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updated Thu. April 26, 2018

The Brazilian government has this week designated two new marine protected areas, increasing the area of Brazilian waters covered from 1.5 to 24.5 per cent. Brazil's president Michel Temer made the announcement during the 8th World Water forum taking place in Brasilia from 18 to 23 March, after a two-year ...
Brazil used to subsidise roughly 50% of the country's total credit via below-market-rate loans to large corporations. To finance the programme, the government itself had to borrow at lofty rates. The upshot? Brazilian interest rates were at one time among the world's highest, but since the ... debt
A report commissioned by the Brazilian Senate concluded that "the Brazilian state, directly or indirectly, perpetrates the genocide of the young black population." That same government provides Brazil's hyper-militarized police force with the tools to commit some of the worst human-rights atrocities in ...

Brazil government signs up over 2,000 cities for internet program. By Phil Anderson Friday, March 9, 2018. BNamericas. Notify me Bookmark. Share ... The governors of at least 2,260 Brazilian cities are expected to sign agreements on Monday to join the government's Internet for .
Coca-Cola and Nestle are negotiating with the Brazilian government to privatize the Guarani Aquifier in South America. ... 2016 that the companies were negotiating for control of the aquifer, a water reserve that spans about 460,000 square miles under the surface of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Bolivia.
Most of South Africa's white slime is reportedly imported from Brazil, and is used in processed meats. White slime is also imported from Thailand, Argentina and the US. ... But the Brazilian government denied that it was to blame. "We believe it is unfair and irresponsible to hold Brazilian meat liable for the ...
They are among the poorest people in Brazil, with a poverty rate of around 75 percent among quilombolas, compared to 25.4 percent in the general population, government data shows. In Quilombo Cachoeira Porteira, where Ms. Souza lives, the quilombolas eke out a living by harvesting nuts, and through ...
A special congressional committee has been formed to analyze federal bill PL 9463/18, which proposed the privatization of Brazil's state-owned energy company, Eletrobras. The commission, which was set up after Senate-imposed Brazilian President Michel Temer was unable to secure enough votes to ...
Those lined up on the January morning in Sao Paulo were also racing against the clock. The Brazilian government, faced with the task of vaccinating millions as quickly as possible, said it would begin reducing vaccine doses in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro by the end of January to help stretch supplies.
(RTTNews) - The Brazilian government can change the tax structure on fuel prices, but this kind of decision still needs to be discussed with the country's states, said Minister of Finance, Henrique Meirelles, in an interview with CBN radio. Meirelles was talking about a state tax (ICMS) that varies from a ... government Taxes
There is currently a spike of yellow fever cases in Brazil, with at least 25 deaths reported this year from the viral disease. The Brazilian government, despite launching a mass vaccination drive to try to contain the spread of yellow fever, has struggled to reach everyone, particularly the most vulnerable ... government Taxes
Brazilian President Michel Temer has declared that the federal government will be intervening in the public security of Rio de Janeiro. As a result, the Armed Forces will take control of the state's security responsibilities. The federal government's idea is to extend the measure until December of 2018, ... government Taxes
Brazilian Defense Minister Raul Jungmann said on Wednesday (the 14th) that scenes of violence seen in Rio de Janeiro during Carnival "are inadmissible and unacceptable" and have "a major impact on the government". According to the Minister, the government ought to be announcing new measures for ... government Taxes
The deal would to form a join unit to produce Embraer commercial jets, while allowing the Brazilian government to have a decision-making role, person with knowledge of the matter told AFP earlier this month. But Embraer's defense aviation business would remain under Brazilian control, said the source, ... government Taxes

POLITICS is no novelty at Brazil's carnival celebrations, but some themes are more danceable than others. Beija-Flor, one of Rio de Janeiro's most famous samba schools, won this year's carnival competition with a lament about corruption and crime and a celebration of tolerance. Pension reform seems ... government Taxes
The Brazilian government says that some 40,000 Venezuelans have now fled the economic breakdown and political unrest in their oil-rich country to take shelter in Boa Vista, capital of Brazil's border state of Roraima. Temer's decree on the emergency will also order more checkpoints in the state and a field ... government Taxes
The only reason the government isn't violating the golden rule is that, from 2016 onward, the federal government has been using funds from the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) in order to make up for the money being borrowed to pay for recurring expenditures – the government borrowed R$ 100 ... government Taxes
A January 12 article on the website of O Globo, one of Brazil's most widely read daily newspapers, alleges that Brazil's government is seeking to work with Google to customize search results for Brazilian users, based on their location and possibly other characteristics. According to the O Globo article, which ... government Taxes
RIO DE JANEIRO, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) -- The Brazilian government announced Thursday it would build 650,000 new houses this year within the social housing program 'Mi Casa, Mi Vida' (My House, My Life), which aimed at providing homes for poorer families. At a speech in Brasilia, the minister of cities, ... government Taxes
Jardim said the Brazilian government plans to spread the immigrants to other states and employ qualified workers. A large portion of the immigrants have a college education, and the government said it will officially recognize academic diplomas. A census of Venezuelan immigrants will also be conducted ... government Taxes
Speaking in Cucuta, a Colombian border city of about 670,000 inhabitants, Santos warned that his government would strictly prosecute any unlawful behaviour by Venezuelans, amid concerns over rising crime. He said Colombia was spending millions of dollars to support the migrants. Brazil's Defense ... government Taxes
BOA VISTA, Brazil (Reuters) - The Brazilian government will deploy more troops on its border with Venezuela and start relocating tens of thousands of Venezuelan refugees who have fled into northern Brazil, Defense Minister Raul Jungmann said on Thursday. Jungmann said a census will be conducted to ... government Taxes
RIO DE JANEIRO—After having successful presalt auctions in 2017, with supermajors such as Petrobras, Royal Dutch Shell, ExxonMobil, Statoil and BP winning exploration rights, the Brazilian government aims to make more acreage available. The auction would offer blocks in a region known as the ... government Taxes
In a statement, Brazil's Agriculture Minister Blairo Maggi said the suspension had been lifted, which "allowed the export of any shipment of live cattle in the country's ports". He said the court found that all of the government's export permits "fully complied with the laws". "Victory for Brazilian farming. Exports ... government Taxes
Brazil's government has won a court decision allowing the export of live cattle, overturning an injunction obtained by an animal rights group, the Agriculture Ministry said on Monday. “Victory for Brazilian farming. Exports freed,” Agriculture Minister Blairo Maggi said in a statement announcing that a Sao ... government Taxes
BRAZIL's Ministry of Cities has authorised the Federal District government to proceed with a Reais 333.4m ($US 103m) project to upgrade and extend Brasilia's metro network. The deal was signed at a ceremony held at the Planalto Palace attended by Brazil's president Mr Michel Temer, the minister of ... government Taxes
As the 2018 general elections loom, the integrity of government institutions and the rule of law – exhaustively examined following the impeachment of former ... Instead, recent developments have exposed the chronic weakness of another institution in the Brazilian political playing field, one that is ultimately ... government Taxes
But the talks, which moved into high gear late last year, are advancing at a politically fraught time in Brazil, and the Brazilian government — which owns a so-called golden share that gives it veto power over any change in ownership at Embraer — could derail a deal the two companies are said to be racing ... government Taxes
BRASILIA, Jan 30 (Reuters) - Brazil's minister of political affairs Carlos Marun said on Tuesday that the government was looking to make a fresh push to secure the votes it needs to get a pending pension overhaul approved next month. Marun, who is the minister in charge of President Michel Temer's ... government Taxes
A January 12 article on the website of O Globo, one of Brazil's most widely read daily newspapers, alleges that Brazil's government is seeking to work with Google to customize search results for Brazilian users, based on their location and possibly other characteristics. According to the O Globo article, which ... government Taxes
Yesterday afternoon, official Twitter account of Brazil's Federal Police (its FBI equivalent) posted an extraordinary announcement. The bureaucratically nonchalant tone it used belied its significance. The tweet, at its core, purports to vest in the federal police and the federal government that oversees it the ... government Taxes
In the latest meeting, the TSE also presented a report which included insights from the in-depth analysis on how countries such as the US, Germany and France are dealing with the issue, as well as proposed measures to be adopted in Brazil based on the study findings. Additionally, councilors discussed ... government Taxes
(RTTNews) - The Brazilian federal government is still deciding if it will appeal to the country's Supreme Court in an attempt to move forward with the appointment of Cristiane Brasil as Minister of Labor. A Brazilian justice barred Brasil's nomination amid news that she was convicted of violating local labor ... government Taxes
The move to obtain new censorship authority over the internet by Brazilian police officials would be disturbing enough standing alone given Brazil's status as the world's fifth most populous country and second-largest in the hemisphere. But that Brazil's announcement closely follows very similar efforts ... government Taxes
Brazil will give its "blessings" to any "partnership or joint venture" between Embraer (NYSE:ERJ) and Boeing (NYSE:BA), but would rule out any proposal that involves a change of ownership, Defense Minister Raul Jungmann told the FT. Brazil's government has also set up a group to "accompany this ... government Taxes
26, Brazil's government stripped Venezuela's top diplomat in Brasilia, Gerardo Antonio Delgado Maldonado, of his credentials and kicked him out of the country. ... The Brazilian reaction was probably expected in Caracas, as it is the standard diplomatic response, and relations with Brazil had already badly ... government Taxes
An estimated 400,000 to 800,000 women have an abortion each year in Brazil, the vast majority of them illegal. According to the Health Ministry, more than 200 women died in 2015 after undergoing abortions. If caught, a woman can be sentenced to up to three years imprisonment and the performer of the ... government Taxes
After swathes of forest clearance, millions of tonnes of concrete and decades of hydro-expansion, Brazil has raised hopes that it may finally step back from the construction of new mega-dams. In a surprise statement, a senior government official said hydropower policy needed to be rethought in the face of ... government Taxes
Brazil has said it will not allow Boeing to take over aerospace and defense firm Embraer. Embraer first confirmed in December that it was in discussions with Boeing over a potential deal. Embraer is the third largest producer of civil aircraft, after Airbus and Boeing. The Brazilian government holds a ... government Taxes
RIO DE JANEIRO, Jan. 3 (Xinhua) -- The Brazilian government announced on Wednesday that Cristiane Brasil would be the country's next labor minister. The 44-year-old federal congresswoman is a member of the Brazilian Labor Party (PTB), an ally of the government. She will replace her fellow party ... government Taxes
Brazil's government this week announced a major shift away from its policy of building mega-dams in the Brazilian Amazon – a strategy born during the country's military dictatorship (1964-1985) and vigorously carried forward down to the present day. The Temer government claims the decision is a ... government Taxes
On Thursday, Boeing Co (NYSE: BA) confirmed a Wall Street Journal report that the aerospace giant is looking to buy Brazilian commercial jet maker Embraer SA (ADR) (NYSE: ERJ). The companies said in a release they are engaged in discussions regarding a potential combination. government Taxes
Boeing could face a challenge in gaining Brazilian government approval to buy the country's aviation giant. Reuters, citing a government source, reported Brazil is open an Embraer partnership — but not a total sale of the company. Any deal which transfers control of Embraer is out, according to Reuters. government Taxes
The Brazilian government is seeking to move popular petitions, an inefficient electoral system of the country, onto the Ethereum network, to process hundreds of millions of votes on the immutable Blockchain network. In Brazil, popular petitions enable over 145 mln voters across the country to come to a ... government Taxes
Air carrier operations in Brazil ... limits established by the Aeronautic Code and the international treaties ratified by the Brazilian government. government Taxes
UK Trade Minister denies he lobbied Brazilian government on energy ... for oil and gas companies in Brazil around taxation and environmental ... government Taxes
The Brazilian government is rolling out digital driving licenses across the country after the initiative received the green light in July. Aimed at ... government Taxes


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