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updated Sun. February 25, 2024

Proponents of charter schools say this freedom benefits teachers and students by encouraging innovation. Opponents say they take away funds from traditional public schools, increasing educational disparities. The fight between charter schools and traditional schools is a major issue in California politics.
CAL BUZZ ON POLITICS--(Ed Note: Jerry Roberts spends most of his energy these days wrangling horses and politicos in Santa Barbara, where he is the RW Apple of hyper-local concerns. Occasionally he lifts his sights beyond Santa Maria to offer his thoughts on the state at large. This is from a recent ...

Federal financial disclosures reveal McCarthy donated $100,000 in late February to the political group seeking to put a gas tax repeal measure to a vote in November. The deadline for proponents to ... Welcome to the AM Alert, your morning rundown on California policy and politics. To receive it regularly, ...
Dianne Feinstein's decision to seek a fifth full term in the Senate in 2018 cut off one potential path for ambitious California Democrats. And in an unpredictable political climate, the Democrats' overall 2020 field could be larger even than the 2016 Republican crop that produced Donald Trump as its nominee.
A reminder you can keep up with these races in the moment via our Essential Politics news feed on California politics. ... A power struggle inside the state's political watchdog agency broke out into a public war of words between rival commissioners after an advisor to Brown objected to a planned reshuffling ...
How Paul Ryan's retirement will affect California politics ... state of Wisconsin. It's likely to change the political dynamic in California as well. ... 'My Kevin': “It could open the door for the next speaker to be a person from California named Kevin McCarthy,” said state Republican Party chairman Jim Brulte.

In 2013, 27-year-old Matt Hamlett moved from Long Beach, California, to have a direct impact on state politics. And after scoring a full-time position in the Capitol, he has no plans to leave. In college, Hamlett was a political science major but had his sights elsewhere. He took an internship at Morgan Stanley ...
Essential Politics: A backlash to the California 'resistance,' even as the fight continues ... Sign up for the Essential Politics newsletter » ... stance from what's historically been one of California's most conservative urban communities — a place where demographic change may be clashing with political reality.
Toni Atkins became the first woman and first LGBT person to lead the California Senate on Wednesday, pledging to work toward changing the Capitol culture amid a reckoning over sexual misconduct. ... She ran a women's health clinic in San Diego before turning full time to local and state politics.
Civil rights lawyer Valerie McGinty founded a political action committee late last year to help boost the low numbers of women serving in the California ... The California Legislature ranks 32nd in the nation in gender parity, according to the Eagleton Institute of Politics, a research division at Rutgers ...

There are some reasons why the California GOP might want to sit out big races for statewide seats. But having failed to file a serious challenge to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Golden State Republicans should understand they can't stay on the sidelines forever. With each passing election season, the risks grow ...
Republican centrist, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger embrace at the first New Way California Summit, a political committee eager to reshape the state GOP, at the Hollenbeck Youth Center in Los Angeles Wednesday, March 21, 2018. (AP Photo/Damian ...
California's Latino community has lost its greatest voting rights gladiator. Today, many of us in politics or those sitting as judges owe a tremendous debt to Joaquin Avila's lifetime of trailblazing advocacy. No one was more accomplished than Avila when it came to fighting for Latino political empowerment ...
The state of California is known today for its overwhelmingly Democratic support and rebellious fight against President Trump on the DACA issue. ... In an age of ever growing political polarization and deadlock in the government, it is truly remarkable for a far left-wing senator to give the far right-wing ...
This week, President Trump made his first visit to California since taking office. He examined wall prototypes at the U.S.-Mexico border and criticized Gov. Jerry Brown and Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf for their stances on immigration policy. Thousands of students across the country walked out of school to ...
Artificial intelligence can transform industries, but California lawmakers are worried about your privacy. 6:00 a.m.. Gov. Jerry Brown urges Trump to 'come aboard' efforts to build bullet train while visiting California. 12:05 a.m.. Villaraigosa is right, single-payer healthcare in California is a political pipe dream. Mar 11, 2018.
In 1980, there were at least 160 AAPI elected officials in various levels of government, including Congress, state legislatures, counties, cities and school boards, according to Pei-te Lien, a professor who specializes in Asian-American politics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. By the time Bonta ...


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