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updated Sun. April 1, 2018

In a move aimed at ensuring an integrated Denmark without "parallel societies" and to protect "Danishness," the Danish government recently released a plan to rid the country in the next 12 years of areas it officially calls "ghettos." In Denmark, the word "ghetto" is a legal designation typically applied to ... Immigrants
The Danish Digitisation Authority said CSC Danmark, Nets DanID and NNIT have been invited to tender bids to develop and manage NemLog-in3, the single sign-in and user right management interface for digital self-service. The deadline to bid is 13 June, and the aim is to award the contract by the end ...

In an effort to prevent African swine fever (ASF) from reaching Denmark, the government and the Danish People's Party have signed an agreement on a number of initiatives, including the erection of a wild boar fence between Denmark and Germany. If African swine fever in wild boars or in pig ...
The Danish government, through the DGS project, is also intent on establishing Denmark as a strong international player in the AI arena. Non-profit company the Alexandra Institute has been tasked with overseeing the enterprise-focused Danish Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence (DCAKI). Located ...
The principle of freedom is a universal right," he said. "So I defend the freedom of those who want to wear veils in Europe and those who don't want to wear veils in Iran," he said. Nekkaz said that it is important that the Danish government understands that the women are wearing veils of their own free will.
The Danish government has allocated DKK12.5 million (m) to a three-year research project into how to reduce the need for antibiotics among its pigs. It hopes that 1.5 million pigs will be produced without antibiotics by 2021. There are currently 200,000 pigs produced without antibiotics. The project is being ...

Just a week after Megan McArdle left Denmark, the Danish government presented a plan to demolish and dismantle ghettoes forever in 2030. The so-called ghettoes in Denmark have a big concentration of immigrants. Poor and jobless immigrants are packed into these areas, as they normally cannot get ...
On 2 March 2018, the Danish Government published a new growth plan for life science aiming at strengthening growth and innovation in Danish life science and establishing Denmark as the leading life science nation in Europe. The growth plan consists of thirty-six specific initiatives and addresses ...
Our neighbouring countries Sweden and Finland have already adopted rules on witness exclusion for patent attorneys, and the Confederation of Danish Industry, among others, has urged the Danish government to avoid the risk of putting Danish patent attorneys at a competitive disadvantage. With the new ...
The Danish government has announced plans to double penalties for certain crimes committed in so-called 'ghetto' areas. These districts are characterized by a higher than average immigrant population. Justice Minister, and Danish Conservative Party leader, Soren Pape Poulsen told Danish daily ...
WADA President Sir Craig Reedie expressed his gratitude to the Danish Government following their donation. "WADA is grateful to the Government of Denmark for supporting the anti-doping fight in this way," he said. "This generous contribution, which reflects Denmark's partnership and ongoing ...
Of Denmark's donation, WADA President Sir Craig Reedie said, “WADA is grateful to the Government of Denmark for supporting the anti-doping fight in this way. This generous contribution, which reflects Denmark's partnership and ongoing commitment to the protection of clean athletes worldwide, will be ...
Vandalism, theft and threatening behaviour will be punished more severely in areas defined as 'special punishment zones', according to a new plan to be set out by the Danish government. Double punishments for certain types of offence committed in underprivileged areas defined as 'ghettos' will form part ...
The Danish government is set to become the next European country to introduce a ban on Burkha and Niqab, the full-face veil used by some Muslim women, in public places. The government says that it will fine women for wearing the Niqab and Burkha in public places. Under the proposals anyone found ...
RAMALLAH, March 19, 2018 (WAFA) - PLO Executive Committee Member Hanan Ashrawi urged Denmark to recognize the State of Palestine and "to hold Israel accountable for its ongoing breach of international law and violation of Palestinian rights." This came during a meeting with Head of ...
The Danish government is concerned about growing commercial ties between Greenland and China after Chinese construction companies appeared on a list of potential bidders for three airport projects in Greenland, an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark. A Danish government ...

The government in Denmark was shocked by Kauffmann's move as it was not only considered it a major overstepping of authority, but also put the Danish government at odds with its German occupiers, which also found Greenland to be of strategic importance. Scavenius considered the agreement to be ...
The government announced on Wednesday that it is stopping all future oil and gas extraction from Danish land and internal waters. The decision concludes years of uncertainty regarding the future of the fossil fuel industry in the country. It also means the Dutch company Nail Petroleum BV, which had ...
A plan to double the penalties for offences committed in deprived “ghetto” neighbourhoods of Danish cities provoked outrage among human rights activists on Tuesday. The centre-Right government is expected to unveil more details of its plan to impose more severe punishments in deprived areas, which ...
Denmark's center-right government wants to double the punishment for crimes like vandalism and theft committed in areas with larger number of immigrants and higher unemployment, in an attempt to eliminate so-called "parallel societies" by 2030. In December, the government presented its "ghetto" list, ...
An investigation by the Inspector General's office found that Shulkin's chief of staff doctored mail to make it appear as though he was receiving an award from the Danish government so that his wife could receive government funding for her $4,312 plane ticket. Shulkin called the investigation biased, but has ... Danish government
According to the report, the language that was changed made it seem as though Shulkin was receiving an award from the Danish government, an honor that was used to justify the agency paying for Bari's flight. But in an interview with Politico, Shulkin said that Wright Simpson denied sending the email with ... Danish government
Inspector General Michael Missal found that Wright Simpson altered the language in an email from an aide with regard to planning the trip that made it appear that Shulkin was receiving an award from the Danish government, and then used the award to justify using Veterans Affairs resources to pay for his ... Danish government
The Danish government is set to become the next European country to introduce a ban on Burkha and Niqab, the full-face veil used by some Muslim women, in public places. The government says that it will fine women for wearing the Niqab and Burkha in public places. Under the proposals anyone found ... Danish government
The government of Denmark establishes energy frameworks that are effective for ten years in order to ensure a stable investment environment its industry. In its latest agreed ... Moreover, the Danish government has conveyed its doubts that solar can be competitive with wind power. In the past few years, ... Danish government
A woman wearing a niqab. It is not known how many women wear the niqab and burqa in Denmark. Photograph: Charles Platiau/Reuters. The Danish government has proposed a ban on Islamic full-face coverings in public spaces. “It is incompatible with the values in Danish society and disrespectful to the ... Danish government
Ministers in Denmark's parliament have supported plans to procure around 150 new electric trains to replace the country's IC3 and IC4 fleets. DSB said it was now preparing the tender documents for the order, which will also stipulate that all maintenance activities are outsourced to the manufacturer. Danish government
Speaking to Euronews, Christensen said: "We have not seen the letter between the EU Commission and the Danish government. We do not know what it is behind it." "Feta is protected by the EU and in countries with trade agreements that cover this. But in other parts of the world this is not so." "We have no ... Danish government
In December the Danish government, along with Austria, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg, Lithuania and the Netherlands, called on the Commission to complete the work. Last week, Denmark's Minister for the Environment and Food Esben Lunde Larsen again called on the Commission to act. Danish government
The $3.3bn Tyra Future redevelopment project is critical in enabling Denmark to achieve its gas supply requirements, while supporting future regional investments and protecting industry jobs, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company. An agreement with the Danish government was ... Danish government
The Danish government will introduce rules providing more flexibility for skilled foreign professionals to take on extra work outside of their primary employment, the Ministry of Immigration and Integration has announced. A secondary job within the same professional area will be permitted by working visas ... Danish government
Madam Ulla Tornos, the Danish Minister of Development Co-operation, said Denmark, through the Danish International Development Agency, had implemented a number of development projects in Ghana. She said the Danish Government was in the process of improving the co-operation from aid to trade, ... Danish government
Meanwhile, the Danish EPA is also searching for a reliable test method to measure levels in drinking water. The study is due to be completed early this year. Last month, the Danish government urged the European Commission to help plug knowledge gaps on microplastics as it prepares to publish its EU ... Danish government
The Danish government has justified the much-debated deployment as a bid to relieve the state police suffering from huge amounts of overtime and a neglect of other crime, particularly related to mob wars that plagued the Danish capital in 2017. Furthermore, the sites placed under special protection ... Danish government
The $3.3bn Tyra Future redevelopment project is critical in enabling Denmark to achieve its gas supply requirements while supporting future regional investments and protecting industry jobs. An agreement with the Danish government was approved by the parliament and the final investment decision on ... Danish government
The Danish government has declined a mandatory tender offer for its shares in Danish airports operator Copenhagen Airports (CPH), as it wants to maintain its 39.2% stake. CPH owns and operates Copenhagen's main airport, Kastrup, as well as Roskilde, Copenhagen's secondary airport. Danish investor ... Danish government
When new regulations of the Danish Government become effective from 1 January 2018, operators of personal watercraft must complete a theoretical as well as ... As part of the Danish Government's efforts to enhance the safety of those using the sea for recreational purposes, the Danish Maritime Authority ... Danish government
COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Denmark's right-wing government secured backing from a junior partner for the 2018 budget on Tuesday, defusing a crisis that had threatened to bring down the minority coalition. The Liberal Alliance (LA), part of the three-way coalition led by Prime Minister Lokke Rasmussen's ... Danish government
COPENHAGEN, Dec 18 (Reuters) - Denmark's government said on Monday it expects actual economic output to exceed sustainable potential output next year and that policies should address the risk of overheating. The government expects the output gap at plus 0.4 percent next year, compared with a ... Danish government
Disruption is a very talked about – some would say hyped – phenomenon. It is a part of almost every conversation about the digital era we live in. We know major change is coming, but not exactly what. It leads many to adopt a wait-and-see approach. The Danish government is doing quite the opposite. Danish government
The Danish Energy Authority said it has decided to grant approximately DKK 102 million in subsidies to 40 broadband projects nationwide in the 2017 subsidy round. This will provide fast internet to 3,928 addresses, 80 percent of them in country areas. Of the rest, 10 percent will be awarded to urban areas ... Danish government
FILE PHOTO - Denmark's Lars Lokke Rasmussen listens during a news conference in the Hague, the Netherlands April 21, 2017. REUTERS/Michael Kooren Reuters. By Teis Jensen. COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - The populist Danish People's Party (DF), upon whose support the minority government ... Danish government
The Danish parliament is considering challenging a ruling of the European Court of Justice which states that students that work in Denmark should be eligible to receive Danish student funding. The EU has refused to help the Danish government claim back the unpaid student loans of other EU member ... Danish government
Though the intention has always been positive with nothing but love at Christiania, sometimes it runs into problems with the Danish government and gangs. When it comes to selling drugs, Christiania allows no hard drugs in its compound. Traditionally, marijuana hasn't been controlled, and after a couple ... Danish government
The Danish government continues to introduce more stringent legislation to the ever-changing landscape of the Green Card Scheme, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. In a bid to enlighten the public about the latest dilemmas associated with the scheme, noted immigration lawyer Aage Kramp and ... Danish government
Officially, the Danish government is committed to the idea that the country needs highly-qualified foreign workers who bring their unique expertise to Denmark and create jobs. However, a spate of recent incidents in which people have been hit by Denmark's restrictive immigration laws has highlighted a ... Danish government
The Danish Digitisation Authority said it has worked with the Ministry of Education and local council organisation KL on an initiative to improve education for minors regarding digital affairs. They have brought together existing and new material for digital education, in conjunction with Save The Children and ... Danish government
After a rancorous debate, the Danish government has agreed to finance the removal of the debris left from a Cold War-era US military base on Greenland, which has long been a toxic issue in relations with its largest overseas domain. However, experts believe that the investment is insufficient. According to ... Danish government


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