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updated Fri. March 23, 2018

That's why earlier this month it announced plans to sue California over the sanctuary law and two other laws that make the federal government's immigration crackdown more difficult to enforce. On this week's San Diego Explained, Voice of San Diego's Maya Srikrishnan and NBC 7's Monica Dean ...
Two members of the Black Panther Party are met on the steps of the State Capitol in Sacramento, May 2, 1967, by Police Lt. Ernest Holloway, who informs them they will be allowed to keep their weapons as long as they cause no trouble and do not disturb the peace. (Credit: Bettmann Archive/Getty Images). California Gun
At the age of 16, Iris was committed to a California institution and sterilized. Iris wasn't alone. In the first half of the 20th century, approximately 60,000 people were sterilized under U.S. eugenics programs. Eugenic laws in 32 states empowered government officials in public health, social work and ...
Homan must back up claims that the federal government is suffering "irreparable harm" from three California laws that limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities by employers and state and local law enforcement agencies, Newman said. He rejected the argument by U.S. Justice ...

Recreational marijuana may be legal in California, but much of the state remains a "pot desert," according to a Sacramento Bee analysis of state licensing data. Three months into the rollout of commercial marijuana, residents in about 40 percent of the state have to drive 60 miles or more to find a ...
Leaders of the small California city in Orange County have given preliminary approval to a measure to exempt the city from a state law that limits cooperation between local police and federal immigration agents. Councilmembers voted 4-1 Monday night in favor of an ordinance to opt out of California's ...
Members of the California Nurses Assn. and supporters rally at the state Capitol in June for a single-payer health plan. (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated ... In all, a state-operated, single-payer healthcare plan would cost around $400 billion a year, according to objective analysis. Let's put that in perspective: ...
“To justify these additional position resources it is essential that all departmental resources are filled,” the state Human Resources Department wrote on behalf of Caltrans. Caltrans didn't get everything it wanted. It struck a deal with the Professional Engineers in California Government – the union that ...
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday invited President Donald Trump to visit the state's high-speed rail construction projects while he is in the state this week to examine prototypes of the wall he wants to build along the U.S.-Mexico border. "You see, in California we are ...
California's next governor will likely decide the fate of the state's high-speed rail project and two leading GOP candidates oppose it. One of the two Democratic front runners in the race also has real concerns. A business plan shows the project's baseline cost is $77 billion, up 20 percent from two years ago.
Following a brief aside to blame all immigrants for violent crime, homicides, and opioid overdose deaths, he told a meeting of the California Peace Officers' Association that the Justice Department had just filed a major lawsuit against the state of California. The lawsuit challenges three state laws passed ...
The State of California plans to ask that a new Trump administration lawsuit targeting the state's so-called sanctuary laws be moved from Sacramento to the courtroom of a federal judge in San Francisco handling a similar case the state filed against the federal government last year. California Attorney ...
But it remains very much a part of the United States, which responds with threats when California goes its own way. Yes, Californians fervently hope that our current conflict with the American government is temporary. But since California's differences with America predate President Donald Trump, our ...
The rail authority has wrestled with a more than $40-billion funding gap for the full system, which would increase further under the new cost estimates. It is still counting on the Legislature to amend the state's greenhouse gas auction system so that the system could borrow against future fees through 2050, ...

The legislature is a coequal branch of government and governors can't do anything without them. Generally speaking, the only people who know the names of California state legislators are people who feed at the trough or benefit from new legislation. The people who get screwed are everyone else in ...
By Friday evening, a Highway Patrol spokesman said there had not been any confirmed contact with the gunman or the hostages since 10:30 a.m.. State officials said the Yountville facility was the largest veterans' home in the country. The sprawling campus in the heart of California's wine country houses ...
In the case of the United States vs. California, who will win? The fight over how undocumented immigrants in California are treated is now a matter for federal courts to decide after the Trump administration this week sued the state to invalidate a trio of "sanctuary" laws. The state argues it can't be forced to ...
As the Justice Department formally filed a legal challenge to state immigration laws, Sessions told a gathering of law enforcement officers in Sacramento that California was attempting to keep federal immigration officials from doing their jobs, and he charged Democrats with advancing the political agendas ...
California's lush coastline, balmy climate and post World War II economic promise made it an easy sell as America's middle class paradise in the 1950s. “The California Dream of two or three generations ago was, `I'm going to move from a place that's cold and flat to a place where there's lots of opportunity ...
MARTIN: Sessions' unusually forceful remarks came just hours after the Trump administration filed a lawsuit against the state of California, accusing it and its top officials of actively obstructing federal efforts to apprehend people who came to this country illegally. The federal government is trying to crack ...
While UBI is still seen as a long shot on a national scale, the recent move signals that it's entering the political mainstream in California. Democratic politicians in the state seeking party endorsement are supposed to read and get behind the party platform, including basic income. Behind the push for UBI is a ...
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The Trump administration's lawsuit against California over state laws aimed at protecting immigrants makes the same argument the Obama administration made when it went after an Arizona law that sought to crack down on people in the country illegally: The power to regulate ...
President Donald Trump will soon make his first trip to California, a state that resoundingly rejected him at polls and whose elected officials have sparred with him in an escalating verbal and legal battle over federal immigration policies. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters ...
The move is the latest friction between the federal government and the Democrat-governed west coast state, which has repeatedly attempted to defy the Republican Trump administration and provide a legal buffer between increased enforcement and California's undocumented population - the largest in ...
California policymakers have been on overdrive in recent years pursuing a clean energy future for the Golden State. State policymakers have enacted scores of government mandates and programs to push employers and individuals to reduce emissions, including unrealistic renewable energy mandates, ...
Proposition 2 was just such a rule, a governing "two-fer" that increased the size of the state budget's rainy-day reserve fund while also creating a new mandate for paying off government debt. "Proposition 2 sets aside money to prepare us for economic storms," Brown said in a TV ad during the ... California
The federal government's immigration crackdown in California widened Friday with the announcement that a five-day sweep led to the arrest of 212 undocumented immigrants and the targeting of 122 businesses in Southern California. The action comes on the heels of raids in Northern California targeting ... California
A 2015 report by the state auditor encouraged California government agencies to tighten up their cyber security precautions. Last year, one department drove home the message with a fake phishing message that played on its employees' anticipation for bonuses they received in a new contract. California
Hours after two California legislators unveiled a plan to outlaw tackle football until high school, angry coaches, parents and former players began mobilizing to protect America's favorite sport from a notoriously “nanny” state government. They created a Twitter account, SaveCaliforniaFootball, and a ... California
In California, farmers estimate they lose an average of $5 for every hundredweight of milk they produce. To get some relief, farmers petitioned the state Department of Food and Agriculture to increase prices to slow down the flow of red ink. Because the state has its own marketing set-up, the CDFA has the ... California
Glazer's proposal, Senate Bill 1149, would enable new state workers to choose alternate retirement options outside of the California Public Employees' Retirement System, such as ... Several city governments that do not belong to CalPERS already offer 401(k) plans, including Orinda, where Glazer resides. California
Amanda Renteria, a longtime Democratic operative and the national political director for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, has filed paperwork to run for California governor. Renteria, Attorney General Xavier Becerra's operations chief, a job she took following her 2014 loss to Rep. California
Prison psychiatrist Anthony Coppola earned a pretty good living splitting his workdays – and vacation days – between two California government agencies. In 2016, he pulled in $309,000 from his main job at a state prison in Tracy and another $233,000 from his part-time job at an Alameda County jail. California
California cities struggling with recent hikes in their pension fees will see another one in 2021 because of a decision CalPERS made on Tuesday to speed up the rate of their debt payments. The change will save cities money over time, but it could squeeze local government budgets over the next few years ... California
In 2009, as the last recession took hold, California state revenue fell 19 percent, versus 8 percent for state revenues nationwide, according to Moody's Analytics. There has been a strong rebound since then, but the gains are unlikely to last. That is because California's government relies on a heavily ... California
In January, the federal government also raided nearly 100 7-Eleven stores across the country, including some in California. Becerra said he ... “They are a deeply cynical attempt to scare law-abiding Californian workers into quitting their jobs and to disrupt our thriving California economy.” Chiu said that one ... California
Approximately 175 students, faculty, staff and members of the public sat raptured for an hour and half as Rendon led the artists through a host of questions and topics — and first and foremost, what it means to be a Californian, and specifically an artist in California. “I live in a place where there are fusions of ... California
Should California's marijuana customers be worried about the federal government charging them with a crime? That's the provocative question a reader asked us after we published Pot 101, an article that outlines what you can and can't legally do under the state's recreational marijuana law, Proposition 64 ... California
Government at all levels moves at a glacial pace, especially when it's trying to deal with the complex and contentious issue of water. Four years ago in ... In writing the ballot measure, legislators handed the $2.7-billion storage pot to the California Water Commission to safeguard it from legislative politics. California
Last year's report put the total liability at just under $77 billion. The estimates are a reflection of what the benefits to state government workers— which are in addition to cash from pensions — would cost in present-day dollars. The debt, Controller Betty Yee said in a statement, will “remain a paramount fiscal challenge over ... California
Interest groups spent record $339 million on lobbying California state government in 2017. The California ... Fueled by activity from the oil industry attempting to influence the cap-and-trade debate, interest groups spent a record of more than $339 million lobbying California government officials last year. California
The federal government oversees 15 million acres of public lands in California, according to the latest lawsuit, with 600 producing oil and gas leases covering more than 200,000 acres and 7,900 usable oil and gas wells. The state is the 3rd largest oil producer in the nation, with about 15 million barrels of ... California
Loren Kaye: For the first time in three years, more voters say that California is headed down the wrong track than in the right direction. Parents are uneasy about their kids' futures. These voters will elect a new governor this year, replace at least seven constitutional officers and seat at least 10 new members ... California
Y., announced that he would vote to reopen the government along with enough Democrats needed to advance the bill. After 24 hours of furious negotiation over plans to consider immigration legislation in the coming weeks, the Senate voted to move forward with the continuing resolution, which would fund ... California
The funding measure, which needed 60 votes and allows the Senate to move forward to reopen the government, passed Monday by a 81-18 vote, signaling the three-day government shutdown will end soon. The House already passed a stop-gap spending bill with nearly party-line support and is expected to quickly bring ... California
The other senator from California, Dianne Feinstein, also said she was "disappointed" with the deal. In a Democratic caucus meeting, Feinstein complained that she had to vote to shut down the government Friday and asked why the same resolution couldn't have been reached by then, according to a ... California
“I didn't expect this.” Katzenmeyer added, “If you're going to shut down the government, at least leave the gates open.” Like national parks across the country, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which manages Muir Beach as well as Muir Woods, Alcatraz and other Bay Area properties, was taking a ... California


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