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updated Fri. March 23, 2018

In 2006, Manuel Zelaya came to the Government of Honduras. ... Cuba, was able to recognize the importance of the revised position of the Honduran Government and the urgency to support the brave position of the Zelaya Government in this new political context, as it began to confront the groups of power.
On 4 May 2015, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights signed an agreement with the Government of Honduras to establish a country office. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Honduras monitors the situation of human rights and ...

"The Honduran government targets the Hondurans; they're very hard on the Hondurans. "They know who Karen is … there have been defamation campaigns against her sent out by the regime," she said. "So yes, I'm very worried about her. I worry about her all the time. When she doesn't call me during ... woman
"These extraordinary reductions did not happen by chance," the think tank says. "They are the Honduran government's commendable efforts to systematically eradicate criminal cells, reduce judicial impunity and act against gang crimes other than homicides, as well as restoring order to the prison system." ... woman
The report urges the Honduran Government to engage in a participatory national dialogue on reforms to promote development, human rights and reconciliation. “The already fragile human rights situation in Honduras, which suffers from high levels of violence and insecurity, is likely to deteriorate further ... woman
This year, however, following what the Mexico's Citizens' Council for Public Security describes as “a commendable effort by the Honduran government to systematically eradicate criminal groups”, San Pedro Sula dropped 23 places to 26th (51.18) and Tegucigalpa fell all the way to 35th (48.00), meaning ... woman

The panel was created at the request of the late activist's family and the organization she co-founded, the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH), after both raised concerns about the legitimacy of the Honduran government's investigation. CNN has reached out to the ... woman
The UN Department of Political Affairs (DPA) deployed, at the request of the Honduran Government, an exploratory mission to Honduras from 6 to 10 ... for Human Rights in Honduras is available to support the follow-up to the recommendations in this area, in cooperation with the Government of Honduras. woman
The former Maccih director, Juan Jimenez Mayor stepped down last week over differences with OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro and the Honduran government under Juan Orlando Hernandez. The U.S. embassy office in Honduras, headed by Ambassador Heide Fulton says "the United States along ... woman
A confidential Honduran government security report obtained by The Associated Press says Aguilar helped the narcotrafficker pull off the delivery of nearly a ton of cocaine in 2013. The clandestine haul of more than 1,700 pounds, or 770 kilograms, of cocaine was packed inside a tanker truck that, the ... woman
26, 2018, shows the official header from a confidential Honduran government report that alleges the country's new national police chief helped secure the delivery of a tanker truck packed with nearly a ton of cocaine. Honduran authorities have claimed that the document is a fake, but four current or former ... woman
The Honduran government has denied the veracity of the report, but former and current police officers have confirmed Aguilar's involvement in the 2013 case. Furthermore the Associated Press "confirmed the story using other internal memos and a page from Aguilar's personnel file summarizing his alleged ... woman
The US embassy would not comment on the specific allegations but a spokesperson said: “There have been a number of serious allegations of possible human rights violations by the security forces in the post-electoral environment … We encourage the Honduran government to abide by its commitment to ... woman
United Nations spokesperson Elizabeth Throsell urged Friday the Honduran government, led by President Juan Orlando Hernandez, to adhere to ... A member of the Liberal Party has questioned the Honduran government response to the announced demonstrations: "When you lose the elections and by ... woman
TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras: The Honduran government lamented injuries to dozens of police officers inflicted by supporters of defeated Libre Alliance presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla and former president Manuel Zelaya in Choluteca and other Honduran cities on January 6. According to reporting ... woman
He dropped his request after the Honduran government accused him of interfering in its internal affairs. RELATED: Honduran Rights Group Asks OAS to Support Political Change. Also on the opposition's list of demands is the "release of hundreds of political prisoners and to initiate an investigation into the ... woman
He has since ceased insisting after the Honduran government accused him of interfering in the country's internal affairs. On Monday, a member of the Opposition Alliance coalition was gunned down at his home near San Pedro Sula. Santos Alvarado was killed by two unidentified hitmen after they forced ... woman

Under the arrangement, approved on December 4, 2014, the IMF agreed to provide development aid to the Honduran government if it met certain economic conditions, as measured by six semi-annual inspections over three years. After meeting the conditions of the Arrangement last year, the Honduran ... woman
In a letter written to the Honduran government he asked Tegucigalpa to "provide the envoy with information on the situation in which people have died and access to interview their relatives" as well as to "facilitate the visit of the envoy to the premises where people are being detained because of the ... woman
Senator Patrick J. Leahy, who has held up delivery of some aid to the Honduran government over concerns about human rights, said Sunday that the election result “leaves too many questions unanswered. “There were multiple opportunities for fraud in this election, and only a determination by impartial ... woman
FILE - In this Dec. 5, 2017 file photo, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez speaks during a news conference in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The Honduran government is accusing Hernandez's political rivals of ordering “gangs” to block streets and other acts of violence amid protests over the disputed ... woman
In the days following the elections in late November, the Honduran government imposed a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew to quash the protests. Nasralla claimed fraud after a vote count that was marred by a five-hour computer breakdown. When the system was announced to be back up and running, the rival had ... woman
Political scientist Juan Ramon Medrano said earlier that “the Honduran government is showing signs of dictatorship.” “In Honduras there is a political crisis that organizations such as the OAS and the United States do not measure with the same yardstick as they measure Venezuela,” he said, referring to the ... woman
That's despite prior Honduran government promises of consultations. DESA's strategies, carried out with the help of the private security firm it ... woman
In the aftermath of the killing, the Honduran government spurned the family's repeated demands for an independent and impartial investigation, ... woman
Tabora said the Honduran government will “keep working to obtain an integral migratory reform” for Hondurans in the U.S. On Monday, U.S. ... woman
The Honduran government had appealed for more time, which the Nicaraguan government did not do, the senior official added. woman
It's been 20 months since Berta was assassinated in her own home, and one year since GAIPE formed to do what the Honduran government ... woman
... of Honduras (OFRANEH); Juan Jimenez, the head of the new anti-corruption agency MACCIH and the Human Rights Ministry of the Honduran Government. woman
... of Honduras (COPINH) -- after both raised concerns about the legitimacy of the investigation being conducted by the Honduran government. woman
To prepare the report, Mr. Urbina's group examined some 40,000 pages of text messages, which were retrieved by Honduran government ... woman
A regional conference hosted by the Government of Honduras in San Pedro Sula, concluded Thursday with a series of concrete initiatives by ... woman
Li and his colleague were on an excavation under an agreement signed with the Honduran government more than a year before. The five-year ... woman
Alexander Main, CEPR Senior Associate for International Policy said “the Honduran government repeatedly and consistently failed to protect ... woman
The Government of Honduras provided funds to WFP for the third delivery of school meals at the end of August. As 2017 is a presidential ... woman
Ferrera noted the Honduran government does not legally recognize trans people based on their gender identity. She also acknowledged ... woman
Government of Honduras to support sustainable development globally through expanded South-South cooperation with the United Nations. woman
... crime of passion, but international organizations and the United Nations pressured the Honduran government to find the actual perpetrators. woman
... repeatedly called on the government of Honduras last year to allow for an ... Despite this, the Honduran government has yet to arrest anyone ... woman
The government of Honduras has issued a Tropical Storm Warning for the coast of Honduras from Punta Castilla eastward to the border with ... woman
Building on previous regional and global efforts to find protection solutions to forced displacement, the Government of Honduras, the ... woman
UNHCR continues to provide technical support to the Government of Honduras in the design and implementation of the response to forced ... woman
In 1911, when the Cuyamel Fruit Co fell out with the government of Honduras, it helped to arrange a coup that eventually overthrew the ... woman
The Government of Honduras provided funds to WFP for the third delivery of school meals at the end of August. As 2017 is a presidential ... woman
LOBO was introduced to the Cachiros initially as an individual who was willing to facilitate the award of Honduran government contracts to the ... woman
11 asking him to put pressure on the government of Honduras to protect the ... when dealing with companies and the Honduran government. woman
... the diplomatic community, representatives from international aid organizations, human rights advocates, and Honduran government officials. woman
The organization said it believed it was a "political attack" and accused the Honduran government of trying “to silence once and for all ... woman
16 August 2017: The Government of Honduras is conducting its own 'SDG ... The initiative will train Honduran government entities to formulate ... woman
A group of independent U.N. human rights experts called on the Honduran government to do more in protecting human rights defenders of ... woman


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