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updated Sat. May 14, 2022

“Such calls have no place in Pakistan's politics and will not be tolerated in the future,” he said. The climate of the meeting became aggravated when Mushahid Hussain, who recently joined PML-N after leaving Pakistan Muslim League – Quaid-e-Azam (PML-Q) and Asad Junejo were introduced as PML-N's ...

But last years' dismissal of the elder Sharif in a Supreme Court verdict, on a case of unaccounted overseas wealth, has catapulted the younger Sharif to the limelight of Pakistan politics. Last week's appointment of Shahbaz as 'interim president' of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), the country's ...
Objectively, one could assert that despite any failings of Former Nawaz Sharif, the run-up to General Elections 2018 could be said as a battle between the Pakistan Army desperately clinging to its traditional hold on Pakistani politics and a desperate effort by Pakistan's largest political party the PML-N under ...
WASHINGTON, Feb 22 (KUNA) -- Discussing President Donald Trump's Af-Pak policy, the White House said that for the first time Pakistan is being held "accountable for its actions." "But the President is not satisfied with progress when it comes to Pakistan," White House principal deputy press secretary Raj ...
The current needs of the country demand that the basic structure of Pakistan be revised and improved. There is an earnest need for altering budgetary allocations. Education and healthcare are two highly important political issues in Pakistan, but the government spends only 2.3 percent of the GDP on ...
Krishna Kumari is one of the many candidates who submitted their nominations for Pakistan's Senate (Upper House of parliament) election scheduled for next month. She has been nominated as a Senate candidate by Pakistan People's Party. If she becomes a Senator, Krishna (38) will be the first woman ...
Prevailing cross- border tension may have restricted India-Pakistan bilateral cricketing ties but Shahid Afridi loves to put across a point firmly -- his “cordial relation” with India captain Virat Kohli cannot and will not be defined by political situation. (INDIA vs SOUTH AFRICA 4TH ODI LIVE). “My relationship ...


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