice town and now there is more and more abandoned houses." Wyndham says they are currently in the process of tearing down six vacant homes. Homes, like the one Black lives next to, has been marked an unsafe building. This gives city officials to take action. "We don't ...

The targeted assassination of Marielle Franco, a 38-year-old human rights defender and city councilor known for denouncing police abuses and extrajudicial executions, is a sickening development that must be fully investigated, said Amnesty International today. Marielle was shot dead in Rio de Janeiro's ...
PACARAIMA: The remote Brazilian town of Pacaraima is used to outsiders-tourists curious about spectacular nearby mountains-but a sea of ... Most Venezuelans arriving in Pacaraima try to move straight on to the nearest sizeable city in Brazil's Roraima state, Boa Vista, where much of the refugee aid is ...
... other cities across Brazil have taken to the streets to mourn a murdered politician who had campaigned against police brutality. Marielle Franco, a 38-year-old Rio city councillor, was viewed by many as a champion of women's rights. Ms Franco and her driver were both shot dead while in her car on Wednesday. Brazilian ...
These municipalities are located in a range of 96 and 162 kilometers from the city of Rio de Janeiro. In Minas Gerais, 28.3% of the confirmed cases reside in municipalities located south and southeast of the city of Belo Horizonte, and where no human cases were detected during the outbreak in the ...
A new report charting murder rates around the world has revealed that Los Cabos in Mexico is the deadliest city on Earth, with a staggering 111.33 ... Brazil remains the country with the most entries in the top 50, with a hefty 17 cities making the list, including Natal (4th, 102.56), Fortaleza (7th, 83.48) and ...
Two British tourists have been shot in a Brazilian city as muggers riding a motorcycle tried to snatch their belongings. Police said the two men, who are brothers aged 20 and 26, were attacked while walking back to their hotel in the northeastern city of Porto Seguro on Friday. The victims told investigators ...
New information from the World Health Organization (WHO) confirms that Brazil's ongoing yellow fever outbreak is centered in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Minas Gerais states, with many infections occurring near the country's largest cities. "Unlike the previous seasonal period, the current seasonal ...
At least 1,000 people marched in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday to protest the recent killing of Marielle Franco, a city councilwoman and human rights activist, according to The Associated Press. Ms. Franco and her driver, Anderson Pedro Gomes, were shot dead by assailants on Wednesday night ... Brazil Murder
The remote Brazilian town of Pacaraima is used to outsiders — tourists curious about spectacular nearby mountains — but a sea of Venezuelan refugees is ... Most Venezuelans arriving in Pacaraima try to move straight on to the nearest sizeable city in Brazil's Roraima state, Boa Vista, where much of the ... Brazil
He argued instead that Brazil is facing a “copying crisis”: There is plenty of data about the performance of schools across municipalities in Brazil, with huge variations, but it's clear that the poor performers don't improve. Transferring experiences from one country to another can be difficult, but learning from ... Brazil

Of the 50 cities on the list, 42 are in Latin America, including 17 in Brazil, 12 in Mexico, and five in Venezuela. Colombia had three, Honduras had ... The Council was also unable to gather 2017 full-year data for the city, leading it to calculate last year's tally based on previous estimates. Two other cities in ... Brazil
Brazil is seeking to vaccinate 23 million people as a wave of yellow fever threatens Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The disease, which causes yellowing of the skin and eyes and is transmitted by mosquitoes, kills between 3 and 8 per cent of those infected. Outbreaks of yellow fever in large cities are ... Brazil
Instead, the virus began moving south and east, following forest corridors inhabited by monkeys toward the big coastal cities and triggering a public health .... to inoculate 95 percent of the population in 77 cities and towns in the virus's path — a total of 23 million people, including 12 million in this city alone. Brazil
PIC: A reveller of the Mocidade Alegre samba school performs during the second night of carnival in Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the city's Sambadrome on Saturday. ... BARZIL - "No means no" is a new battle cry for Brazilian women mobilising against assault at carnival, a raucous party whose free-wheeling ... Brazil
Teenagers playing with mud started the Bloco da Lama in 1986 and it has since become an annual event in the city of Paraty. Hundreds of people wrestle, coat each other in mud and throw it around to the sound of samba and reggaeton at a carnival beach party. Clothes are optional, but mud is not. Sun 11 ... Brazil
Brazil's financial capital and one of the 10 most populated cities in the world went through a similar ordeal to Cape Town in 2015, when the main reservoir fell below 4% capacity. At the height of the crisis, the city of over 21.7 million inhabitants had less than 20 days of water supply and police had to escort ... Brazil
IRACICABA, Brazil — From its gleaming, year-old factory in this southeast Brazilian city, Oxitec, a British biotech firm, has built a thriving business ... In coming months, the company said, it hopes to finalize contracts with another handful of Brazilian cities, beginning with interventions that cover areas with as ... Brazil
[Venezuelan migrant men holding placards looking for work in the Brazilian city of Boa Vista, Roraima state, October 2017. Photo courtesy of ... the frontier. Brazil also announced that it would double its troops to patrol frontier regions, and would start relocating Venezuelans to towns and cities in its interior. Brazil
... be lining up at 1 p.m. on North Sherman Street, next to where the Brazil City Garage is located, instead of the previously announced location. Brazil
Symbol of Cuban Medical Brigade Wants to Stay in Brazil ... When Delgado landed at Fortaleza city's airport, in Brazil's northeast, in August 2013, ... The next day, Brazilian media published photos and videos of a black man ... medicine in the remote Ze Doca municipality – in the Maranhao state's interior. Brazil
Evelyn C. Woodfork Pearson, 75 of Brazil, formerly of Cory, passed away September 20, 2017 at Springhill Village following a short ... at 1:00pm at Schoppenhorst Funeral Home in Clay City with Pastor Bob Roush officiating. Brazil
By the mid-1800s, the towns and cities of Brazil experienced an unprecedented urbanization. Cities grew in population but lacked adequate ... Brazil
Luz, the downtown historic district of the Brazilian city, should be a cultural gem ... Similar "Cracklands" exist in cities across Brazil, which is home to some one ... Brazil
In many cities, rivers play an integral part in the formation of a local landscape ... stretches of the Belem and Ivo rivers, in the center of the city. Brazil
Of the 50 cities on the list, 43 are in Latin America, including 19 in Brazil, eight in Mexico, and seven in Venezuela. The region's violence is in ... Brazil
Residents of a Brazilian town were stunned by the appearance of a ... in the city of Teixeira de Freitas, in the extreme south of the Brazilian state ... Brazil
The top-flight class of Manchester City and Sergio Aguero eventually ... from the Brazilian was City's sole clear-cut opportunity of a goalless first half. ... before the off-balance Brazil striker thrashed the rebound against the post. Brazil
Angra dos Reis has seen job losses as a result of the scandal engulfing state-run Petrobas oil company and economic crisis in Rio de Janeiro ... Brazil
One last controversy surrounding the Nishi Gateway project was put to rest Friday when the Yolo Superior Court ruled in favor of the city of ... Brazil
The top-flight class of Manchester City and Sergio Aguero eventually told as Brighton and Hove Albion's Premier League bow ended in a 2-0 ... Brazil
Azul to open Brazilian route from Fort Lauderdale to Amazon gateway .... The colonial city of Belem in northern Brazil, is one of the country's most ... our strategic positioning in these important cities,” said David Neeleman, ... Brazil
A couple weeks ago, Brazil's government deployed 8,500 troops in the city to fight increasingly violent organized crime gangs. ... Deodoro Olympic Park, long hailed by Brazilian politicians and Olympic proponents ... And the 31 towers that made up the athletes village, which were set to be transformed into ... Brazil
Back in May, Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus posted a ... participating in the deeply Brazilian ritual of painting and decorating his local ... Brazil
The teams played games that were scheduled for July 19 in the city of Araraquara, ... While in Brazil the teams experienced educational, cultural and social aspects of Brazilian life through city, school and sports club visits. Brazil
On May 14, 2013, Brazil's National Council of Justice ruled that same-sex ... (Previously, about half of Brazil's 27 jurisdictions had allowed same-sex marriage.) .... Same-sex couples could register with a city clerk and formally ... Brazil
RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazil's attorney general strongly criticized Congress' lower house Monday for voting against putting President Michel ... Brazil
(Newser) – A British woman traveling in Brazil took a terrible wrong turn Sunday and ended up getting shot in front of her family. Eloise Dixon ... Brazil
Thousands of Brazilian army troops raided Rio de Janeiro slums in a pre-dawn ... parts of the city looking like a war zone on the first anniversary of the ... a serious hangover for what should be one of Brazil's richest regions. Brazil
Police in Brazil say one of the child actors from the acclaimed film City of God is a suspect in Sunday's killing of an officer in one of Rio de ... Brazil
Ederson says he is proud to have received his first Brazil call-up as he adjusts to the Premier League with Manchester City. The 23-year-old ... Brazil
In the lead-up to March 8th, International Women's Day, Jezebel spoke with strike organizers from Brazil, Argentina, and Peru, who have been building the event locally and in partnership with women around the world. Brazil
Gabriel, of Brazil's Flamengo, right, fights for the ball with Fernando Belluschi, of Argentina's San Lorenzo, during a Copa Libertadores soccer match at Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Wednesday, March 8, 2017. Felipe Dana AP Photo. Brazil
Brazil's government for years now has been concessioning out infrastructure to boost investment and foster modernization, with a heavy focus on ports, but this latest round if noteworthy for its dedication of 30 billion reais to the nation's railroads ... Brazil


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