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updated Fri. February 10, 2023

The whaling company Hvalur hf, whose name means "Whale, Inc." in Icelandic, announced Tuesday it would resume its killing of endangered fin whales after a two-year hiatus. The Icelandic government will allow Hvalur to kill 161 fin whales, as well as allow it to use 20 percent of its self-allocated and ...
During this time, Iceland was still reeling from the financial crisis, and the emergency coalition government was struggling to find its footing as elections neared. Many people, saddled with housing loans, found themselves completely unable to pay for a roof over their heads and faced homelessness as a ...

In 2014, the United States government outlined a number of actions it planned to take against Iceland because of whaling. No measures were imposed since fin whale hunting stopped a year later for commercial reasons, with Japan being a vital market for the Icelandic industry. Whale Inc. manager Kristjan ...
The Icelandic government has just approved a new government budget for the years 2019 to 2023 stipulating that the carbon tax on petrol prices will ... As we reported last year, in fact, in accordance with the Paris Agreement Iceland has pledged to a 40% decrease in emissions by 2030, but according to a ...
Turkish media has reported they have Haukur's remains and will send them to Iceland, but Turkish authorities have as yet not contacted the Icelandic government, making Turkish assurances questionable at best. Eva and her family have met with both the Icelandic Foreign Ministry and law enforcement, but ...
Rather than pay lip service to the issue of pay disparity, this year the Icelandic government has made it illegal to pay men more than women. Iceland had achieved almost equal representation (48 per cent) by 2016 with women holding 30 of the country's 63 parliamentary seats. Since then, the number has ...

The unchecked growth in the number of people visiting a country with a population of just 334,000 has already sparked concern that Icelandic infrastructure .... Though the government is at the tail-end of a nine-year tourism strategy that concludes in 2020, Iceland's tourism authority has had to act to educate ...
When I tweeted about the new prime minister's left-wing politics and agenda after she assembled her coalition government last fall, I got 72,000 .... which she admits provide “a head start,” but also organizing unexpected groups to be part of this new thinking—such as the Icelandic sheep farmers who ...
Under new legislation, companies and government agencies with more than 25 employees will need certification for their equal-pay policies or face hefty fines. Iceland's government -- led by its second female prime minister, Katrin Jakobsdottir -- is committed to eradicating the gender pay gap by 2022.
These two MPs previously distinguished themselves by being the only two members of the party to vote against forming a government with the ... made numerous deportation decisions that go against both Icelandic law and international agreements, resulting in widespread and concerted public criticism.

The weapons passing through Iceland, with the blessing of its government, include some 170,000 land mines. ... general public and within government, and though the Transport Authority has defended the practice, the Campaign Against Militarism has filed charges against them for breaking Icelandic law.
As Iceland's child circumcision ban still looms on the horizon, tourists are contacting tour companies in the country, threatening to cancel their vacations if the ban ... Others were decidedly puzzled as to why tour guides would be held responsible for legislation that the Icelandic government is proposing.
Iceland recently welcomed another group of refugees to the country, and they were summarily split up amongst towns and villages in the countryside. ... on Twitter why refugees are often settled in the countryside; if this is something they ask for, or if it's a decision taken by the Icelandic government.
Despite Icelandic law and international treaties banning the practice, Iceland has been knowingly greenlighting weapons shipments through the country to Saudi Arabia, which has been waging war on civilians in Yemen. Shortly after the matter was brought to light, the Icelandic government has stopped ...
She said many on the left were still “very angry with me” for her decision to form a left-right coalition after last October's parliamentary elections – Iceland's fifth since 2017 – with the conservative Independence party, part of nearly every Icelandic government since 1944, and the centre-right Progressives.
The shipments are in direct violation of Icelandic law and international agreements that Iceland has signed. This includes the shipment of some 170,000 land mines; especially troubling as while Saudi Arabia is not one of the many signatory countries of the Ottawa Treaty, which bans the use of landmines, ...


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